The steemit wife - and so it goes

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Hey I'm back again as a little follow up to my first post

It's been an interesting few weeks on steemit and wow the amount of content has really grown.
I even read an article discussing the dangers of embedded information in photos we take on our phones... I'm pretty sure my picture was referenced as an example oops :/ (Yes it was me on the Singapore Flyer).

I did love reading the comments on my original post and while going through them I noticed that only one of them touched on my question about the AWS cards that we seem to keep paying for.
Obviously this peaked my interest as I know how much you guys love sharing information, the hunt for information about this AWS was on.....

It didn't take me very long to get to the bottom of this and man was I in a slight state of shock at what we were spending on Amazon Web Services (I'm not going to tell you that I thought he was buying books.. this also might have happened)
Needless to say the moment rossco99 walked in the door that night the questions started. I can say I now have an ever better understanding of how the "behind the scenes" stuff works or at least more than none at all.

Oh and let me not forget the little Michael Kors shopping spree I went on just to 'balance the books' lol.


Yes it was you and i am glad to see this pic is clean of any info :)

AWS vs Handbags i think your probably even now :)

Good to have you here!

I wonder whether this post fits the #introduceyourself tag..

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