Applied Sociology: Research Supporting Non-Profits Pursuing Elevated Social Paradigms

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Applied Sociology: Research Supporting Non-Profits Pursuing Elevated Social Paradigms

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I’m Stephanie. My top intellectual goal at the moment is to find a way to finance social science research in the service of non-profits, B-Corps, and start-ups that actively promote elevated social, environmental, and economic paradigms. My research interests include: 1) New Economic Paradigms, 2) Drug Policy Reform, 3) Prison Reform, 4) US Poverty Alleviation, 5) Access to Health and Reproductive Health Services, 6) Environmental Protection, 7) Immigration Reform, 8) Race Relations, 9) Economic and Educational Inequalities, and 9) Animal Rights.

I currently work as a contract sociologist for various mega-corporations. I have helped them learn a lot about people over the years. Corporations use the data that I generate to develop new products and services, assess the likelihood that their in-development products will be successful, and to market new products and services.

However, the same research techniques that I employ everyday for corporations could equally be used to answer questions like: "How should we present the case for legalizing psilocybin mushrooms to those that do not currently support psychedelic use?" or “How could we improve our program to distribute information about women’s health services in our underserved community?” or “What would be the easiest way to encourage midwestern shoppers to bring reusable bags instead of using disposable plastic bags every time they shop?” or “Which part of our project benefiting the incarcerated should we fundraise for first?”

I go into "corporate mode" easily.
I go into "corporate mode" easily.

Corporations use researchers like myself because the likelihood of making a good decision goes up when you have relevant data to base your decisions upon. I have approached many non-profits, hoping that I could create research that would help them make their decisions as well. Most have been very interested, but have not had the funding to be able pay for such a project. There are many expenses involved in setting these projects up, and sadly most non-profits are woefully underfunded, and research is out of their reach.

Digital Nomads, Unite! These were taken during a trip to Oregon to see the eclipse. I didn’t have any days off, but I had a great time!
Digital Nomads, Unite! These were taken during a trip to Oregon to see the eclipse. I didn’t have any days off, but I had a great time!

So, this year, I am taking a new strategy. Instead of networking with non-profits and hoping that one will have funding and say yes, I would like to generate Steem so that I can put those funds towards serving non-profits. I’ll post articles about research techniques, sociology, social commentary, and the progress of my project here. I will also be launching a Patreon and a website for my new project, Soleil Research, sometime soon. My end goal is to approach the non-profits of my dreams and say "Hi, I’m Stephanie, I’m a sociologist and I can do research for you for free - because I am financed by the blockchain and crowdfunding sites!"

Got any advice for me? What non-profits or B-corps do you care about? What change do you want to see in the world?

**Thanks, and Happy New Year! **

PS: Boring Stuff about Me

-I have been working as a contract sociologist serving corporate clients full time for three years. I belong to professional associations. I refuse to work in an office, so contract work is the only thing I will ever do. This gives me the freedom to pursue the goals described above.

-Before that I was in grad school. I will have my PhD within a few months.

-Promoting social values has been important to me for a long time.

-My 250 page dissertation is about the cultural and political values that inform the American and French healthcare systems. I used to dream about becoming part of the effort to pass universal health coverage in the US, which is why I wrote the dissertation. I have lobbied about this issue in my state’s capital.

-Throughout college and grad school I worked at legal clinics for folks experiencing workplace discrimination and immigration issues.

-I have taught under-priviledged students at Upward Bound summer camps.

-I am advocate for the cannabis cultivation community of my county in Northern California.

-I call my congressional reps ALL THE TIME. Lately, I’ve been calling about net neutrality, tax bills, keeping kratom legal, cannabis policy, health policy, and police brutality.

-I have been an ethical vegan for the past four years. I was first vegetarian in high school, though I fell off the wagon for awhile sometime during my travels.

-I have translated documents about restoring felons’ voting rights in my state (when my state was Florida).

-I speak French, having lived there for about four years in my 20’s.

Me working from home. No office attire required :)
Me working from home. No office attire required :)

-I play Contra Dance and Turkish tunes on the violin.

-I have no useful physical skills, with the exception of cooking, which I love.

-I love dance (Contra, Ecstatic, Fusion, Belly Dance, Swing), hiking, and yoga, and do two of the three every week.

-I am a minimalist by American standards.

-I am married to a man who empowers others to be more inspired, more honest, more clear, more positive, less attached, and more thoughtful every day of his life. This has nothing to do with his work.

Contra Dance! One of my favorite things!!
Contra Dance! One of my favorite things!!


I'd love to get into consulting someday. Some Frederick Winslow Taylor type shit or some Stafford Beer central planning, but ideally via non state entities.

B corps seem pretty cool. Not sure if available in Ohio. But I think steem can provide some interesting means to transform collective action problems.

Oh man did scientific management creep me out!! Why do you like that direction?

There's so much I'd like to do for groups that have little resources..... Sigh. This steemit account might someday enable that?

I like consulting because I am always working on something completely different. I love that type of challenge, its fast paced (really too damn fast this month, holy crap....), and to me, it feels rich. That's completely different than the way academia feels to me. So glad I jumped ship!

Getting hired by a consulting firm is really freaking intense though. Those places work those folks into the ground. I recommend finding an alternate pathway into this sort of the work, unless you want to work 90 hours a week and fly all over the country all the time. The travel sounds exotic, but trust me (if you don't know yourself), travel is only fun if it is voluntary. I make the most of all of my work travel, but still....

c'est la vie. Yea i like efficiency and getting the best quality good at the lowest cost. Though it may be dehumanizing, hopefully automation can help liberate people from pointless jobs a machine can do.

I am all for automization with a basic universal income. People don't deserve to starve once they are put out of their pointless work.

Welcome to steemit @soleil-research! If you're interested in science, you can check the @steemstem community project. You will find great authors under the #steemstem tag as well.
Enjoy your steemit experience and see you around! :)

Hello!! Fellow sociologist here! Welcome to the community. I hope you find great success here. Your job sounds fascinating. I stayed in academia myself but I have worked as a program evaluator for non-profits. My favorite area was health/medical related sociology but I've specialized in deviance and social organization. I'm writing my dissertation now and it is a never ending experience!! You wrote a great intro. I look forward to seeing your work here on steemit!

All about that Joseph Wholey "Zero-Base Budgeting"

Oh program evaluation is awesome! I would love to talk with you about that more. Academia is awesome, but a really challenging road! Congrats!!

Nice introduction, welcome to steemit and you're lucky enough marrying a guy like your husband. =)
Best of luck to you and your family.


Hi and welcome! Awesome to see what a student of sociology can and will accomplish. Maybe I should share this post with all the people asking me what I want to do with my degree(I study sociology aswell) What changes do I want to see in the world? Definetly more empathy!
Much success on your way here and see you around :)

Yes! Sociology is actually very useful, once you understand what sort of tool it is. Are you most interested in qual methods, or quant? And what courses have you enjoyed the most? Do you have thoughts about what direction you want to go after school?

I just finished my first semester and it's not a pure sociology program so I just learned the basics and read "The modern social conflict" by Dahrendorf. Will have methodology this coming semester, maybe then I can answer which ones my fav. Which one do you prefer and why? I have a couple thoughts about my direction afterwards but it really depends on how everything will develop these next years. Good day :)

I am 90% qualitative because I like getting at things like values, meanings, emotions, culture, and beliefs and while these things can be measured quantitatively, I don't think that the results are as nuanced. I like talking to people and observing. I do fine in my professional life being qual only, but I do need to rely on partners that are quant specialists at times.

That said - there are certainly more opportunities for quant folks than for qual folks. So if you are really keeping an eye on your career as opposed to what you simply like the best, I would make sure you leave school with some good quant skills. I have considered taking a refresher course in statistics so that I could have more access to certain types of work.

Check out They are an amazing non-partisan think tank that is almost entirely quant. I would like to work with a place like this, or establish my own someday.... Pew is essentially all quant though.

Best of luck, and always feel free to drop me a line!!

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Welcome to SteemIt. Funding social research can be tricky, as some of it doesn't show results or benefits to the people funding it. I know I've been asked to fund studies, but looked at them and asked, "Why?"

I like the way you think and as long as you can answer to the value of what you're doing, you'll find ways to get funding.

Yes. The "why" or "so what" of social science is not always immediately apparent. But, when you use social science to answer questions that are important to projects that are already set up and running, there is real, true, applicable value. For me, it is more about using research in the service of great projects than about simply commenting on the state of things, which is what the vast majority academic sociology does. But, in my corporate research life, I help companies answer tons of different sorts of questions, all of which are crucial to their missions. I want to offer the same type of insights to groups that are doing good work, but who are not large enough to have large budgets.

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Welcome to @steemit. Goodluck with your goal, this is probably a great place to get interested and like-minded people who would support you in your venture and reaching your goal.

stay blessed.

Thank you!! That's exactly what I am hoping for!

Hi @soleil-research. Welcome to Steemit, hope you can work here. In addition, if you love science we can follow #steemSTEM and you can learn it, just like the one commented on by @ruth-girl

Thanks!! Really appreciate it! Anything else good to follow that is science or social commentary? Certainly exploring on my own, but recommendations and pointers are great!

Very good blog.
Resteamed from FB
Thank you.

Where did you get that great white and gold dress in the "corporate mode" photo?

Hi @soleil-research
Welcome to the steemit community
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Hello @soleil-research and welcome to steemit. I like your train of thought and like you, I think steemit is going to open a lot of new doors for people. I am jealous you were in Oregon for the eclipse. I will be really interested in reading more about your work, concepts etc.

Thank you!! I am really excited about this. Its such a different approach to funding good work, and I love everything about it!

The eclipse was absolutely one of the highlights of my 2017!

we should all be excited about this, from a international development side of things to local NGO's this could revolutionary in regards to fund raising. I haven't seen any of them on here yet as it is still very early days. But can you imagine migrating your facebook page likes over to steemit and they can generate funds for your projects. Plus you dont even have to ask them for money! oh and a little tip if I may, if you upvote good replies it helps the author of the comment. Like I upvote your comment and it adds to your steemit credibility.

Is it branch of Anthropology?

Happy to welcome another Digital Nomad, thank you for joining the Steemit Chat Group. I'll re-steem every new Digital Nomad's intro joining the group and I just shared yours!


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