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Hi, my name is Taras. I’m a software developer and crypto investor from Ukraine. Here is my photo.


I started my blog on Steemit couple of days ago for some specific reasons.

First, I like to do my own research on different blockchain technologies. I’m planning to do Steem review in the future. And what review can I make without experiencing this platform from inside. Review would be one-sided and not valid without starting a blog here.

Second, I think my reviews on different cryptos are worth sharing to the wide audience. Cause we have a lot of noise in info space, especially in crypto space. All people doing their predictions, tons of opinions are grounded on emotions. Hype is rising, fear-of -missing-out drives in huge amounts of emotional money. When bunch of money is easy to grab, naturally swindlers are coming in large amounts and fake information starting to flood our brains.

It’s hard to find valuable info or independent sober-minded research. I do my research meticulously and try to dive deep. So I think my work might be helpful to the community.

Third, because of @jerrybanfield


I stumble upon him on Youtube while ago. At first I wondered what the lunatic he is, eyes wide open, very loud. Like a true madman. But then after some time I returned and watched more of his videos and started to admire his professionalism. His insane obsession about steemit made me curious. So I came here because of him also.

These three reasons have drove me to steemeit.

What are my impressions after using steemit for couple of days? Here are they:

  • At the beginning I waited my account got approved for 3 or 4 days. Also I’ve read people wait for weeks to get approved. I think it’s bad regarding wide adoption.

  • Another bad news for a newbie - no mobile app. While more than half internet users are mobile device users it’s very foolish to stick only with browser version. And browser version is pretty raw in my opinion.

  • Somewhat complicated conceptions of steem power, steem dollars and steem. I still can’t easily explain to myself the differences between them.

  • What about content? At first, I thought the quality of content is correspondent to votes or steem dollars earned. That’s wrong. To see quality content you must build your own circle of good content providers.

  • Comments and commenting. There are economic intentions present which distort the process of commenting and real value of comments. It’s interesting topic worth of future research.

I don’t know if I should use steemit and post here. Could someone provide me with some strong arguments why steemit is the future?

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Welcome to Steemit. You have a lot of valid questions. Many of those have been covered by other community members here. The search function will scour all the steemit posts. It's pretty amazing the amount of stuff people have written about the platform.

Second, I think my reviews on different cryptos are worth sharing to the wide audience.

I would be interested on hearing a software developers take on this. Do you also develop or work with blockchains? I know of a few projects that are looking for experienced devs. If you are interested, I could get you in contact with them.

I think you will do very well here. You are already knowledgeable about crypto, and it was told to me when I first got here to write about you know!

Steemit is a social media platform built on a blockchain. I think that blockchains are going to change the very foundation of our lives. I think that since steemit has such a strong community, and they are always trying their best to make the platform better . . . that we will be around for a long time. I'm sure other experienced users can fill you in on the the more technical matters. I'll leave it to them lol

I resteemed your post for you to get more exposure. And welcome again!!


Thank you very much for the warm welcome!

Hey there! Welcome to the fastest growing monetized platform for bloggers and writers. You may find it easy to quit and not persist because it is tough here at times.

Nevertheless persistence beats luck.

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As you said, since there is some money behind the comments and content issued, there are a lot of pointless posts here. I came to watch some opinions about one of the biggest cloudmining sites that just went to scam yesterday. And nobody seems to be concerned about that. I will follow your advise and try to make myself a circle of good information to see if I can get something out of this site.


Welcome to Steem. I am also new to this platform, hope you stick around and we grow together.

Check out some of my content. You may like it.

Hi @taras-decrypting

I’m Kingsley, I’m a graphic designer and a writer.

You're very welcome to steemit. I wish you success. I hope you'll enjoy steemit as time goes on. I'll like to follow you so I can share ideas with you here on steemit. I'm now following you. Feel free to follow me back if you want.

Hey Taras Welcome to the steemit community. This link should get you started

Feel free to ask me any question you have. I would love to help if i can.

Would be super happy if you follow me @kingbach I follow back. We can grow together. Thank you

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Howdy @taras-decrypting? Welcome to steemit :]

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