I can try, I just got really into it today! Some of my successful friends have told me to post everyday. Try to have something with length and we’ll written to hopefully be shared by a steemer with a lot of pull! I’d love to network and upvote u though 👍🏻

Id be so appreciative if you did! Im writing stories and articles everyday but it just seems like its not working or I'm not getting noticed anywhere. But thank you so much! Id love to follow and see your stuff as well!

Try using some of the popular tags as well 🤗

I have just followed you on Steemit, please return the favor and follow me as well so we can earn Steem together. I wish you the best on Steemit and look forward to future interaction.

Done and done! thank you :)

Thank you very much. I look forward to earning steem together.

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