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RE: Introducing: World Of Photography - Gamification Of Sharing Photography On Steemit - Earn XP, Upvotes And Steem By Sharing Your Photography

Love the ideas you are developing here @juliank, hate this part:

Every day you do not post you loose 25% of your multiplier.

Not all of us are whales able to live of SteemIt income, we have to go to work, look after families and so on. I believe the penalty to people having life beyond Steemit is not very constructive, pardon my frankness ; )


Thanks for the feedback, currently I am just gathering data. After 2 weeks I will have a good idea on how many people of the population are able to keep their multiplier up and adjust from there. I do not want everybody to be at 1.30 so there should be a small penalty.

noworries, thank you for considering my suggestion!

Everything is on the table, I want to create a equal environment for all. But I have to start somewhere so most values are totally arbitrary for now :P

I hear you mate! Please dont consider my comment as a criticism, rather it's a "loud thinking" to contribute in some small way. I have tried creating my own contest to branch out into medicine on Steemit, with no replies, so I know, on a much smaller scale, what's involved into that part ;)

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