Hello.. eveyone.. This is my official introduction! *Edited, picture added*

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Hello there,
So, I guess I will start by telling you.. my name is Jessi. There are many things I truly enjoy. I am definitely a tomboy at heart, and I state it that way because I don't dress as one, nor do I act like a dude, I have my feminine ways which I present myself with. Growing up though.. playing with barbies was something you would never see me doing! In fact, any barbie given to me was used to smack my sisters with who were bigger than me. I cannot stand shopping, long phone conversations, etc.. but I do love what I love! I absolutely love to learn new things, and do research on things I don't understand, including reading! I think its awesome when you learn something that just blows your mind! So I guess that makes me a nerd as well. Lets see.. I've played flute for 23 yrs, and I just can't part woth it. I work in oral surgery, also a full time single mom. There is never a dull moment in my life. To wrap this up, I also love harleys, choppers, beautiful places, old classic black & white films, Shirley Temple, definitely Jesus, and my daughter(they're my #1's), the art of tattoos, music, contagious laughter, laughing, joking around, being a goof ball, OH and my coffee in the morning... No, not Starbucks.. yeah.. admit it... you were thinking that.. ahaha! I love a big hot steaming cup of instant Folgers coffee, with Vanilla creamer! So, on a final note, I apologize for not posting a picture with this, I'm still learning, and I hope to get to know so many of you guys! :)


@sugarlillyjes, welcome to the steemit jungle. I will follow you.

Awesome! :) I will follow you as well! Thank you so much!

Hello fellow Mama, welcome and I hope you enjoy browsing and posting on Steemit!

Thank you! It's definitely taking some getting used to, but Im hoping I will have this down soon. :)

Thank you! :) It's nice to meet you too!

How did you add an image?!? I'm at a loss...

Hello :) Don't worry, I was to. When making your post, their will be "edit" above the right hand corner of the box you type your story in, which brings up the edit bar. You can do it that way, or, you can just go to Www.steemimg.com in a new tab so you don't lose what you've typed in your "story",
create an account
Setup your profile
Then begin uploading images
Once you have all of your images set, select an image.
Above the selected image you will see a drop down menu labeled "actions", click on that, then select "get embed code", then there will be a drop down menu labeled " viewer links", click on it, select which one; I chose HTMLimage, . Once you select " the viewer link will show on the box below the drop down menu, click on copy.
Go back to Steemit tab, and paste the image link to wherever in your story you want it placed. The preview box is below so you can see what it will look like. It's a lot of steps, but that was the only way I was able to do it for now. :)

I'm sorry, it's steemImg.com, in my first reply the I in "Img" was lowercase, and I don't know if that makes a difference.

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