Hey you, I came back !!!! - Zokuchan

Hi everybody.

Actually it's a long time to come back steemit. My life has undergone very busy these days. I have not had time to relax and done what I love. My work, my studying and my part-time job took all of my time. So I was forced to stop all activities of steemit, it is really a pity.

I know that many people in the steemit Viet Nam community have used to hear about me, but now after a long time, I'm a new person and I think I should introduce myself a little bit.

My name is Quynh. I am 24 years old and live in Vietnam. I have worked in human resourse department in an information technology company. I started taking steemit from November 2017. It's a great time when I said to steemit.Thank to that I have more new friends and get a lot of help from everybody. Steemit not only help me make new friends and but also support greatly on the issue of money in my life.

However I overlook steemit when things are getting better. I feel very sad, but you see, when my life became more balanced I think I should not give up and I had to return. All start from the number 0, but I believe everything will be fine again.

Hopefully one day, when I look back, I will smile because I was on the right road.
Steemit is a great social network community. In the past, there were stories I would like to share on steemit instead of using another social network, simply because there are not too many people know who I am, what you're doing, and they will not laugh out of that sadness.

Right now I feel satisfied with my life, maybe next time I will have a small family and job that I have to transfer to Vung Tau. It was a big decision for me but I think if I have faith, then all difficulties will be solved. Life is very colorful and I want to be green these days to live in peace and happiness.

Thanks everyone for reading my post, wish all good things will come to you


Greetings, Quynh

you are the most beautiful and charming wooman in the world, in my opinion

Be very welcome to steemit social network. I've been here since February of this year and I'm really enjoying. I participate here actively every day. Here, we can learn a lot by reading other people's posts about content that interest us and we can post our own content, helping people within our areas of expertise, training our writing, making a kind of "therapy" because, writing helps us to reflect on our knowledge and we will be slightly paid for it. I hope you enjoy.

My main tip is: before you begin to post your content, read the posts by teaching staff how to use this network, about how to write good text, how are the coins sbd, steem and steem power, how to advertise your text using the discord by example, votes issues and other things.

Other than that, we are always available. If you have any questions, go ahead.

Good afternoon!!!! Welcome!!

Many thanks. I hope you have many good things in steemit

You are welcome back keep posting enjoy your self

Yes, Thank you for comment :))

Xinh quá luôn c ơi 😍

không còn ảnh nào phải lôi ảnh cũ ra thính đấy =)))

Thính vậy là nặng lắm rồi c :D

chào mừng chị quay trở lại <3

Chào Thành, lâu quá không gặp =)))))))))

mới ngày nào gặp lại kêu lâu rùi :))

=))) lần này chị kêu Thành ko vào SG mà là vào VT chơi nhé :v

nhất chí :))

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Welcome back, Quynh. I am new to the platform and am going to try to be consistent with content too. Good luck with your big decision!

Yes. thanks you . Hope you find many good things in steemit

Welcome to steemit,

yes, many thanks :))

Chị xinh gái quá

:))) Cảm ơn bé

Quỳnh đã quay trở lại và lợi hại gấp vạn lần :)

Lợi hại hay không phải chờ mới biết nhưng cực kỳ thích những bài đăng của Bích <3

cảm ơn Quỳnh :) có gì Quỳnh rủ Bích theo... mà vừa mấy bữa trước kêu ko chơi nữa, giờ lại quay lại nên hơi bất ngờ đó!

Vì Zoku muốn rèn tiếng anh trên này, ít nhất là luyện từ vựng haha

Bích cũng muốn rèn Tiếng anh, đặc biệt là speaking ý, cứ ghi âm video xong nghe lại thấy đúng là kinh khủng, mà mỗi lần trước khi ghi âm là tập nói cả mấy tiếng rồi ý! Bạn Bích bảo Bích là cái loại có vứt ra nước ngoài thì cũng tìm người Việt để nói chuyện thôi!

Welcome to Steem, @thevn.darkstar!

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Chao em, dep dep, love your smile, cute glasses. I'm Oatmeal Joey. I was living in Vietnam for 5 years. Toi yeu viet nam.

Lol. Hôm trước t vs @rachelsi vừa nhắc m xong. Bảo lặn k sủi tăm. H lại thấy đây rồi haha

À khoan. Đoạn cuối ý là gì. Sắp cưới à