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Dear Steemians (or as we like to call you, 'Gullible Cash Cows')

We are @TheRealNewsFeed - a totally legitimate news channel, with one goal: To bring you the very best of breaking news from all over the world.

As you can see, we have already started publishing some of the finest news stories ever produced by the media industry:



Our media outlet is managed by two of the finest professionals in the journalism industry:

1. Iva Hardy. Iva is our writer, and covers all of our news stories. Because Iva has limited time available, we only ask him to write the most breaking news there is - meaning everything you read is 100% important.

2. Ben Dover. Ben is our designer, and uses his mastery of the visual arts to draw your attention to the most prominent features within each news article. Such as pictures of dicks.

We also consult a wide range of experts to lend support to our news, including the famous Dr Cherry Boshangles, from the prestigious Scientific Teaching Institute, who has been involved in almost all research projects ever.

We also have a network of correspondents, who travel the world in search of exclusive interviews, only available on @therealnewsfeed.

As a media outlet, audience engagement is important to us. We don't give a fuck about your comments, but our PR consultant has told us that we must invite you to share them. So please, leave a comment.

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