Hello Steemers! I am Seth and I have some good news to share.

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I have discovered Steemit today thanks to my friend's referral. I have not been a writer before but I do have some important information to share with the world. Reality is not what is taught as truth in the mainstream. History as many of us know it is largely fabricated. Here are some evidences that point to my Christian world view being accurate.

The preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has changed MY life!

Demonic forces and secret societies are trying to kill most humans on earth.

Evolution is a FALSE religion that should not be paid for to be taught in school.
We are not monkeys and great-grandpa was not a rock that got rained on.

Most of the powerful musicians and actors and politicians are under mind control.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died as a sacrifice to save us from our sins. A free gift of ETERNAL LIFE!

I believe the Earth does not have many years left before Armageddon. Jesus Christ will return for the Second Advent soon. Are you ready to meet your maker? You can ask Jesus into your heart right now and be assured of eternal life through our Creator Jesus Christ. He changed my life for the better and continues to do so every day.. There are many lies out there seeded by Satan to distract and deter people from learning the Truth about our God and our Creator. Listen to me, I have no reason to deceive you. I want all of my friends and family and random acquaintances to join me in heaven to worship our God eternally with perfect Love. Praise God for all of you and I look forward to helping lead you to the One True Faith, Christianity. Thank you for reading, please comment!

Center of the M51 whirlpool galaxy

Laminin, the protein that holds our bodies together


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Welcome aboard! As someone who considers themself a follower of The Way, I have to say I'm having a hard time reading your statement of:

Praise God for all of you and I look forward to helping lead you to the One True Faith, Christianity.

To be honest, I get uncomfortable when I hear this kind of statement considering Jesus/Yeshua was a Jew, a rabbi even. I get that the things he said changed the world, but to say Christianity is the only true religion, when the first half of the Bible is Jewish scripture, just bothers me.

Regardless, glad to have you on board and I look forward to some interesting discussions!

Are you for real? I'm not sure whether to laugh or be scared...


I read through the post and I'm like, "I consider myself a Christian, and I'm offended by this."

Salt irritates and preserves. If I am wrong on any point I welcome correction. Jesus said the true path is narrow.

I did bring up one part of what bothered me in my direct comment, but to expound on something I thought about during my lunchtime walk... If I consent that Christianity is the one true faith, what version of Christianity is? Not only do we have divides among Catholics, Orthodox, Coptics, Protestants and anabaptists, but even within those divisions we have people with all sorts of differing beliefs, many of which can effectively defend their position. We have people who believe whole-heartedly in the trinity, we have people who believe Jesus is subordinate to G-d instead of co-equal. We have people who believe in just war and violence, and we have people who would rather sacrifice themselves to an attacker than to hurt even that attacker... without getting into all the defining characteristics of different beliefs, it's impossible to give a blanket statement about Christianity and call it the one true faith, because it isn't one faith. As I said in my other comment, the man Christianity is named after was a Jew, so how do we as Christians relate to Judaism? Are they simply not Christian and therefor are going to some place of eternal punishment/separation from G-d? If Judaism has no part in the "one true faith" then why is the whole first half of the Bible Jewish scripture, and why do so many people in the second half refer to the first with reverence?

I call myself a Christian, even if I use the term loosely, and I just want you to consider what saying it's the "one true faith" fully implies. We were called to live like Jesus, following all the things he instructed, not to tell other people they aren't doing it right.

I have read the bible and The Origin Of The Species and a slow gradation of organisms over an achingly long time, as opposed to a snake, talking to white people in a garden (somehow behind the omnipresent god's back); much more plausible.

So if you need correction, read the Origin Of The Species; which by the way, the church fully accepted at the time. They tried to weave their own racism into it, by saying that Man descended from 8 different progenitors; this helped them reconcile slavery, by saying when he said "all men equal", he meant all caucasian men.

From the videos you post it seems like you're pretty deep into it, so I know this is pointless debate; almost as pointless as praying to a being who knows in advance what's going to happen, therefore can't change its mind, unless of course it knew it was going to change its mind. Which would mean, it wasn't changing its mind, just doing what it knew it would do.


Great to have you in the community!

The cross is a Pagan symbol ... just sayin'.

Jesus' followers were taught to display their spirituality through actions and deeds. Therefore a Christian has no need to wear external signs, like a cross. :)

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