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I am reintroducing myself on the advice of @alphasteem's recent post Important! Verify Your Account. For those of you who have recently joined my journey I am over a year old on Steemit now and have recently started to distribute my vlogs on Dtube. I can't say how much I enjoy using this platform. It's incredible how much support and gratitude you can receive from this wonderful community. I really enjoy that my content gets in the feeds of completely unsubscribed steemians and I can connect with so many individuals.

My vlogs are pretty much based around the lives of my wife, @chazzie-leigh, and I as we make our way through this adventure game called life. It was only about 6 months ago, my mother-in-law convinced me that our lives are that fascinating we should just share the adventure through my passion which is video editing. I have been editing for over ten years now and have learned a lot since I started. I have finally been able to be rewarded for my skills and creativity through these wonderful platforms, Steemit and Dtube, and so I will continue to build my audience here.

My next goal is to get a drone, I did have one but I lost it in a freak gust of wind on a New Years Day (the unluckiest day of the year for me, but I'll get to that another day...). I hope to eventually be able to pull some of my hard-earned STEEM from my wallet to purchase a DJI Mavic Pro (I still have the controller!). So if nothing else, send me some upvotes so I can provide a much higher production value through aerial videography!

My aim for this platform is to spread a bit of light-hearted entertainment and a message of positivity and empowerment for all those willing to listen. I will be using a few tools at my disposal. Currently that is Steemit, Busy, Dtube, Dlive and Steepshot. And I won't be using tools such as bots to artificially boost my rewards. I only want to be rewarded for my creativity and entertainment value please!

I have a few exciting projects in the pipeline for this platform. That is Dtube exclusives! And I also have a couple of very large and exciting events happening in my life over the next couple of months. So hit that subscribe button, buckle up and enjoy the adventure!

As Always,



Nikon D5300 https://amzn.to/2NKkvhs
Rode VideoMicro https://amzn.to/2LNgU1o
Sony Vegas https://amzn.to/2v6n8T1
Toshiba Satellite P70 https://amzn.to/2LNyUce
Logitech Performance MX https://amzn.to/2v2WmuH

Other Socials;

▶️ DTube
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Awesome CJ. Really glad to hear my video helped out. 😀 I know I'm looking forward to some of your how to edit videos. Always looking forward to getting better on my videos too. Keep it up.

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Hi @partiko, thanks for stopping by! I did use the app for a while but i got frustrated whenever i posted a comment and there would be a piece at the end saying it was from Partiko. Just a bit of constructive feedback for you 😅


Thank you so much for the feedback!

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The irony!

Welcome, although you've been here longer than I have! :)

You got a plankton sized upvote from @worksinsane because your post appeared in the We Curate quality post search tool. It is a web art thingy thing that searches posts which fulfill predetermined rules. Upvoting isn't automated, @worksinsane reads posts before upvoting.

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Welcome to STEEMIT! Really happy to have you here man, I posted on one of your other videos, great to see an #introduceyourself video from you and the fam. Already subscribed.


Hi @Zainenn good to here from you again, I checked out some of your latest vlogs the other day. Would be cool to see you experimenting with more cinematic and dynamic shots. Set the scene a little bit, where you live, you're way to work and all that 🙌


For sure. I've done a lot of that, not much recently. I forget videos only last a short while on dtube. I will do more of that consistently. Getting in the swing of working a new job and vlogging, I only have 80 days of video editing experience. I appreciate the advice.

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Welcome to Steem @stickycj.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchain works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Welcome to SteemIt @stickycj you'll love it here!

Cool introduction dude, welcome to the platform! You got quite a couple of followers recently! I may introduce myself someday but I am an old fellow here! :D


Hey thanks @endless.drugs, I'm intrigued to click through to your profile with a username like that! Thanks for the appreciation anyway, I'll see you around!

Hello i realy like your intro i am an amateur editor as well a video guy and also trying to get into aerial i think is really cool that your wife shares the journey on steemit with you i have been a membwr for a month and i am loving it i am having problems uploading on dtube but i guess i'll figure it out anyways i was looking for ideas for my intro i have not done one yet so cool keep it up bro i will follow you.


Awesome stuff mate! We all start somewhere don't we, are you uploading to dtube or dlive? Thanks for the follow, see you again soon!


Dtube but i only have been able to upload one video because on others gives me a wrong hyperlink mess and others the photos on my phone are too big for thumb nail i crop them to make a smaller file size but still i dont know what to do


Just try opening the file in paint and then saving it as a jpeg for your thumbnails. Should be under a MB then. And maybe try messaging the dtube team for help on the hyperlink issue. I usually don't mess with any of that stuff, just upload, title, description, tags and thumbnail. Good luck!

Welcome to Steem, @stickycj!

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good job bro..keep it up


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Thanks for the great post!

I look forward to following you.
I am brand new to Steemit and am gearing up for my introductory post!

Can't wait to see more of your content!



Cheers mate! Just go for it with your introductory post, shout your purpose from the rooftops!

A very beautiful article, Lake! A very beautiful article, Lake!

Very nice work, great to have you here . I am following you now. Please follow me if your interested in blockchain and technology. I promise the most in depth reviews/articles around.


Cheers cryptoguru, i am very interested in blockchain tech! Will be following for these amazing reviews you talk of 😉

Hey @stickycj! Nice to know that you are here to spread positivity! I will try to always read your posts!

I am new to this platform and my aim here is to talk about my country, Brazil and with all this mess with our politics and economics, I can tell that we can use a lot of positivity haha.

If you are interested in my subjet, just follow me as well.

Thanks for your time reading my comment :)


Thanks Tamara! I had a read of your introductory post, I'm looking forward to hearing about your country. You have some fantastic pictures of some places i would love to explore.. They look quite hidden, as in off the tourist path?

Welcome to steemit. I followed you. return the love

Welcome @stickycj
Glad to have you with us. Here we can learn - earn - share together.
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Along with that how to grow your reputation and how to handle SBD and SD. Here you can find a lot
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