Trying to learn! New to Steemit never did a welcome post initially

My buddy told me about steem, when were were getting into ether on the ground level. I made an account, but never got fully into it. I felt like it was hard to get my posts in front of people. There is a lot of interesting material on here, and this community is growing fast! I’m excited to get more involved, I will be posting memes with dmania.

Holidays were good, and I have been doing a lot of waterfowl hunting. I work long ass hours, so I have become a clash of clans beast hahahaha. Hey, working 10 hours solo can do that to ya. Looking forward to posting more, and getting more involved with this platform. My old lady loves cooking, we may even throw a few of our favorite recipes on here!
I’m interviewing for a promotion in a few days, so if ya’ll could shoot me some luck that’d be great!



Best of luck on your promotion :)

Following you back! Thanks for the good wishes!


Good intro! welcome To steemit!

Remember, to find success here, post, post and post. And do not post and run. Always reply to comments

Right on bro, appreciate the great advice.

@extrospect You are my idol, I admire people like you, supporting and advising

welcome aboard Steemit and luck in everything

Thanks for the welcome, I think I’m already hooked lol

I'm glad you like it, you have my Follow & Upvote 👍

Cute dog you got there, got a name for him? That’s your lucky charm, take care of him

The names, Cora. Smartest damn dog I’ve ever had! She’s a labrashepard half lab half German Shepard. She loves getting out and chasing birds with me 🐦

Same for me, I really don't know how to reached people with my post. My first 3 post cost $0.02 in average. Maybe my post do not have good content or what.

Hey man, just keep posting! Make sure to use popular relevant tags. Try and network and get your posts upvoted. That is how you will make money.

Maybe I just post what I think is worth sharing and be friends with the right people then maybe profit will soon follow. Lol. Thanks man.

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Cool Post! I have just followed you on Steemit, please return the favor and follow me as well so we can earn Steem together. I wish you the best on Steemit and look forward to future interaction.

David, you got my follow sir! I’m with ya, let’s do the damn thing! 💰

Thank You very much!

Welcome to steemit, wish you luck and success

Thanks a lot! Thanks for the comment and the support. This is all pretty exciting, and I’m looking forward to figuring it all out.

Thanks bro! Yeah she does pretty good getting me out on those dirt roads. Nothing better than tearin up a 4x4 trail. I would love to network dude


Hey fucknut, I’m here. It’s almost beer:30

Welcome to steemit and good luck in the interview. Keep steem'n along. If you are interested in cryptocurrency and blockchains and do not mind being on a podcast I would love to interview you or have you ask a short question on our voicemail that the show hosts will then answer. Let me know if you are interested.

Amazing intro bro! Welcome to steemit. God Bless you!

You’re the man bro! Thanks for reaching out and for the support! God bless u as well!

Hello I liked your post a lot, I wait for your recipes. To know what you wrote and to answer you use the google translator. I'm following you. if you want you can visit my blog. luck

Awesome rebeca! I got you on the follow back! Thank you for the support. I look forward to checking out your blog, and hearing from you in the future! SteemOn!

could you possibly give out some tips to those starting on steemit?

I can try, I just got really into it today! Some of my successful friends have told me to post everyday. Try to have something with length and we’ll written to hopefully be shared by a steemer with a lot of pull! I’d love to network and upvote u though 👍🏻

Id be so appreciative if you did! Im writing stories and articles everyday but it just seems like its not working or I'm not getting noticed anywhere. But thank you so much! Id love to follow and see your stuff as well!

Try using some of the popular tags as well 🤗

I have just followed you on Steemit, please return the favor and follow me as well so we can earn Steem together. I wish you the best on Steemit and look forward to future interaction.

Done and done! thank you :)

Thank you very much. I look forward to earning steem together.

Que bien felicidades por tu éxito y bienvenido.

Lo siento, no hablo. 😕

Good luck @mattressgod :)
Welcome to our platform. Or welcome back, whichever works!

Thank you sir! Excited to see where this goes.

I have just followed you on Steemit, please return the favor and follow me as well so we can earn Steem together. I wish you the best on Steemit and look forward to future interaction.

Great to see another new face on here. I also just joined and was referred by a buddy. Hoping it is worth all of they hype! Would be happy to have you on my network for some mutual support.

Thanks for the welcome, I gotchu dude! Let’s go!

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WElcome again to steemit. I hope you hanging out with us. You are right it is so tough to build a following of people willing to read and invest in your written work. With that said, I wanted to invite you to join the MSP/PAL discord by clicking HERE. You can chat and connect with people there a little more then on steemit. Hope to see you there!

Thanks for the warm welcome, and the minnow support upvote 😁😁 I will definitely check it out

Welcome to Steemit! Wooh! :)

Goodluck to both of us as a new member here on steemit! Cheers!

We are gunna kill it dude!

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