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Thank you for your kind words @delishtreats! I'll be writing more about South Africa in future posts. I never actually planned to go there. Back when I was working in medical technology I was offered a considerable promotion, but at that point, I realised it's just not what I want. I quit my job instead, sold/donated everything I owned and started looking for a new path. I saw something about South Africa in the news and I ended up buying a plane ticket there 10 days before flying out. Originally I booked for 2 weeks, but I ended up canceling my return flight and I stayed until the very last day of my visa.

Thank you for the tips as well, they're greatly appreciated! I'm completely new to Steem, so I'm learning how everything works. I joined the platform because I collaborate with a startup which uses Steem to promote social projects furthering the United Nations' Global Goals. Prior to that, I had never even heard about Steem. I fully agree on the importance of making friends and building relationships. The possibility of rewards is a nice plus, but for me it's much more interesting to connect with people :)

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