What's up Steemians!!! Introducing myself through my passion of Poetry

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My name is Rell and I am a poet & entrepreneur born & based in Las Vegas, NV. I perform as RelldaTruth & I've made it something like my personal obligation to always share the truth & encourage others to do the same. That is with great help & thanks to my venue, known in the city as The Truth Spot LV.

Sharing & performing my truth has grown to be something that I thoroughly enjoy & I can't wait to do this for the rest of my life.

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In a society like the one we live in... I'm very thankful for such a platform like Steemit. I truly believe this is the future of social media and the only way that we should be socializing on the internet and sharing our craft period.

The future is so promising for not only this platform, but cryptocurrency as a whole. Regardless if it takes me a while to build up the traction that I want, I definitely don't plan on going anywhere any time soon. So please get to know me & let me know if I should keep up with you. Where are all the poets at??? We must get them on here.

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Though I have many many poems... the one in the video below is definitely one I hold very close. Despite all that I've gone through & still going through, God never fails to prove that he is in me and will always have my back. Thank you God.

"If I don't thank you enough...
I really wanna let you know
that I thank you God.

I was broke as ever that day...
You made sure that I ate.
How could I ever forget,
to thank you God?

I know....
I should have read the bible,
before I laid my eyes to sleep, ya know..
Way before I sent that last tweet...
Way before I thought to make one last trip to the kitchen...
Just cause I'm craving something sweet.

Most definitely before I have the nerve to ask you for that new jeep,
that crib, or beg you for that new car!
Or have the nerve to beg for you to take me further....
Than you already have.

I just wanna let you know,
I'm so thankful for what I already have.

Thankful for the people in my life,
& thankful for who you've removed in my past.

I didn't see it then
But I do see it now....
I didn't comprehend
a friend
could be so foul!

But you never cease to show me the way.
I ain't worried,
Cause all that darkness turn into light
at the end of the day.

It was God that made sure that my power was back on...
By the end of the day.

& I'm still sitting here like,
there's still no light,
to read the scriptures on a page.

I'm still sitting here,
catching myself..
doubting my faith.

& I don't spend enough time,
Showering grace over my plate.

I've seen you work in others...
& I just want you to work in meee.

I think I'm starting to understand,
why you made me to wear my pain on my sleeve."

  • "Thank You God"

Please let me know what you think... I'll be posting new stuff as often as possible.

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Hello welcome to steemit!! it's really nice to have you here enjoy the platform and explore the community.....wish you all the best.

That’s love. Thanks so much 🙏🏾

Welcome to Steemit @thetruthspotlv!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

First off im from Vegas so lets meet up!
Second you MUST visit http://steemit.com/@d-pend he is the steemit poet full of love and knowledge!
Third join our discord intended to support new steemit users!

Steemit is more about community and growth not just money.

I love to sing too. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm not Chuck Norris haha. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.


Welcome to this amazing community!! keep sharing your passion on here <3

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You are welcome to steemit. this is a lovely community to share your creativity. Lovely introduction and poetry

Really appreciate that. Thank you.!

Awesome content!
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Welcome to the community. I am also new here and I write poetry. Would love to get some feedback 💞

Hello! I followed you, let's increase the power of Steemit together! I hope you follow me. I'm always glad to have a new acquaintance with good people! ;)