Hello steemit- my first time posting today

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Hello steemit

My name is crystal star aberasturi-kang i’m 25 years old and i’m from CEBU PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭.

I have a mix blood which explains my NOT so Filipina look in my picture above , I have a mix Spanish-Australian-filipino Blood but still very proud to be a filipina.

I was born and raised here in the philippines, a very beautiful island 🌴 it feels like it’s always summer here lucky for me that it’s my favorite season . If i would be given a chance to live anywhere else in the world i would still choose philippines , so you might wonder why? soon i’ll write blogs about the beautiful places/beaches here in the philippines. (Excited?)

More about me :) I’m a registered medical technologist But guess what i’m also a former beauty queen and model here in the philippines So yes soon i will write blogs about fashion, and stuff related to modeling and pageantry . I also love traveling ( who doesn’t right?) ill share to you places i’ll visit and places i have already visited.

What about food? 🤔 hmm YES i love food , mostly sweets 🍫 i know i know ( not good for the health) but hey we should always have room for desserts ei?

Anyway i was introduced to steemit by my cousin and I gave it a thought why not? I’ve always wanted to become a blogger but never had the chance to start. Honestly steemit is a bit confusing even if i read all the instructions many times ( i even had a hard time uploading my avatar🤣 so frustrating grr sorry not a techy person ) hopefully through steemit i get to share the things I love to other people and help other people to get inspired .

Love ,
Crystal ❤️


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Welcome to this great Community!

Thank you

Welcome to the platform . I hope you enjoy posting here

Welcome! Btw, nice smile ;)


Hi @starcrystal welcome to steemit, I'm from the southern philippines. Nice to meet you

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Nice to meet you also

Welcome to steemit community, hope you can play a very good role here. Best of luck
Allah success every steemian.

Ill do my best :) thank you

Welcome to the blockchain!

I hope you manage to share with us a little of your unique vision and how you see the world.

This place is a little hard to get at first, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it.

Yes will share soon :) thank you

Welcome to Steemit @starcrystal!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

Thank you so much and Godbless

Welcome to Steemit, crystal! Cebu is such a nice place! I'm looking forward to read more of your posts, and mixed culture background is interesting too!

Yes ill post soon ❤️ thank you

you are gorgeous... welcome to the community dear....

Welcome and congratulations on getting your verification. Have fun:)

Thank you

I hope your steemit life go good here... And make a lot good post.. we all come and look :)

Thank you :)

You are welcome :)

Welcome Star :) Enjoy your steemit adventure. :)

Hahahha di sad siya pa lupig oh naa sad siya iya blog hahahah 🤭

Wala pako naka sugud oy. haha. Wa pa gani ko intro, naka una paka ug buhat Haha

Hi. How are you today?
You have a simple but nice post :-)
You can fllow me now.
Then i will you too

Hello im good :)

Hi. I am looking for a business partner. Are you interested?

Hello cute girl welcome to steemit. I hope you will be best here. Wish you very healthy good luck. Your so cute and beautiful.

Thank you @nahidbd ,

Congrats on your first post gwaps!😊

Thank you for the help gwaps❤️

Welcome kabayan.
Have a great time here.

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Thank you:)

as you a medical person please share some medical things also.

Yes yes :) will do

Strawberry Red Star Crystal girl, you are beautiful, talented, bright, love the red, love your spark in your photos, your love for life is remarkable, bold, creative. My sister is Crystal. Love yummy food, Beauty Queen Girl. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.

Thank you for making my day ❤️ god bless

Great. Crystal, how are you?

Welcome to the Steemit family. Here to support with a Follow and UpVote!

I rarely say this @starcrystal You look stunning! Hahah

Anyways you're on the right path. Chose the best platform to share your stories and life experiences. Haven't had the pleasure to visit the beautiful Philippines. I'm sure the food and people are awesome.

Rooting for you. Looking forward to your pending posts and rants. Cheers!

@mrshev haha thank you so much for the compliment :) will share soon about philippines 🙏🏻

Hey Crystal
Welcome to Steemit:)
Nice to meet you!

same to you

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Welcome to Steemit @starcrystal!

Feel free to come join us in the Steemit Philippines Discord Channel!