Steem Flag Rewards: Quick Intro and Jury Selection

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Good Evening Steem Flag Force!

This is a quick introductory post about this project. It is simply setting up a mechanism to reward those using their voting power to police the blockchain from abuse in light of the rise of this phenomenon known as reward pool rape.

Flagging or downvoting is an essential tool used by the community to return funds from an overvalued post, for instance, back into the reward pool so that a deserving author may receive it. It is power with great potential for good but often goes unappreciated as do those who employ it properly. We hope to change this trend.

There had been a few concerns about such an incentivization program being used for the wrong reasons such as ideological disagreement. To mitigate this potential, there will be a randomly selected juror panel to perform the initial screening before a good flag post is published to ensure if meets the criteria. Typically, if the flag can reasonable fall into the common reasons (see below) for flagging, then the post should pass this process.

The intent is for the jurors to be representative of various Steem Power demographics so that judgement is balanced. With that being said, I have defined the test function to identify jurors.

def get_juror(follow):
    found = False
    while (found == False):
        i = random.randint(1,len(follow))
        acct = Account(follow[i])
        dt = datetime.datetime.strptime(lastvote, "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S")
        dif = now-dt
        if rep > 17 and dif.days < 3:
            print(follow[i]+" is a qualified juror!")
            found = True
    return follow[i]

The current criteria calls for the Steem account to have a greater reputation than 17 and has voted in the last 3 days (to ascertain whether the account is actively used.)

So far, we have a script that queries 100 posts on the block chain at a time, identifies posts with downvotes, queries their vote metadata, and saves to a CSV for later review/analysis.

The plan at the time is to target posts sorted by "Hot", submit the posts to the jurors for screening, and hopefully identity at least 1 to be used as a pilot post of this project.

@akkayaemre06 (less than 10 SP), @steemseph (500-900SP), and @holihop (> 1000 SP)

Your names have been selected to be our esteemed jurors for the pilot. We hope that you will be willing to participate. If others would like to be part of the pool of jurors and contribute to this project, follow this account.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (@anthonyadavisii) on or Discord.

It is my sincere hope that this will be successful in helping to promote better content on this platform and help curb the widespread abuse because I know that most of us have grown weary of. If you are aware of a post that you believe was a good flag, feel free to send it in a memo to be reviewed. Thank you

Oh, and I almost forgot the most important part. The rewards!

The way this will work is all posts will be 50/50 STEEM/SBD (We would opt for 100% SBD if that were an option to make things more simple). After a good flag is identified, a post will be created to support said flagging action. Upon payout, the rshares of that post will be re-evaluated and adjust for any changes.

Once those downvote rshare values are finalized, the rewards of the post will be distributed in proportion to the downvote rshares. As for the remaining 50% SP, that is yet to be determined. Perhaps, it can be used for a curation initiative or to upvote our good flaggers posts but nothing set in stone yet.

Appreciate all that had supported the original post below.

A special thanks go out to Mr @timcliff for funding this account and considering this projects potential.


never gonna happen.

@fyrstikken, please, read if you would like to understand my heart on the matter. I understand you had a bad experience with Golos and I am sorry about that. It sucks to see your investment go down the tubes. I do not want that to happen again, rest assured. I get that you fo not trust me but I think it is largely in part because you do not know me. I would like for us to get to know each other. You may hate me or whatever, think I'm a fool, but at least ee may arrive at an understanding of one another. We may not agree fully on everything but at least our intentions could be conveyed with greater clarity.

This is something that is definitely going to bring good changes to steem.

I don't support centralized extortion systems, this is a dumb idea.

It appears that the ones that, usually, are against sorting such reward pool rapers out are those who either sycophant them or wouldn't mind doing it themsleves...

To make it clear, this account will do no flagging. It will upvote comments, even comments that do not concur as you can note with joe.public on the pilot post.

I will strive to be fair and impartial in what is submitted to the community. We will use discord for the ideas to be presented to fellow steemit moderators. I encourage you to be a part. We must be careful for infiltration if we choose that route; however.

I think you are mistaken in your charge of extortion. I am man of integrity. I'm not a profit seeker. I do what I believe is with my little means. My mind is the greatest thing I can offer you folks. You can call me dumb. You can call my ideas dumb.

But I implore to please stop maligning my person as you couldn't be further from the truth. I had a heart to heart with another member of the SteemSpeak Golos room after my expulsion and he knows where I am coming from. Matter of fact, he thinks this could possibly work out for good assuming I meet certain criteria namely 10% ROI for the flagger(s). This is contingent on the community. People like you and Fyrstikken. The esteemed friend of yours of whom I discussed filled me in a bit on what happened with Golos and I'm sorry that happened. I didn't invest in that one and will school myself up so I can understand the basis for the charges response I ellicited.

You know. I have become a cynical person from my experience here. It's sad really but after observing what went down in that room. Perhaps mine pales in comparison. I mean my intentions are genuine and good. I'm not a shady duplicitious marketeer that can from the YouTube lands. I'm a relative nobody and it is because my principles. I'm here to produce and there is nothing more infuriating than seeing those that do not but have found a way to game the system. If you do not take the issues serious. I think it is plausible Steem will become a revolving door for those that are discerning when they see the shit on the inside ( apart from those brought in by hype).

I don't think I is a question of if this will happen but rather a question of when if we do not fight it now. I'm not talking about the whale flag wars of Bernie and Haejin which, in my humble opinion may bring people in for the entertainment. No, I am talking about the ones not on your radar. Slowly growing and climbing the ladder through dubious means. They may already be among your ranks but I can't do anything about that.

That, my friend, is for dolphins and whales like you to deal with because the bounds of this project will be limited. I can only do so much as a minnow. I alluded to maneuver warfare elsewhere and, if you, are familiar with the concept you will understand.

Yes there has to be a balance somewhere. This is a very fitting counter to give steemians the confidence to flag abusers.

I am only a minow, but I have flagged a whale once, but after seeing, this whales counter flag others. I couldn't risk my tinny fin, but this here is very encouraging. Thanks @steemflagrewards

Absolutely. I think that the idea should very well be that, if you flag for good and if this is apparent to the community, then you should not fear reprisal.

Let's consider how this scenario could play out. Let's say you come across a flagrant example of abuse, you flag, and you comment letting the abuser know precisely why you did flag as @healthbasics noted below which is the courteous thing to do. Let's then say this abuser decides they don't like getting called out so they want to "teach you a lesson" and they flag all of your posts just because.

What can we do? With good whale support, those flags can be negated reversing their attempt at retallation. The "teacher" has become the student. Oh, that would be glorious!

They would perhaps then realize that they just wasted their voting power to try to attack someone for doing the right thing. Hopefully, this how it would play out and then they would realize the utter futility of even attempting to get back at someone for flagging their abuse.

Welcome to Steem Community @steemflagrewards! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

In the New Steemians project, we help new members of steem by education and resteeeming their articles. Get your articles resteemed too for maximum exposure. You can learn more about it here:

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki article about Flag. Thanks and good luck again!

Interesting, do you have any personal viewpoint concerning flags? We would love to know. Can they be used for good?

We try to include links representing different opinions about the question. Maybe it can help the readers to find any position or conclusion theirselves. Thanks and good luck again!

Comments need to be given with the flags in a non-inflammatory way so the authors know why they are being flagged.

Yes, that is a GREAT idea. I referenced your idea in my last comment. It should be a requirement. Flags should be a tool of learning and without feedback they fail in that regard.

Hi, I need to read this a couple more times. Thanks for your patience @steemflagrewards

I'll basically send you a Google form of post and you will say yay or nay whether the flag was legit along with the other two jurors. Rest assured, those supporting this project will have your back but don't expect any to be petty enough to flag jurors. I was hoping for some degree of transparency but, if need be, we can make the jurors anonymous.

Yeah , ok that's kinda what I gathered. Funny, I assumed anonymity. I think I should get Discord.

We'll tweak the process if need be. Discord may be the way to go moving forward and I believe @littleboy is willing to help with channel on the Steemit Moderation Discord.

This is it, right?

I tempted move forward with one, the pilot, and consider integrating the juror process later. It's just been a bit cumbersome. I'd like to keep you on the panel. Once you are set up, we'll get some rolling with juror incentives.

Should I post an "Instant invite" link here? @steemflagrewards

DM me and I'll get you the invites from there. Thank for the willingness to help!

I would hate to hold you up. Yes, i've signed up. My server name is the same. Discord is the most unnecessarily complicated secure messaging service I could... not have even imagined. I thought Discord had Steem. I'm probably missing the point. I trust all is well, just tell me if you can't find me or my new free FTP server on Discord?
Thanks again for your patience.

There are various servers. That you can get invited. I'll send you one.

Did you sign up? I found a gold mine of good flags I believe.

have a greater reputation than 17

If someone has reputation less than defualt 25, then it is likely indicator that they either comitted some abuse and were flagged by steemcleaners or were flagged by some users.

I would recommend jurors to have at least rep 50, to make sure that they have got at least some understanding and experience of Steemit.

Solid copy. A lot of honest people don't have that high of a rep because they don't use bid bots or self-vote. I think we lower the bar to maybe 45. In many cases, a persons rep isn't really achieved through meritorious means. Take the freesteem vote farmers.

I have some concerns about the scammers attempt to infiltrate the process. If we go the juror route, it will likely be on discord and a few of us will review the candidate jurors activity on steemd for any ill behavior. One definitive reason anyone will be barred is hate flagging. Not going to be involved with that. Not even a hint.

Steem is decentralized but I'm not sure that there is any way to have a position of trust with a centralized approving mechanism. It surely is a conundrum as I see it.

But yeah greater than 17 rep. That's a no brainer. You're absolutely right.

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