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RE: Every journey starts with the first step

in #introduceyourself5 years ago

@nateonsteemit Thank you so much for your comment, your advice, recommendation and making me a partial beneficiary of your comment! I am overwhelmed and surprized by all the amazing feedback I have been getting on Steemit. I definitely did not expect that.

In the beginning of the year I stared collaborating with a start-up which uses Steemit to promote social projects from all over the world. Prior to that I had never even heard of the platform, so I’m completely new to everything on here. It will take me a while to properly go through all the recommendations you posted, but I am sure they will be of great value and I am excited about the prospect of connecting with like minded people from all over the world.

I like your idea about a post on the SDG system. I think at some point I will write about that. 😊 I’ve got a super busy schedule these days and I like to sit down and really focus on what I am writing, but I think tomorrow or within the next few days I’ll write a post with the title “Change stars from within” or something along those lines.

Thank you once more for the warm welcome!

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