A steemit environment is established👉 Steemit-city family

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Today, it is our choice to declare to the steemit communities about the presence of a moderately obscure Steemian Group — STEEMIT-CITY which has through its exercises for as far back as two months, made gigantic commitments to the development of steem(it) in the regions of enrollment and preparing of new individuals (newbies).

Steemit-city is a gathering of individuals with one motivation that is involves in growth of steemit communities. To accomplish this growth and development, we comprehend the need to advance steem(it) at all levels and to everyone. Furthermore, we have been doing this out of sight for as far back as two months. The gathering was first settled on WhatsApp stage, however now moved to Telegram, due to security reasons.

According to Francis Barcon- Information makes man a full man. 

We believe that nobody knows it all. A little information(data) engaged can likewise spare an existence. This is something steemit-city family can't overemphasize, our drive for data and information will be met and encouraged by our steemit plans and project.Youth joblessness is a central point in all the unifying states far and wide. A great deal of young people are meandering about looking for non-existing occupations. However, one thing that is deserving of note among Africans is their characteristic obstinacy to do well in any wander they create enthusiasm for. This is the region Steemit-city plan would be useful. Our objective is to join the same number of adolescents on the planet as we can reach and furnishing them with legitimate direction and also connecting them with other noticeable steemit based mentorship extends, all to guarantee they create over the top enthusiasm for steem blockchain.

Our worth now.

Steemit-city has developed to around 73 dynamic members(as found in the whatsaap screen captured). We are exceptionally dynamic on Steemit as a gathering with one reason for supporting each other in the world and Nigeria community.

We are more active in supportive of one another and having profound interest in each other's program. Our aim can't be achieve without having the support of the wider steemit communities.

Steemit-city objectives/motive

Our choice to transform into a composed plan with an official record is to empower us report our advance consistently and also back the different forceful advancement crusades we will soon be setting out upon.

  • Newbie recruitment: dynamic join of new individuals and giving them fundamental preparing and additionally connecting the newcomers to commendable world wide based mentorship ventures. Our novice(newbies) enlistment online class will be held at regular intervals and the usernames of new recruits will be accounted for in like manner every once in a while.
  • Project/contest: @Steemit-city must go a long way of setting out an aim for pursue of a particular goal in steemit weekly and the wide steemians and member's contest must be the order of the day, so to promote her members and steemians as a whole.
  • Curative body: This group is always made to stand for members success, so therefore, its steem power is certainly achieve most for the promotion of her members post. 
  • Motivational post: @steemit-city Motivational post should be always expected, in order to awaken her member's failure heart on steemit and create them perseverance mindset.

Our relationship with other existing Steemit Teams

We are humble and happy to existing these steemit projects. @surpassinggoogle(untalented adjustment contest), @genesisproject, @stach, @steemgigs, @steem-up Aba, @redfishpillar, @familyproject, @onequality, @steem-lagos etc.

Call for sponsorship

Base on the great aim of goal to be achieve and the task  supporting members already recruited which is huge. We will need sponsorship by way of upvoting our articles, SP delegation and resteeming our posts in order to achieve our expected goal.

For inquiries or any info. You can contact any of these steemians @chrisdsteemsport, @stephenpaul, @nwamaka, @kwamecyrus. Or join us on  Telegram👉 https://t.me/joinchat/EliqQEYSR2zLbRjKg9H8kQ

Thanks for reading

Steemit-city Team

courtesy of @chrisdsteemsport


Hey, welcome to steemit!

I'm @markrmorrisjr and I work with a lot of newcomers. If you haven't yet, you're likley to run into bandwidth issues once you start posting. Here are some free things you can do to minimize the problem. You'll also find the competition for eyeballs can be stiff, so, here are some ideas I'm using to build a new account to test the differences in the platform since I got here 2 years ago. If you need anything, don't hesitate to find me, or follow @dolphinschool (That's my new acccount) for new tips and hacks every day!

cuenten conmigo gran iniciativa

Well, here’s an upvote👍good luck😀

good thinking . you are awesome work for steemit.

i always refer steemit to my friends using a say "steemit reloaded"

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Looks like you have some great ideas. Maybe someday we might have real cities run on steem.

This is a great news! Followed you. Continue the collaboration. This is indeed a fast growing community. Congratulations steemians. Have a great day!

Its great.................

Good day fellow steemian,
Am a newbie, I so much love this platform but it is my outmost goal to invite as many as I can and also promote steemit all over my institution.
I need help from you all,
You can add me to the whatsapp group @ 07032054367

Steemit all the way

Great 😍😍

This is a real interesting propouse for this social media community we hope more news about it

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