Spydo is now a bid-bot. looking for Delegation with daily return of 85%.

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@spydo is now a bid-bot, Right now minimum bidding amount is 0.05 SBD/STEEM.

What @Spydo does?

It is a bot that upvote at an interval of 2.4 hrs at 100% voting power to help you get more visibility on your post.The upvotes are distributed among the bidders in proportion to the bids placed in the current round. i.e. if A bids 0.3 SBD, B bids 0.2 SBD and C bids 0.1 SBD then A, B and C will get 50%, 33.33% and 16.66% upvote respectively. @spydo is listed on https://steembottracker.com/ and it runs on same software as of @postpromoter.

How to get upvotes from spydo?

Go to WALLET, click on -> SBD/STEEM Balance, then select -> TRANSFER.

Transfer a minimum bid of 0.05 SBD/STEEM with your POST LINK in memo.

@Spydo has now 5768 SP, which converts to approx. upvote worth of $1.55+


There is other way to generate passive income!

@Spydo is looking to increase its SP through delegation to benefit users and, delegators will get 85% of the reward earned on daily basis. if you think your voting power remains at 100% most of the time or you're are not getting enough time to curate then you can delegate your Steem Power (SP) to earn a good return on your investment and help @spydo grow.

click this link to delegate @spydo

@spydo have active delegations from @googlee, @believeme, @singhrajat, @wovlou, @funatoz, @firemanvishal and they are receiving 85% reward payout daily.

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It's good to see your post and I am one of your delegates and thanks for mention my name in your post I like your 85% return.

Welcome to Steemit spydo and I'm sure you'll have a great time here!! :)

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warm welcome spydo to you, you will provide and add alot of interresting things to our beautiful community

I just want to say welcome to Steemit, I'm sure as the community knows you will encounter a bunch on interesting people on this platform. Do not be saturated to work through every input available and get paid according to your work.

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Reply for it

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Thnx for mention, happy with delegation return ☺


Your friend has a comment with you in a screenshot btw.