Hello folks, My name is Serena and I don't have over a million subscribers on YouTube like tjkirk, but after years of non shabby treatment, because I don't have a YouTube account, I am looking for the door of something good, like Steemit.

Lol, I just had to do it. If you have seen the post I am mimicking then you will get it.

This is my daughters Steemit account and her little introduction. I am her dad
Maybe she can be treated like the guy from Youtube with a million subscribers who just introduced himself 3 days ago.
So anyways she is young so be kind to her intro, thanks.

Hi, i am Serena. I like crafts and making things and glueing them together. I dont have any pictures today, but will make some thing soon and then put pictures of it on here for you to see and make.
Thank you for reading my blog. Here is a photo of me.

and me and my dad


and yes folks I will be monitoring this blog very closely ;)
Now can she get the same amount of money the weird dude is getting???
That would be something to behold, lol.
Have a great day all.


hello my lil sis, nice post


Welcome onboard! Hope you'll find it great in here..

Hi Serena, welcome to steemit. I hope we can be friends.
Resteemed to over 9900 followers and 100% upvoted. Thank you for using my service!

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I call upon @OriginalWorks to appear, lol

Welcome to Steem. Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.
Please bookmark Steem BluePaper and Steem Whitepaper and don't miss reading when you have time.
All the Best!!!

It's funny how an atheist can get people to give him over a 1000 sb, but my 8 year old daughter can only raise 50 cents!
guess that says a lot for this world we live in! what a shame!

My dear, if people like her work they will follow her. I know it's frustrating, but this kind of rant is hurting rather than helping her.
Let her just be herself, post something every day and it will grow.
Good luck!

I also recommend researching tags relating to what she will be posting. Tags here work differently from hastags on other platforms. #art #introduction #introducemyself etc. seek out communities and #challenge s to see what she can join in. #colorchallenge is a good place to start.
Also do not upvote anything unless you are at 100%, which is hard to get used to initially because it's almost second nature everywhere else.

Tell us about what you did today. Nothing deep or super secret, just 'I thought this was pretty/ cool/ gross' will do.

I looked him up, he's in for a nasty surprise if he thinks it isnt regulated lol. You're at the mercy of your audience and a downvote or flag from a whale could destroy him.
You're not being paid by a system, you're paid by people.

For those of us who aren't coming in with a million subscribers, it takes about 4 months to build up your account.
It would be very interesting to see how many new accounts were created because of his migration.

welcome to steemit Serena

thank you

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