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RE: Hello.. eveyone.. This is my official introduction! *Edited, picture added*

Hello :) Don't worry, I was to. When making your post, their will be "edit" above the right hand corner of the box you type your story in, which brings up the edit bar. You can do it that way, or, you can just go to in a new tab so you don't lose what you've typed in your "story",
create an account
Setup your profile
Then begin uploading images
Once you have all of your images set, select an image.
Above the selected image you will see a drop down menu labeled "actions", click on that, then select "get embed code", then there will be a drop down menu labeled " viewer links", click on it, select which one; I chose HTMLimage, . Once you select " the viewer link will show on the box below the drop down menu, click on copy.
Go back to Steemit tab, and paste the image link to wherever in your story you want it placed. The preview box is below so you can see what it will look like. It's a lot of steps, but that was the only way I was able to do it for now. :)