Steemit Casino Is LIVE! Your Provably Fair & Transparent STEEM First iGaming Platform

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We STEEM & crypto enthusiasts alike dream of a future when all things are equal, when the existence of an exploitative and control-driven central authority is just a mere fallacy.   

We STEEM & crypto enthusiasts alike dream of a future when each & every average customer can verify the fairness of each & every activity he or she wants to participate in. 

We STEEM & crypto enthusiasts alike dream of a future when the majority holds the true power, when all businesses are exclusively client-driven giving their customers all the necessary tools to make themselves at home.


Why Choose Steemit Casino?

We built steemit casino with this vision we all share in mind. We want you to feel at home whenever you visit steemit casino, that’s why we’ve decided to give you the keys of our House. This way, you can have total control in verifying the fairness of our platform, whenever you want &  for whatever game you enjoy. 

Provably Fair

What are these keys? Like with any blockchain, our platform relies on cryptography and its powerful keys as we commonly call it. Using these keys, you can verify the games you played – whether we’re talking about slots, blackjack, roulette, or video poker – have NOT been altered in any way. 

Please visit our Provably fair page for more technical info. 


We offer unprecedented transparency like never seen before on the traditional igaming platforms. 

For example, whether you play the traditional fruit-based slots or our unique Full STEEM Ahead slot game, you will have access to the reel positions and how your favorite symbols are positioned on any of the five reels initially.   

Check either the juicy Slots or Full STEEM Ahead game pages and click on the “i” icon on the top right of the slot display for more information and for the graphic display of the reels.    


Before we officially launched steemit casino, we wanted to first implement the neat SteeemConnect sign up and log-in feature. This way, you don’t have to waste time in completing pesky registration/login forms, you just use the Sign up/Log in with Steem button and voila: you are now part of the steemit casino universe. Perfect convenience at your disposal.

Furthemore, our credit system – the currency on steemit casino – is STEEM-based so 1 credit is actually 1 STEEM, so basically, you’ll play your favorite games with STEEM currency, without the need to worry about Fiat or other cryptocurrencies. 


With steemit casino, you have the most popular casino games ready to lead you into the adrenaline-filled action. Whether you want to play to good ol’ slots or pokies, or maybe you are a traditionalist and you prefer the spin of the roulette or the magic 21 in blackjack, we’ve got it all!   

We also have Video Poker and an exciting Raffle proposition where you can win up to 4,500 STEEM. More details below, in the Games section. 

Registration & Authentication

The registration process is quite simple and straightforward. The registration form is as basic as it can get in the igaming niche: you just need to fill in a chosen username, an email address, and a password. No extra information needed.

Obviously, you can always sign up with STEEM & using the SteemConnect app, your details will be filled automatically and instantly, at a click/touch of a button. The login process is more of the same, you can either use the traditional form or simply Log In with STEEM for even more convenience.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Once you have signed up & you are logged into the steemit casino platform, you can deposit straight away by accessing the Deposit page. There, you can either choose Bitcoin or STEEM to top-up your account with credits.   

Please note 1 credit is 1 STEEM. Do not worry if you’re planing to make a deposit with Bitcoin. Our payment processing platform – coinpayments – will automatically convert the BTC you want to deposit in a blink of an eye. Also worth mentioning is that we don’t process payments through the STEEM blockchain, for example, in case you want to deposit with STEEM, but via the popular payment processor coinpayments. That is why your deposit won’t be instant & you’ll need to wait several minutes before you have credits in your account. 

Moreover, this is why you’ll make the deposit to the coinpayments STEEM account and not our steemitcasino account. It is crucial to copy and paste the Memo in your transfer form to know where the payment has come from. 

To withdraw your winnings, you just have to type down your BTC address or your STEEM account & after you hit the Proceed button, you’ll have to wait for the verification process to take place (no more than 12 hours). Once completed, your STEEM or BTC will be on its way to destination.   


As of our launch, we offer 2 slot games, blackjack, roulette, video poker, plus a lottery-based system we named simply Raffle. Please note that the list is subject to change & we plan to update our current offer and add new games in the future. 


We currently have two slot games, the generic fruity-like & juicy Slots plus our unique Full STEEM Ahead game based on all things crypto from the STEEM scatter symbol to the BTC wildcard and all in between: ETH, XMR, XTZ, USDT, XRP, EOS, TRX, DOGE & IOTA.  

Try them now and win up to 5,000x your initial bet! 


Blackjack is a low-variance game for all the casual players out there who prefer to always have a strategy in mind. There is only one deck of cards in our current format for minimum house edge plus a variety of options.   

Please note blackjack pays a standard 3-to-2. 

European Roulette

For all of you who enjoy a good ol’ James Bond movie, we also offer you the exciting European Roulette. Besides the common options – straight up, corner, street, split, six line, top line and all the popular outside bets – we also offer the players the opportunity to place announced bets – zones, neighbors & finals, for a true French experience.   

Video Poker

Video Poker is another low-variance game that can excite you during a dull day. It’s basically a digital version of the classic five-card draw poker game with pre-defined rewards if you make a genuine poker hand.   

A pair of Jacks or better are the most common payouts (1-to-1) with the magical Royal Flush paying you 250x your initial bet.   


Last but certainly not least, we decided to also bring you the thrill of a raffle. For exciting times, we have a raffle each 24 hours with the possibility to purchase up to 100 tickets . 1 ticket is 1 STEEM and 90% of the ticket value will go to the Raffle pot that one lucky player will win.   

So, sign up, make a deposit, and participate in the steemit casino raffle for a chance to win up to 4,500 STEEM. 

We Aim To Please!

It is important to mention steemit casino is a work in progress and we’ll make sure to improve our offering with each passing day. That includes changing the design, adding new exciting features (jackpot & bonus rounds for slots) & obviously adding new games so you can enjoy the full casino experience with a provably fair system you’ll rarely find elsewhere.

We also plan to improve our Deposit & Withdrawal system – STEEM payments without a middle-man, on the blockchain, instantly.   

Your feedback is and will always be important to us, so please, message us whenever you feel like something isn’t working right or you just want to see a feature/game implemented. We’ll do our best to answer you in a timely manner & fulfill your wish. 



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Ugh, when i see a gambling dapp my enthusiasm for life weakens and i get TRON flashbacks.

But whatever... good luck and welcome.

Can we know the brain behind such an interesting concept?

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Welcome to steemit @steemitcasinocom.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Sounds like fun.

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Not Another "Fair" Casino lol. #1 on trending? wth new steem?

Good point @coinchaos. Note that this ...

"#1 on trending? wth new steem?"

... is being addressed. If you want to participate ...

It might be a legitimate project but my experience with @magicdice was terrible.

Good luck to those who will take the risk

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