Introducing the First Steem-Powered US Senate Campaign

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Hello Steemit Community!

My name is Eric Brakey. I am a two-term Maine State Senator, a Ron Paul Republican and I am currently running in the 2018 election to the U.S. Senate on a "Liberty For The Little Guy" platform with the endorsements of former Congressman Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul.

I believe we have surrendered too many of our liberties and too much power into the hands of big government and big corporate special interests in Washington D.C. Now, it is time to stand up and fight to take back our liberties for all us little guys.

That's why I am a big supporter of cryptocurrency and am excited about its future potential. It is a direct challenge to the international financial establishment that has concentrated power in the hands of an elite few. I believe cryptocurrency represents a real chance to return the power of money back to the people and I will do all I can to stand up for crypto liberty in Washington D.C.

If you're still reading, let me tell you a little bit about myself and how I ended up where I am doing what I'm doing.

First, my introduction to the cryptocurrency community comes from my experience in the Ron Paul Liberty Movement. In 2012, I served as the Maine State Director for the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign. We challenged the establishment and won! At the Maine Republican Convention, I was proud to organize the Ron Paul R[3VOL]UTION as we elected a full slate of Ron Paul Republicans to positions of leadership at the state and federal level.

Me with my personal hero, Congressman Ron Paul, in 2011

Only a few years later, I ran for Maine State Senate against a forty-year incumbent Democrat politician who had never lost a race. Despite the odds, I worked incredibly hard, knocked on thousands of doors and won in an 18 point landslide. At the age of 26, I was the youngest state senator in the nation.

During my first two years in office, I championed many liberty issues, including the successful passage of Constitutional Carry, Welfare Reform, Right to Try and expanding freedom in Maine's Medical Marijuana Program.

When I ran for re-election in 2016, I won by an even bigger margin with over 60% of the vote. This was the first time a Republican had won this blue district with such a large margin since the year I was born, 1988. It just demonstrates that the message of liberty is popular indeed!

Governor Paul LePage signs my Constitutional Carry legislation into law.

This past year, I also submitted legislation to study the use of blockchain technology to increase transparency and security in state elections. It was the first legislation of its kind ever submitted in the country.

Now that I am running for U.S. Senate, our campaign is not only one of the first federal campaigns in the nation to accept Bitcoin donations, but we are the very first federal campaign to accept multiple forms of cryptocurrency via Shapeshift.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 3.11.09 PM.png
Marching with supporters in the Fryeburg Fair Parade

Thank you for reading. I am excited to share campaign updates via steem. All upvotes and resteems are greatly appreciated!

In order to leverage this platform to its full potential, post rewards will be taken at 100% Steem power, which we plan to power down fifteen weeks before Election Day.


Man this is awesome. I'm following you and it would be awesome if you were a regular contributor of steemit and continue to be one after you're elected. Considering a presidential bid in the next 4 years give or take a few years? You'd have my vote!

Thank you for the welcome! I plan to post a regularly as possible with updates on the campaign. And who knows what the future might hold?

I should have never sold my ronPaul coins. Lol
Godspeed senator

Wow..that's a good job, you are welcome.

Steemit is not such a great place when you dig deeper. They censor people with views they don't like. No free speech here. Will probably start doing it to you soon. If not it is due to your position in government.

Why here on Steemit is abuse about spam and is not give block when is real Spam?

Maybe to promo an coin is spam but to promote a person is not.Read carefull.

let's follow each other and make a great community

Welcome to Steemit senator Brakey! It's great to have someone with progressive ideals and interest in blockchain technology helping to lead the country!

Its great to have a warm welcome from Tyrion Lannister!

In all seriousness though, thank you for the welcome. I believe blockchain technology can help us build a better world and I hope to help in any way I can.

With all do respect masterofcoin you used the term "progressive" which in it's true context was/is about Increasing gov't power grab and Nothing to do with advancement in technology (or advancement in anything really other than control). Links below discuss "progressive" origin and it's insidiousness and what the "movement" stands for. There are "progressives" in both dems and reps this is one of the reasons Dr. Paul never got elected president.

Full disclosure: I am a #45 supporter as he is the only NON politician to reside in the Oval, I believe since Pres. Geo. Washington.

I'm a fan of Ron Paul's ideologies, so welcome. Hope to see you also support people within the community as well, it's a two way street. But you sound like someone who seems to understand that. Good luck to your endeavors Sen. Brakery. Our country is in need of a great sitdown to talk about American's shakey history and I feel everyone wants to Kumbiyah and get along without addressing the past. It cannot happen. I hope to see more progressive politicians brave enough to understand that we need these types of talk to heal...Only then can we come together.

Thank you for your welcome. Looking forward to engaging with the entire community.

Wow this is great

Eric, I really enjoyed reading this. I've run for public office in Canadastan calling out various forms of corruption, police statism, liberty based things, the waste of tax dollars and theft of civil liberties.

I am not a fan of politicians anymore, the media, etc etc as you can imagine, but I really enjoyed reading this and learning about you !!!

Thanks for putting your efforts into advancing liberty.


Wooooow! I am really excited. Steemit is surprising me every day more.
This is history you are the first one who is doing it that way.

I am glad to see you here. I wish you all the best for your campaign.
It would be exciting to read more of you and your life as a politician​.
Previous Balken.png

I hope you will contribute regularly​ here if the times allow​. I know it from myself.

Be welcome here and all the best my friend :)

Welcome to Steemit, Senator! Here, have an upvote!

Thank you! I will upvote your comment on your upvote.

Welcome to the Steem community! I was an early adopter of the platform and am extremely happy to see a politician who I believe in here on the site and accepting steem donations. You've got my vote (for Senate and here on Steemit!) --Aaron

Aaron, thank you for your support and encouragement!

Thank you Senator for championing liberty for all of us little guys and for using crypto to challenge the washington machine. You have all of my votes! Keep up the good work.

"Crypto to challenge the Washington machine" --- I like that!

Crypto to challenge the real government (banks)? Hello fellow voluntaryist! It's a pleasure to meet you.

Man its really awesome to see a lot of younger people go for politics as a lot of older people dont realize things like the internet a tool used by almost every American household and now with the rising of crypto to be a huge part of our lives. I dont see half of these people like Mcain to ever discuss crypto lol. Though I am glad you have joined steemit and I will definitely be following

Thank you Jery!

A modern platform on a modern platform. I like it!

Ron Paul, GOOD. Senators who like Blockchain technology, GOOD. Everything I just read in this post, GOOD. I just shared this with the Libertarian caucus group I'm a part of. Good luck sir!

Thank you for sharing! Always happy to connect with fellow libertarians.

Awesome and congratulations! Great picture with Ron Paul, too! Keep doing great things :)

I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today if Ron Paul hadn't lit a fire under me years ago. Thank you for all your encouragement!

Although I'm not a resident of Maine, I'll certainly be rooting for you!

Awesome story senatorbrakey!!! This is something a lot of politicians will need to learn. The use of the blockchain on a political level will put an end to a bunch of mismanagement of public funds and corruption. @cleverbot this is something we all can look forward to in the coming future of cryptocurrency.

Nobody said that the programming behind a human brain was perfect. But it is in these errors that makes us special.

Thats awesome man great story and glad i stumbled upon your post. Welcome to steem I know you'll be a great part of this community!

Hello Mr. Brakey - I am not a resident of your state, or a member of the republican party (or any party specifically-hope you wont hold that against me), but I would still like to ask you a few questions regarding your positions on a few of the more pressing issues you will encounter in Washington. As a Senator your votes will impact every American - even me all the way down in South Florida, and I don't think I will be alone in wanting to know where you stand. Since seeing your Steemit post I have been looking at your congressional voting record, your main benefactors - funding sources, and I have even watched, and read transcripts of a few of your speeches. I like to be at least somewhat informed, and the best way to see how a politician really thinks - is to look at how they voted in the past, and who is giving them their money.

Because you haven't been in Washington too long (which is probably a good thing), I was only able to find nine (9) votes you have made thus far. In looking at your voting record, the first bill that stands out was also your first sponsored bill "LD652 Concealed Carry Without a Permit", not only does it show your connection to the Paul(s), it gives (me) indication that you will lean more toward the constitution than the "R" after your name. There are a couple more bills on your record that give me hope (I would like to say confidence - maybe after your reply) that you will always do whats in the best interest of the people, not the party - "LD180 Terminal Patients Access to Experimental Treatments" being the perfect example. There are also a couple votes that give me cause for concern "LD319 Medicare for Reproductive Care", but i'm not naive enough to think we're going to agree across the board - so far so good...

What really amazes me is how you were able to get yourself elected with only $41,000 in donations - if that is actually the case, well done. Granted I don't have access to your personal contributions, PAC, and Super PAC contribution data - however considering you are asking us to help you get elected to another term, I would like for you to share that information with Steemit and the voters of your state.

The next few things I would like to have your position on, are generally related to national issues and Donald Trump. I would like to know your opinion of the job (or lack there of) he is doing, your position on the recent provocation of North Korea, your position on the Russia election issue - and weather you believe it to be "fake news" or not, I would like to know how you stand on the ACA, how you will vote on reproductive rights issues in the future - abortion, alternative energy, and last but not least, if and when it comes before the senate, will you support removing the president from office - and please provide "actual" reasons supporting your positions - not party line BS or talking points.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you...

Hi DrDave,

I haven't made it to the swamp of Washington DC yet. I currently serve in the Maine State Senate, so I spend most of my time at the state capitol in Augusta, ME, but I am running for the US Senate in November 2018.

To answer a few of your questions, people ask me all the time whether or not I support Donald Trump. To that I reply, I support the Constitution of the United States of America and the principles of human liberty enshrined within it. I cannot and will not pledge my allegiance to any person because you cannot be a servant of two masters. When President Trump's actions and proposals align with our Constitution and the principles of liberty, I will support him. When his actions and proposals do not, I will stand against him. For me, the person or the party that proposes an idea matters very little. What matters are the ideas themselves and the principles behind them.

On North Korea, I think we need to tread very carefully. We have experienced enough war these last two decades and the last thing we should want is to engage in another war halfway across the world. We should always exercise diplomacy first.

On Russia, I think its pretty clear that Russia did favor Trump over Clinton. They may have even directly engaged with platforms like Facebook in an attempt to sway American public opinion. And to that, I say, "So what?" I certainly don't like other nations involving themselves in our elections, and also, its hardly cause for World War III. Our own government regularly interferes in the elections of other nations across the world in ways far more troubling, in some cases completely overturning election results and deposing elected leaders. We should never mistake the leaders of Russia for "good guys" --- they are politicians, which generally means they are the most rotten examples humanity has to offer --- and at the same time, I can understand why they would try to sway American public opinion towards Trump. Hillary Clinton was threatening to establish a no fly zone over Syria and shoot Russian planes out of the sky. She was actively calling for American war against their nation. If all they did is post to Facebook, I can hardly blame them. American foreign policy has demonstrated that, when a candidate for office is calling for war against us, we interfere in ways far worse. Of course, Trump has not delivered on his campaign promise of staying out of Syria and ending the failed policy of nation building that we've pursued over the last two administrations, so maybe Russia made a mistake. Whoever is President, the warmongering continues.

Obamacare --- I oppose it, want to repeal it, and believe free markets, increased competition and consumer choice is how we will make healthcare affordable again.

Alternative Energy --- I believe the market should decide energy policy and that means cutting corporate welfare subsidies to all forms of energy (including big oil). Personally, I believe nuclear energy is the most promising technology available to save our environment, establish energy independence and generate affordable energy for Americans. There are many ways to pursue nuclear energy that are safer, cleaner and cheaper than what has been pursued in the past. There is a lot of promise held in research into thorium as an alternative nuclear energy source (instead of uranium) and liquid fluoride reactors as a safer alternative to traditional light water reactors.

I am pro-life. And my pro-life principles extend far beyond the issues of abortion. I believe human life is sacred and that is why I oppose the death penalty and oppose the senseless wars we have been waging without end in the Middle East for seventeen years. The Republican Party likes to call itself the "Pro-Life Party," but it makes a mockery of those ideals every time it proves itself the "Pro-War Party." We cannot call ourselves pro-life while we casually throw the lives of our men and women in uniform into conflicts with no clear mission and dismiss the deaths of millions in other nations as "collateral damage."

I hope that answers most of your questions. Thank you for taking the tie to engage.

For Liberty!
Sen. Eric Brakey

Wow. Senator . Your like Ron Paul dope!!!

Senator Brakey,

Thank you for the replying to my questions so fast. I didn't think it would be cool to take over your entire post with my followup questions (ended up being pretty long) so I have placed the whole interaction in a separate post (including new questions/ comments). I appreciate your engagement and am looking forward to your response to my reply to my posts reply questions... Whew breathe... :)

In all seriousness, I would like you and anyone else interested to check it out and continue the discussion. Our lives really do depend on the future Senators and Representatives we send to Washington... That means YOU... ;)


Thanks for sharing your platform with us.

Doesn't your pro-nuclear energy policy contradict your overall position as an advocate against BIG GOVERNMENT?

NOBODY wants a nuclear waste facility in their vicinity, yet we have a system in the U.S. of stockpiling radioactive waste at nuclear power plants all over the country. This incredibly dangerous government policy can not be made safe against unpredictable natural disaster.

Most nuclear reactors are built next to the sea for cooling. The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster vividly illustrates what can go wrong when a reactor is hit with a tsunami or earthquake. Surrounding areas are rendered unsafe for humans for thousands of years. The cost to clean up Fukushima is $187 billion and growing.

You've said, "the market should decide energy policy and that means cutting corporate welfare subsidies to all forms of energy." You mentioned BIG OIL. Does your policy also apply to nuclear? Will you be seeking to eliminate the government-subsidized insurance nuclear power plants receive?

No insurance company will insure a U.S. nuclear power plant because it's too risky. BIG GOVERNMENT has made taxpayers the unwilling insurers of the nuclear industry. If this hidden insurance cost was priced into nuclear power, the cost rise would put the nuclear power industry out of business overnight.

As an advocate against BIG GOVERNMENT, how do you justify your support of BIG GOVERNMENT forcing hazardous radioactive nuclear waste storage upon unwilling local residents while propping up the nuclear power industry with free insurance that can cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars?

One more thing, Fortune reports that In the UK, Wind is Already Cheaper than Nuclear.

That's why I am a big proponent of Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) technology: safer, cleaner & cheaper than the traditional Light Water Uranium Reactors we commonly think of when we think nuclear. You wouldn't need government subsidies. You just need government to get out of the way to let private research and investment do it.

Learn more here:

Thank you for joining us here on Steemit. As an irish national i cant vote in your elections but have a big interest in US politics as unfortunately it effects all of us. I like your honest answers to the above. But i wonder what is your stance on Citizens united and on the major problem, (as i see it) of cooperate money in politics?

Thanks for the follow-up. Will you directly answer these two nuclear power policy questions?

  1. Do you oppose the U.S. government continuing to provide free insurance to the nuclear power industry?

  2. Taking into consideration that all U.S. nuclear power plants are also long-term storage nuclear waste dumps, do you oppose constructing nuclear reactors in communities that object to hosting a nuclear waste dump?

LFTR nuclear power, the power plant technology you favor, doesn't actually exist yet. To take LFTR from prototype to commercial reactor will cost billions of dollars in R&D, see Business Insider,

In the wake of the nuclear power financial disasters of the Westinghouse bankruptcy and the Fukusima meltdown, private investors have no appetite for nuclear power. Development of LFTR technology is subsidized by the U.S. government under a plan that will build power plants in a communist country (China) where anti-nuclear protesters can't stop construction. See Fortune

Is this the way forward you support?

By the way, the site you referred us to,, belongs to Kirk Sorensen, the president of Flibe Energy in Alabama. LFTR development depends upon this one U.S. company (of unknown assets according to Crunchbase) and the U.S. DOE. When, if ever, this technology will be ready is unknowable. May not be prudent to pin national policy on the hope it succeeds.

@drdave..will you marry me?

We should at least have dinner first... :) I'm always on the lookout for a future X Ms. drdave... ;)

Welcome :-) nice to see people like you over there !! Thank you for being around. Following your blog now

Thanks for your encouragement!

Welcome to, Senator.

I'm a Brit and know little of the ways of your political system, but we do have something in common, I think.

In 2009 I ran for Local Government County elections, (one step 'down' from Parliament) and knocked out the 28 year incumbent Councillor by doing exactly as you did, knocking on doors, asking questions and listening to the answers.

In my campaign, I promised one thing: To do my best.

I'm very interested in your policies regarding Crypto and other... things ;) I think you may have the right attitude.

Good Luck, I hope you're working for the people that elected you, because if you succeed in that, I see you being incumbent for terms to come should you so wish it.

I saw "Ron Paul" and "Rand Paul", and decided that you are likely a great guy.

Congrats for pushing the conventional methods of raising awareness by coming to steemit!

Hope you get elected. :)

I am Canadian so I don't have any particular dogs in your fire. Also consider that our Right is probably left of your Left. My advice to you though is to probably discard most of the things that you learned in Microeconomics 101.

Supply and Demand curves when they are used in political arguments tend to be base on an overly simplistic understanding of what is going on. I am a big advocate of Universal Basic Income (UBI). When I discuss UBI with people they have many arguments against it but really don't understand how money works.

Look at STEEM. As of writing this the price is roughly $1.00. Why??? It isn't based on a physical asset but generated on participation. It has its value based on the belief the community has for the coin.

World wide revealed military spending works out to approximate $1 per person per day in the world. This means that every man, woman and child have a choice. Bullets or 1 pizza per month. While I recognize the importance of bullets, I think most people would prefer a pizza. UBI repeatedly has byproducts aside from putting food on the table and roofs over head. In any of the pilot projects it has been found that people were healthier, better educated and more productive. Next time you go to a subway shop ... ask the staff what would they do if they received $1000 per month as a Universal Basic Income. The last time I did that, the majority of people talked about getting out of debt (especially student debt). Even in Canada which subsidizes education (in 2007, our universities the second-most publicly-funded in the 31-member OECD. ) students still need to buy food and rent apartments.

What do poor people do with $1000 per month? They buy essentials: food, shelter and pay off debt. It does free them to expand their horizons. Being able to get better education and to be healthier allows them to become more entrepreneurial. Small business owners do not have safety nets. In Canada if their business fails, they do not have unemployment insurance. Imagine what you would do if you woke up tomorrow with zero income. You still need to provide for you family. UBI means that small business owners are supported.

What do middle class people do with $1000 per month? Some will buy a bigger tv, go on trips but many will divert the money into investment. An additional $1000 per month means a new sign on the store, a new delivery truck, new computers etc.

What do rich people do with $1000 per month? Nothing. To rich people $1000 per month is insignificant in their financial planning.

Where does the money come from to pay for it? Where does STEEM come from? My suggestion though is that each community would have their own coin. Consider Caribou Maine which has a population less than 10,000. Having a coin which is unique to that community would mean that it would have an increased velocity of money. Since the coin is meaningless outside of the community, it would circulate better in that community. Big box stores would need to purchase local coins in an exchange to pay their employees. Employees would increase their support of local businesses (because they would need to exchange the local coin for other local coins in other areas).

Paper money used to be letters of credit against deposits of gold held by people with vaults. That is no longer the case in the real world but cryptocurrencies rewrite the roles that organizations have with money. One hour of a person who walks a dog has a particular value in Caribou compared to New York City. However having a common currency (USD) under values the efforts of the dog walker in Caribou. Having community based currencies designed around a cryptocurrency like STEEM - proof of participation - (maybe proof of life) would make UBI easier for deployment.

Hi @dwarrilow2002 I recently came across this post by @kevinwong- it's an extension of exactly what you are talking about here. Check it out and I wouldnt mind picking through some thoughts with you... Thanks & look forward to a discussion...

Hi @drdave
This morning I watched a video featuring Jordan Peterson

which touched upon how people with a Lower IQ are increasingly incapable of working in a high tech society. As it is many jobs today are not particularly meaningful (folding letters to fit into envelopes!!!). As technology advances, more and more jobs will be lost ... creeping up the IQ ladder ... Conceivably it could reach a stage where only people with the top 16 percent will be able to find work. There is also a job bias against older workers. Alternatively the new technology will reduce the need for higher skilled workers. Within a few years distributed manufacturing will allow cars to be printed and assembled like lego.

UBI acts as a cushion for any class or IQ level.

Judging from what we see in american politics - there will always be jobs for even the lowest IQ person... All they have to do is spout off some pre recorded nonsense they know will gain a following - next thing you know, president of the US... I digress... UBI directly joined with a specific crypto has more merit the more I think about it - i'm gona put my 60 IQ into it for a while and get back to you... Steem on brother... ;)

Hello and welcome to Steemit! I just gave you a sweet upvote! Make sure to spread the love and post daily. If you want to give me a follow, here I am --> @reseller

Thank you for the upvote!

Since you have indicated from the outset that you are going to be powering down 15 weeks before election day, please answer the following:
a. You have inferred that you will use the proceeds of your account for your election campaign. Is that true?
b. If true, have you checked campaign laws concerning accepting contributions from foreign nationals?
c. If you have checked campaign laws, and you are not able to accept contributions from illegal sources, will you return all funds deemed so?
d. If the answer to (a) above is false, let us know now. In the interest of full disclosure, will you state your intention for the funds?
e. Do you consider steem and steem back dollars to be currency, taxable by the government?

I hope the people of steemit land will put any and all questions to you concerning your plans should you be elected. Please respond soonest.

My plan is to donate all funds I personally earn through Seeemit to support my campaign for US Senate.

Since this is a page I personally own and operate, the funds I earn through it belong to me and I may legally choose to do with those funds as I choose. As the candidate, I am able to personally donate any amount of my own money to support my campaign. I am personally choosing to donate the funds I earn here to my US Senate campaign.

Your tone is a little frosty there Eric. You should be used to getting questions about campaign contributions by now, shouldn't you?

Follow up on that response, if I may. If you don't know the names of your contributors, how will you know if they are from the US or elsewhere? You could theoretically get many thousands of steem, some from unknown sources, could you not?

Surprise me Eric. I would like a real answer this time.
Oh, and upvotes can be given to anyone, including people asking real questions. Not just platitudes.
I await your response.

Here is a proposed response you could use:

"Thank you for your question. I do not have the immediate answer. I will consult with my legal staff and give you a more substantial answer in the near future."

I apologize if you misunderstand my tone. I am simply using deliberate language to explain the process. When dealing with FEC regualtions, I have to be very deliberate in how I lay things out.

When anyone is donating Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies directly to our campaign, they must go through our website and give us the same personal information any dollar donor would.

When I earn cryptocurrency through Steemit, that becomes something I personally own and I choose to donate it to my campaign.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I would think it odd that the powers that be would allow you to collect as much funds as possible through a personal website. Especially if they don't know who is giving it to you. That would be screaming for a possible slush fund opportunity if you were inclined, which I am sure you are not. Good luck.

Bravo sir... Bravo... :) I have an entire new set of questions for the good senator and have yet to get a response to them. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt but boiler plate responses just don't cut it with me... I want details corresponding to FACTS... Maybe in the next post... Maybe...

I admire your courage, @senatorbrakey. I hope you will reconsider your "pro-life"position as it applies to women. We deserve the right to decide what happens to our bodies, and no politician should be involved in that choice. Best of luck to you.

Welcome to Steemit @senatorbrakey. I have a Question for you. How do you plan to circumvent the 'Anonymous' Cryptocurrency campaign donations? Your Democratic opponents will most likely imply 'The Russians" funded you. Other than that Good luck to you, and Thank you for taking a Stand.

To donate cryptocurrency directly to our campaign, you must go through the donation platform on our website which first asks for the same personal information that any other dollar donor must provide.

That may be true. But some of the upvotes you get here will be coming from Steemit users from China, Korea Russia and other Kingdoms that even may be on Terror Lists. Have you overlooked that? Perhaps you should read the Steemit whitepaper or better yet have your Lawyer read it for you. This all sounds like good intentions, but personally I think, if you are elected you may be setting yourself up for Recall. Also what's to stop your opponent or any other person from creating a Steemit account and dropping 10 grand into it to increase their VP and simply downvoting your posts in oblivion? Hence you earn nothing here. I understand you're New here but you should perhaps do a bit of research into the community. And you do understand that this site allows Pornagraphy to be posted under the NSFW tag? That alone could do you in in a Debate. Dont take this as criticism, its not, in fact if you were running in my Home state of Georgia you would get my vote just for posting this article. But there are some things you need to research.

I asked the basically the same thing. There are multiple scenarios where I foresee possible issues arising. He basically blew me off. Oh well, I tried to warn him.

Welcome to steemit community senator, hope you will enjoy your stay and hope you will also reach hand to people here on steemit like what you are doing in the senate. Good luck and praying for your success.👍

wow sir ..welcome im following you now..its an honor for having you here at the community.i glad that you come to
become the voice here at the community.. to promote steem crypto currency at the senate..its a good news for us..thank you..

welcome and upvoted

Welcome to Steemit! I'm very jealous of your picture with Dr. Paul! :) Best of luck with your campaign.

Welcome @senatorbrakey its great to see someone of influence believing in crypto and block chain technology! Welcome aboard 👍

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Welcome to Steemet
follow me @lomidze

Have you thought about making the internet rounds to do interviews with the political commentators that have the eyes and ears of the 'non TV' crowds? E.G.
Steven Crowder, David Seaman, H.A. Goodman.

I have done interviews with a few individuals, but not those. Worth getting in touch.

Interviews I have done so far:

  • Ron Paul's "Liberty Report":
  • Tom Woods Show:
  • Steven Crowder is a centrist political comedian with a million followers, H.A. Goodman is a democrat/independent who fairly covers news worthy topics, and David Seaman is a crypto enthusiast with center/right leaning who also has a fairly large following. If you can put up with Alex Jones he would also plug you like he did with Omar Navaro, but he is Alex Jones lol.

    Nice! How exciting! Blockchain tech is taking over the world in such a positive way.

    Shared This on My Personal Blog Off-Site. Was just on Zillow Yesterday Looking At Homes On The Maine Shoreline. This Was Cool To See. Thanks For Sharing And Good Luck On Your Campaign

    Nice post :-) it's very nice to have you on board, I had a look through Facebook and a look at some of what you stand for which is brill! I'm sure you don't need me to verify :-) I seen a few posts back in digital currencys. It would be really nice to see a post about Steemit, I wish you all the best and well done in you achievements. You are an inspiration.

    Thank you for the kind words!

    Now this is something unexpected! Welcome to steemit Senator and best of luck! truly! UPVOTED AND REESTEM AND FALLOWING!

    My good friend and crypto expert, John, has been suggesting I join Steemit for a long time. I'm glad to finally be here.

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    Cool. Who doesn't like a few badges?

    I'm sure there are a few individuals that don't in the vast metropoliwink wink :D

    Welcome to Steemit Senator! 2 questions:

    1. What the hell is going on in Vegas?

    2. Is Bitcoin for you or not?

    1. A terrible tragedy and we are still learning all the facts.
    2. Bitcoin is for me. I personally own Bitcoin and am always looking to invest more of my personal savings.

    welcome to steemit enjyoo and have a nice day ahead.

    Thank you for the welcome!

    All the best with your endeavors and welcome to have definitely made the right choice with Steemit

    Thank you for the welcome!

    Hi Senator Brakey... Nice to meet you here... Welcome to Steemit..🌹..

    Thank you for your welcome!

    You are most welcome… 😊

    Hat's off to you, sir @senatorbrakey! This is exactly the type of acceptance by the public the main stream needs to see - and exactly the type of support the decentralized Steemit community needs to have from the mainstream.

    Synergy in the air! #LetsDoThis

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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    A big Welcome to Mr.Senator here in this wonderful platform. Glad to see you supporting cryptocurrency and the benefits of the blockchain. Enjoy and have fun. Steem On! :)

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    Welcome to the community brakey. Hope you reach your destination. All the best.

    Thank you for the welcome!

    How does your support of cryptocurrency square with Ron Paul's advocacy for a return to the gold standard?

    I personally believe in gold and silver as superior forms of currency to fiat money printed by a central bank. In many ways, cryptocurrencies are proving even superior to gold and silver.

    That said, while Ron Paul personally believes in gold, he has always advocated for legalizing competing currencies. In a truly free society, we would not have government setting one standard. Let gold, silver, dollars and Bitcoin all compete against each other in the market. The one that wins will be the one that best serves the needs of those using it.

    Hello @senatorbrakey I'm not american but I think this is a great plan for your senate campaign! And this will give Steemit a lot of visibility too, so it's good for everyone :) Good luck!

    Thanks for your encouragement!

    I am excited to hear of this. Go transparent or go home!

    Thanks for your encouragement!

    Welcome to the steemit is a very greatful community of the world...i hope your steemit journey will be more greatful day by day.

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    Interesting story.Thanks to your article, I'm pleased.Good luck.

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    Good luck

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    Maybe @senatorbrakey will be the first "blockchain senator" or the first "cryptosenator" in the US!

    I liked it! I can see you're new here so I'm gonna support you. One upvote for you and full steem ahead!
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    Hey welcome and good luck Senator! I see you're from ohio too! Woot woot! Dayton is my hometown.

    wow man i was thinking that this was a joke but no, it's real and it's awesome.
    I like a lot that idea, and your campain it's young and with a lot of future.
    Crypto is the future.
    Good luck, and welcome to steemit senator

    waow,nice one senator! I love your ideology and it interests me to see young men and women who have the right motives in politics .i will love to follow you so i can get more updated from you.

    Wow... Congrats in Advance... I will follow you and upvote all your post for support...

    That was quite an introduction Senator. Nice writing, nice photos, and good tagging as well. I'll vote for your, sir!

    Great job, if I was a US citizen, I would like to vote for you.

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    wow its nice you are here at the community senator..your will become on the asset on you will be the voice on this community on the government..have a great day

    you got my vote and follow hope you fight for crypto rights :)

    Great to have someone in such a high office in our government pushing to make blockchain technology known and big. Welcome @senatorbrakey! Wishing you the best!

    I would rather you be a libertarian, but I support anyone willing to get the ball in liberty's court. Welcome!

    I am a (small "l") libertarian. I believe there are many paths to advance the cause of liberty and I support anyone who spends their energy advancing the cause, whatever path they take.

    For me, the most effective path was to run for office as a Republican, following the model that Dr. Ron Paul and Sen. Rand Paul have built. As a Republican, I've been able to win election and serve two terms fighting for liberty in the Maine State Senate.

    Welcome to Steemit senator. You Americans are amazing!
    Greetings from Barcelona, Spain!

    Welcome Big Man..have fun

    Oh i like this. Steem all the way. And welcome to the steemit community.

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    Good luck Congressman! This story brings great hope for the liberty movement. Followed and upvoted. Looking forward to following your journey, learning more about your platform, and helping you spread the liberty movement!

    Wow! This is awesome! Welcome to Steemit senator! I hope my upvote help a little. :)