Hello From China Steemit Peeps! 大家好 喜欢我名字吗 哈哈哈 你看懂就看一下吧 不会英语的还可以跟我讲中文吧

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Hey everyone. I am writing to you all from China. I am an American citizen who has been living in China for the past few years. I am now married to a lovely Chinese girl from Liaoning province. She is what keeps me around. I also am also enticed with China. It is truly becoming a beautiful nation. It is a semi-hobby of mine to do a little sociological observation in my time here. The vast differences of cultures within the Chinese people even in 2017 is quite amazing.  I am from a lovely town in Iowa. If you have any questions about China, you could try asking me if you need. I may or may not be able to help!

The amount of differences that come from culture and language barriers in general are astonishing. Back in the states we have plenty of different cultures all mixing together, but there is something different going on there. There is a disease called racism that plagues America and causes pain between ethnic groups in America. In China, everyone is Chinese. Everyone is part of China in that same sort of way, together. China having such a large portion of the population belonging to one nationality  ethnic group is able to have everyone much closer together and working for the same cause. 

Chinese people come together to be Chinese much better than Americans do at the moment. Americans are too busy fighting each other. The social justice warrior movement is something that is going to further divide all the differing peoples that make up American sub-cultures, ethnic groups and even sub-ethnic groups - Is this a thing ? Sounds racist. The friendly racists of America will be further alienated by the SJWs until they become even more racist. This is only the beginning of a long cycle. There will be more and more white supremacist losers that come out of the paint and spew some bull shit. America is becoming more and more divided as time goes by. 

哥们儿们 女神们 您好 其实我这里也不会直接翻译我写的那些英语呢吧 哈哈哈 如果你想看懂上面那些那你要好好学英语吧 我就是无聊的上这个看到底是怎么回事 不知道在这里可不可以认识新的朋友 我本人美国人 住在中国  老婆是东北姑娘 我在这东北姑娘 我在中国呆的时间也不短呢 已经五年左右了 我在这里认识各种各样的傻逼 我遇到傻逼的故事还真特么贼多的 我说的是老外还有中国人 其实说傻逼的话 这个也不分国家的吧 世界上每一个国家都有傻逼 这就是事实没有一个国家那么牛逼连 傻逼不用碰到了吧 是不是 在网上我发现很多那些在中国呆时间长的老外就爱逼逼什么中国人做的这个说的那个 其实谁都可以到哪看傻逼说卧槽,看,傻逼!好吗? 

好了 其实我跟你说我今年特么应该考虑考汉语水平考试 我都没有考过了 我听说很多人汉语水平考试都能过了 什么鸡巴考了个50%就可以了?呵呵拉倒吧 可是我觉得如果考这个可以更顺找工作那就做吧对吗?我还是考吧

你们用这个都是干嘛的 我也不知道是不是有很多人用这个,我就是想无聊的时候随便乱写一些东西呢 如果你们有什么想问我的问题那就来问吧 

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