I'm Bryant from Wisconsin. Web developer and inventor.

I am really enjoying the articles I have seen so far on Steemit, it seems that financial incentive increases the quality of content.

My day job is an electrician but in my free time I like to study cryptocurrencies, decentralized platforms and games. I am in the beginning of developing a crypto rewards and betting system for Slither, the popular new Tron Lightcycle style game. I will begin with Slither and then expand to early computer and console games. Multiplayer NES through Hamachi so you can bet on high scores with your friends or random players.

Bots will not be a huge issue because the games can be switched faster than bots can be developed for them. And in the case of Slither there is no bot that is better than the average human. In 2 player NES games where you are on the same team as your friend you can compete for high score with other teams. I am not sure what cryptocurrency platform I will host my colored coin on yet.  Perhaps Waves or Lisk.  I have so many ideas for games and apps that one day I hope to own a software company of my own. I am happy to introduce myself and be a part of this thriving new community.  Thank you for reading my first blog.  Any questions about cryptocurrency, games or technology are welcome.


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Welcome. Have you checked out the PeerPlays platform yet? Is is based on the incredibly fast and scalable Graphene toolkit, just like Steem and Bitshares.
Also I recommend checking out the weekly Friday Beyond Bitcoin mumble hangouts, where you can talk with the PeerPlays, Bitshares and Steem devs.
Not sure where the best directions for setting up your mumble client are, but you can ask @officialfuzzy and head over to:

Delighted to have you!

Hi there welcome onboard. Do you have a devblog I can follow? Would love to see how games can be creatively developed using the blockchain, don't have much experience in game development. And I just wrote about a game implementation idea earlier this morning - https://steemit.com/ethereum/@kevinwong/the-epic-treasure-hunt-of-2017-2020

I agree that financial incentives seem to improve the quality of content!

Hello Bryant, welcome to the Steemit club!

You have some interesting ideas for games and how to bet on them. I think if you stay focused and follow your dreams, big things can happen! Best wishes!

Hey man! Best of Luck!

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