Introduction (About Me)


Nice to meet you!

Hello! My name Is SnowbyFerxa, you can call me Ferxa ^^
Due to personal privacy, I'm not using my real name nor my real picture
I'm a proud Malaysian who lives in Johor and currently I’m a teacher trainee at Sabah and I teach English
My hobby is drawing (mainly anime style of arts) & my favorite game to play is Monster Hunter World(2018)/Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (2019)
Personally, Monster Hunter (any generation) is by far my most favorite RPG game especially the latest one currently which is MHW. They have improved so many things including the control works while still keeping the old gameplay feel as you play the game. What makes me feel more fun when I play is because I can now play with friends which makes it even better as you can also joke around

My profile picture was done by me
My main language is Main and English is my Second language. While I also know a bit of Japanese due to my passion and interest in their culture, I am still bad at reading the words (especially the Kanji words)
I'm still new at this

It's a pleasure meeting you all ^w^


Welcome snowbyferxa!
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Hi @snowbyferxa, Welcome to the steemit world!

Heyy Thank you for the welcome!^^

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hello ferxa, and i am oatmeal hehe

Hello Oatmeal!! Nice to meet you

My main language is Main

Wait... Mandarin / Malay?

Welcome to Steemit and welcome to team Malaysia!
I can see you have great passion for art and I believe that Steemit would be very interesting for you to showcase your work.

Right now there is a creative tribe called #creativecoin that pretty much allow artists like yours to be creative; particularly in the month of October, which is called inktober. You would probably have a lot of fun there.

I don't know Mandarin hahaha and yeahhh thanks for having me in team Malaysia!🤩It's such an honor ;3
Also, wow thanks for that suggestion 😶😶I would never have thought of that up till now
I will keep that in mind, thank you again!

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Welcome to steemit @snowbyferxa.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Congratulations @snowbyferxa!
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Ohh, your art looks cute!