My life as "the wife" of rossco99!

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A day in the life of a steemit wife

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The life as the wife of a crypto crazy man is definitely an adventure, there is always a new development to get excited about. I can tell when something new is on the go because instead of waking up to the smell of freshly roasted coffee I am woken up by the hum of the Riggs in the next room, seriously is it meant to be considered white noise?

There are times when the excitement about the latest greatest "coin or mining opportunity" lasts a few days, some even last a few weeks but one thing is for sure they always end up loading our power bill!
Why do these AMD cards use so much electricity? I know they are called AMD cards because I am the one that is sent rushing around trying to buy them and they cost a fortune too.... still don't know what these AWS cards are? (is this something I should be looking into because we buy more each month?)

After weeks of listening to him ramble on about posting and voting and being told "you have to read this" I finally caved and made a steemit account for myself. For the first time I think that this new concept "Steemit" may just have some longevity to it.

I have to be honest I spend a lot of the time pretending that I understand his in depth explanations of how I should be using it or how it all works but even with my limited understanding of it all I can appreciate the concept and can say that I am enjoying reading some of the content and actually finding it quite user friendly (just don't forget your password, lol )

Are there any other steemit wives out there?



Welcome, I will deff send my wife your post and maybe she will open an account too hehe

Me too ;))

because I am the one that is sent rushing around trying to buy them

lol, so it's not just isolated to my house. ;)

This is a wonderful post. I know the pain, my ex-girlfriend pretended to understand me...but I was just talking to myself after all. Hope you enjoy steemit as much as we all do. ;-)

hello and welcome :)

Many wife's are opening accounts lol it can be brilliant to have all that intuition here at steemit cause wife's are multitasking people. Great post and welcome 😁👍🏼🍂🌺💕📚🎶

I can already visualize the pitch. "Real Housewives Of Crypto"

oh hell yes or real housewives of bitcoin and have @craig-grant and @yuliana and their family showin off their crypto wealth! Wait til they have a big mansion and craig has fireside chats in his big outdoor open fire pit!

Welcome and Nice to meet you.

AMD = Another Mining Dollar

If you'd be interested in the first cryptoadultary, send me a line.

Now, the only question I ever get from people is....Does the reward ever make up for the cost. I can only answer with, sometimes.

Does the reward at least balance out to your cost?

You're a lovely wife... You're husband is one lucky man... the best to you both! :)

Wow....cant believe this was your first post...all the upvotes....looking forward to learning more from you

I too pretend I know everything, but that is mostly my male ego shining in. I do however learn something new everyday about the latest crypto currency and I am obsessed with coindesk, localbtc and now steemit. With the Euro's uncertainty and bitcoin halving coming up...the volatility alone gives me a rush, but I know that is not the point of BTC. But I was ecstatic when my BTC that I bought for $450, (which was an unbelievable price to me at the time.) sold for $850. I also did not fret when it dropped below $650, I am looking forward to the first and second of July.

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