Me, myself and freedom

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Hello Steemit,

I live in Germany and I've focused my live on independent living as much as it is possible in a high regulated country like I'm living in. The Idea of sharing my thoughts, ideas and technological solutions for living free and independent already existed for a while but I didn't like the option to go on Youtube. But after a friend of mine told me about the Steem-Community and after reading an article about it I came to the conclusion that Steemit is the greatest option for me to share my ideas and livestyle because the platform offers more innovation rather than pure competition.

While spending my first hours yesterday to get in touch with the platform I saw many great introduction posts using really nice art to show their support for Steem. While being in the woods today I had the idea to cut the Steem logo into a tree trunk and paint it a bit.

Hope you like it and kind regards

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Welcome to Steemit @tanemahuta! - Willkommen auf Steemit!


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