Introducing The Travel Series - The Community Initiative - by @yasminep

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After trialing it on my personal blog (@yasminep).. The Travel Series is here with it's own dedicated steemit blog!

The idea is to bring the steemit world that little bit closer! We will be compiling travel guides by the community, for the community..

because you can't really have a travel guide without involving the locals, can you?

The Travel Series will involve as many creatives as we can, in as many capacities as possible. 

Why The Travel Series?

I guess you can call me a gypsy.

Or a travelholic, or perhaps better defined as a move-aholic. 

I think it's always good to put a face to an account - at first anyway! So this is me.

Since 2011 i've been moving around, not only cities, but countries too. I’ve lived in 9 different apartments, in 3 different countries and 4 different cities.. That’s 9 temporary homes in about 7 years. Not only have I become accustomed to the moving but I actually look forward to it. There’s something about packing up all my shit in a suitcase and starting anew that makes me feel really alive. A new slate, a fresh start, whatever you want to call it, I love a change and now I find myself getting itchy feet after about 6 months anywhere. 

One of the benefits of being a gypsy is that you get to know a place really well and really fast. I love nothing more than a city unexplored.  I find myself running around new cities exploring new eateries, bars and quirky streets almost every day, getting to know the best of that place as it is. Living there and working from different cafes allows me to explore the city more as a local than a tourist and my knowledge of a particular place became far more local, than touristy.
With the knowledge I accumulated I decided to start a travel series to connect like-minded expats and locals who want to write about where they currently live or what they've experienced.

What The Travel Series has done so far

I've been testing The Travel Series on my own personal blog. 


I wrote the TRAVEL BALI series alone and  it became apparent that I may have been writing too much from a tourist perspective, particularly as i’ve never lived in Bali. Going back to my point earlier about accumulating local knowledge being what you need in order to form a real off-the-beaten-track kind of guide. 


For the TRAVEL MALAYSIA edition I decided it was necessary to involve as many local writers as were willing. I reached out to #teammalaysia and found plenty of people were interested to write about their beautiful country. And so it began, I put together a guide which covered many of the popular cities, with a list of titles appropriate to cover the country as much as possible. 
The writers were rewarded with the SBD their posts generated. 

You can view the full TRAVEL MALAYSIA series here

How can you get involved?

The aim is to cover as many countries as possible, with steemit writers from each country coming together to contribute towards local guides, all of which will be posted on this account. 


Are you living in a foreign country and interested in sharing what you've discovered? Or living in your home country and want more people to know what it has to offer? Do you have a love for exploring and keeping up to date knowledge on what's happening in the community?

If so I would LOVE to hear from you and work with you to compile travel guides. All writers posts are rewarded with a % of the SBD generated (between 70%-100%).  I will be putting out a proper recruitment message in the next post, but for now please list your interest in the comments below!

Designers and Illustrators 

I am also looking for people to create cover images, profile images and various banners for the site. If you are interested in helping, please comment below and I will send you a brief and info on the collaboration.

Other travel accounts

In order to build a real community, I believe you have to eliminate the idea of 'competition'. I'm more than happy to work with any other travel accounts out there which may wish to collaborate in any way! Thank you to @travelling-two for pushing me to get this account registered!

Tagging in some people who might be interested in this: @travelfeed @steemitworld @travelling-two @joham @amy-goodrich @elstheardentblog @redrica @allasyummyfood @nanzoscoop @plantstoplanks @ivargereiko @bearandbee @zord189 @bitrocker2020 @littlenewthings @orangila @khimgoh @karinzdailygrind @sweetsssj

Let's help connect the steemit community worldwide!

The Travel Series

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Hello! I wish you a good time on Steem.

Thank you!!

I'm excited for your project! Thank you for finding my short foodie post on Laos, I have many random adventures that I've had as a nomad for about two years now. I don't think I could stay in one spot forever, the universe truly sends us what we really need when we are on the go. I'm so inspired by your gypsy lifestyle! Best of luck and if you find my writing a fit for your project, I'll be happy to submit some of my adventures abroad :)

Hey! Sounds absolutely awesome. I'll be in touch soon with more posts about what i'm planning!

Welcome to Steem @thetravelseries.

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All the Best!!!

Awesome! Thanks

Thank you for the mention and sometimes we all need a little faith and push in the right direction ;)

Thank you do the support as always! Really excited for this one! :-)

Day One and i'm already getting confused between accounts haha!

Whoa! You're living my dream life. I'm trying to figure out how I can sustain that kind of lifestyle without having to depend on the 8-5 daily job. There are a lot of barriers but I'm doing my best to overcome them. If you want something, you have to work for it. Soon, I'd finally get to write my resignation letter and liberate myself from being an employee.

Anyways, this is a great initiative. Happy to see more and more people curating travel contents. I'll visit you're account from time to time to keep me updated.

More travels 💚

Thanks so much for the support! Would absolutely love to have you involved if you feel there is something you would like to write about! :-)

This is a fantastic concept and will do really well on this platform - I'm keen to be involved!

Thank you @joham! Looking forward to kicking it off properly! :-)

yay awesome to have you here :))xxx

Thank you!!! :-)

great post. look forward to seeing what comes from it ;-)

Thanks so much for the support!! :-)

Welcome to Steem, @thetravelseries!

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Sweet! Thanks

Welcome to Steem @thetravelseries.

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All the Best!!!

welcome to steemit @thetravelseries

Thank you!

welcome to Steemit @thetravelseries !! :D
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haha let me check

Awesome! Thank you for the recommendations, lady! @livinguktaiwan @jrvacation @travelgirl @wanderlass @kaerpediem @prch @justyy @awakentolife @c0ff33a @enginewitty would love to hear from you! If you are you interested do let me know. And help to spread the word too :-)

This looks similar to and #travelfeed, both are concentrating on travel posts.
Your idea seems to be compiling different posts into a guide. I vaguely remember coming across such a project somewhere here on steemit.
Interesting though. I also suggest to put these guides outside of steemit, eg in a website or something. This way the exposure is wider and our articles can reach more audience.

Thanks so much! So far I haven't found anything on steemit which compiles local guides from local people, in each respective country. Do let me know if you find anything though? Hoping to work with @travelfeed and @steemitworldmap For me, community is about bringing everything together, working with as many people as possible for one cause :-) Ah yes of course planning a website too! Thanks so much @jrvacation do let me know if you have the steemit link. Would love to see!

let me know of the details - you can also find me on discord :)

Awesome I will contact you!

DM me on discord when you have time. I know quite a few travelers and do so myself every couple months.

Great! Will do that!

Hello! Nice to see a series like that!
Actually I am writing a "Hong Kong Snapshot" Series introducing HK and it has come to HK Snapshot (97) already~

I am interested in what you are doing and may I know more about the details?

That's absolutely awesome! Since you are focussing on Hong Kong, you would fall into the 'TRAVEL Hong Kong' Series, in which we would find a group of writers and together you would cover as much of the city as possible! All blogs will be posted on this account so it is presented as a guide, rather than one off posts. You will then receive the majority of the SBD generated from the posts. I am currently seeking backing from other steemians to ensure your posts generate a decent amount of SBD. Do help me to spread the word about this one! :-)

Great idea! I wonder if @suitcasemama and I can help, we're both based in Bangkok. Following and looking forward to your future posts with more details!

Would absolutely LOVE that! I'll add you to my list. Will be contacting people in the next couple of days. Are you on discord?

  ·  last year (edited)

I am on Discord. I am traveling like crazy in the next few days (in Bangladesh, Thailand tomorrow, maybe Mongolia on Monday) so might not have much Discord access, but here's my handle: starthere#9789 :)

All the best to you!

Thank you, lovely!

welcome and nice to meet you :)

Thanks so much

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi @yasminep.. too cute that you are already mixing up your two accounts. You got to split yourself now :).
First I want to wish you all the best!!

Are you still covering Malaysia?
Can't wait to ready the next post 😊

Thanks so much! The Malaysia series is now finished but will post it up here soon so it's easy to find!

Look forward to it 😊

Interesting article, you're done! Welcome to Steemit, I wish you successful development. I followed you, I hope you will follow me.

Thanks! Much appreciated!

Great initiative, perfect for Steemit! Have resteemed for you lovely :)

Thanks so much @redrica! :-)