Greetings to you all steemit friends, my name is Lyka with the Steemit name @steemcebuanos. Obviously I am a newbie in this platform. A friend introduced Steemit to me. I got so interested and excited to join because I can share my thoughts and ideas here. And to tell you honestly, I am not quite sure how to start this introductory. Well, if you'll be cheering me then I will really be grateful.


I am from the Basak Mambaling somewhere in City of Cebu also known as Queen City of the South. Second among 3 siblings. I came from a happy and lovable family and I think that what makes my childhood unforgettable and a memorable one.




My mother were kind of strict back when we are still in grade school but it somewhat change when we reached highschool but still strick sometimes if it comes with boys. I am now a grade 10 student of Vicente Rama National High School.


On my free days, I get to catch up with my family and friends. We usually go to church, food trip, mall, exploring interesting things and having fun. I reflect a varied personality including ambition, the quality of kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness. I am also a well determined and vigorous individual, yet pleasantly calm. I love talking and discussing things. I love music, photography and to travel.




I am a newbie here but there's more I can share. A helping hand to introduce me to all steemers are really appreciated. Hoping for your warm welcome steemit friends. I would like to say thank you for approving and allowing me to share every bit of my simple stories here. Hope you will enjoy reading my blog. Please FOLLOW, UPVOTE and RESTEEM.

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Welcome to the steemit community. Dili jud ka magmahay sa pagsulod nimu diri. Keep on steeming looking forwward for your future blogs here (:


Thanks kaau fellow cebuano.

Welcome to Steemit @steemcebuanos!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

Hi @steemcebuanos welcome to the community, looking forward to your future posts
Feel free to drop questions about the platform, I would gladly try to answer some :)
Good luck on your steemit journey :)


Thank you!

Wel come at good platform

hi... wellcome to steemit...nice ur presentation...i hope u will be some success in this of luck


Thank you!

Hey ... welcome to the steemit .. hope u can do better in that community and will be able to add more value ... lets work together ...


Thank you.. Will do!

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Thank [email protected] teardrops for resteeming and the very humble sir terry/@surpassinggoogle..

Hello welcome to steemit. Hope you enioy here. Im from cebu also. Good day and god bless. :)


Thank you!

Welcome to steemit @steemcebuanos . Its great to have you here on steemit.



Welcome to steemit community


Thank you.

Welcome to the family Lyka @steemcebuanos. Hope you will enjoy your stay. More Power!

Welcome to steemit dear !!

Hi @steemcebuanos welcome to Steemit I'm glad you are here! I'm looking forward to seeing what more you have to share thank you for this introduction. Also if you would like to connect with new people on Steemit, our members are supportive and want to help, please use the hashtag #newbieresteemday in your posts. Visit us and follow @newbieresteemday also follow @goodguyty👌


Thank you!


You are welcome I wish you much success!

Hi and welcome to steemit. The site is fun. You can be yourself, carve your own niche and start to post what excites and interestou.

You will make some friends here; friends that share your interest or just generally people you connect with and God willing, you will make a lot of money too.


Thank you!

welcome to steemit.


Thank you!

Welcome friend. This is one of the best decisions you made this year. You will love it. Feel free to interact with all and establish relationships. thats a fast way to grow. And do not shy away from asking for help on things that seem confusing. Steemit is a very generous community and you will find out sooner than later. Welcome once more from me

Welcome to steemit.your presence makes us happy.

Welcome to steemit dear. Have fun as you learn and steem on!

plez up wot me and up wot to u

Welcome To Steemit Dear! ❤ Enjoy your Stay !

Welcome to steem.... Follow back too

Welcome to steemit partner. Lets steem together...

Welcome to steemit ☺

welcome to steemit :)

Welcome to Steem kabayan. Good luck.

Welcome to steemit girl

Welcome to steemit :) have fun :) follow me and i'll follow you back. Godbless :)

Welcome to this community, I know you will enjoying here.

Welcome lyka @steemcebuanos!! For sure you will enjoy this community ;!!will follow you and lets steeem together :)


Thank you. I will follow you too

Welcome to the great community

Yay naa napd cute nag apil sa steemit, welcome dai