Introducing the First Steem-Powered US Senate Campaign

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Hello Steemit Community!

My name is Eric Brakey. I am a two-term Maine State Senator, a Ron Paul Republican and I am currently running in the 2018 election to the U.S. Senate on a "Liberty For The Little Guy" platform with the endorsements of former Congressman Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul.

I believe we have surrendered too many of our liberties and too much power into the hands of big government and big corporate special interests in Washington D.C. Now, it is time to stand up and fight to take back our liberties for all us little guys.

That's why I am a big supporter of cryptocurrency and am excited about its future potential. It is a direct challenge to the international financial establishment that has concentrated power in the hands of an elite few. I believe cryptocurrency represents a real chance to return the power of money back to the people and I will do all I can to stand up for crypto liberty in Washington D.C.

If you're still reading, let me tell you a little bit about myself and how I ended up where I am doing what I'm doing.

First, my introduction to the cryptocurrency community comes from my experience in the Ron Paul Liberty Movement. In 2012, I served as the Maine State Director for the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign. We challenged the establishment and won! At the Maine Republican Convention, I was proud to organize the Ron Paul R[3VOL]UTION as we elected a full slate of Ron Paul Republicans to positions of leadership at the state and federal level.

Me with my personal hero, Congressman Ron Paul, in 2011

Only a few years later, I ran for Maine State Senate against a forty-year incumbent Democrat politician who had never lost a race. Despite the odds, I worked incredibly hard, knocked on thousands of doors and won in an 18 point landslide. At the age of 26, I was the youngest state senator in the nation.

During my first two years in office, I championed many liberty issues, including the successful passage of Constitutional Carry, Welfare Reform, Right to Try and expanding freedom in Maine's Medical Marijuana Program.

When I ran for re-election in 2016, I won by an even bigger margin with over 60% of the vote. This was the first time a Republican had won this blue district with such a large margin since the year I was born, 1988. It just demonstrates that the message of liberty is popular indeed!

Governor Paul LePage signs my Constitutional Carry legislation into law.

This past year, I also submitted legislation to study the use of blockchain technology to increase transparency and security in state elections. It was the first legislation of its kind ever submitted in the country.

Now that I am running for U.S. Senate, our campaign is not only one of the first federal campaigns in the nation to accept Bitcoin donations, but we are the very first federal campaign to accept multiple forms of cryptocurrency via Shapeshift.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 3.11.09 PM.png
Marching with supporters in the Fryeburg Fair Parade

Thank you for reading. I am excited to share campaign updates via steem. All upvotes and resteems are greatly appreciated!

In order to leverage this platform to its full potential, post rewards will be taken at 100% Steem power, which we plan to power down fifteen weeks before Election Day.


Man this is awesome. I'm following you and it would be awesome if you were a regular contributor of steemit and continue to be one after you're elected. Considering a presidential bid in the next 4 years give or take a few years? You'd have my vote!

Thank you for the welcome! I plan to post a regularly as possible with updates on the campaign. And who knows what the future might hold?

I should have never sold my ronPaul coins. Lol
Godspeed senator

Wow..that's a good job, you are welcome.

Steemit is not such a great place when you dig deeper. They censor people with views they don't like. No free speech here. Will probably start doing it to you soon. If not it is due to your position in government.

Why here on Steemit is abuse about spam and is not give block when is real Spam?

Maybe to promo an coin is spam but to promote a person is not.Read carefull.

let's follow each other and make a great community

Welcome to Steemit senator Brakey! It's great to have someone with progressive ideals and interest in blockchain technology helping to lead the country!

Its great to have a warm welcome from Tyrion Lannister!

In all seriousness though, thank you for the welcome. I believe blockchain technology can help us build a better world and I hope to help in any way I can.

With all do respect masterofcoin you used the term "progressive" which in it's true context was/is about Increasing gov't power grab and Nothing to do with advancement in technology (or advancement in anything really other than control). Links below discuss "progressive" origin and it's insidiousness and what the "movement" stands for. There are "progressives" in both dems and reps this is one of the reasons Dr. Paul never got elected president.

Full disclosure: I am a #45 supporter as he is the only NON politician to reside in the Oval, I believe since Pres. Geo. Washington.

I'm a fan of Ron Paul's ideologies, so welcome. Hope to see you also support people within the community as well, it's a two way street. But you sound like someone who seems to understand that. Good luck to your endeavors Sen. Brakery. Our country is in need of a great sitdown to talk about American's shakey history and I feel everyone wants to Kumbiyah and get along without addressing the past. It cannot happen. I hope to see more progressive politicians brave enough to understand that we need these types of talk to heal...Only then can we come together.

Thank you for your welcome. Looking forward to engaging with the entire community.

Wow this is great

Eric, I really enjoyed reading this. I've run for public office in Canadastan calling out various forms of corruption, police statism, liberty based things, the waste of tax dollars and theft of civil liberties.

I am not a fan of politicians anymore, the media, etc etc as you can imagine, but I really enjoyed reading this and learning about you !!!

Thanks for putting your efforts into advancing liberty.


Wooooow! I am really excited. Steemit is surprising me every day more.
This is history you are the first one who is doing it that way.

I am glad to see you here. I wish you all the best for your campaign.
It would be exciting to read more of you and your life as a politician​.
Previous Balken.png

I hope you will contribute regularly​ here if the times allow​. I know it from myself.

Be welcome here and all the best my friend :)

Welcome to Steemit, Senator! Here, have an upvote!

Thank you! I will upvote your comment on your upvote.

Welcome to the Steem community! I was an early adopter of the platform and am extremely happy to see a politician who I believe in here on the site and accepting steem donations. You've got my vote (for Senate and here on Steemit!) --Aaron

Aaron, thank you for your support and encouragement!

Thank you Senator for championing liberty for all of us little guys and for using crypto to challenge the washington machine. You have all of my votes! Keep up the good work.

"Crypto to challenge the Washington machine" --- I like that!

Crypto to challenge the real government (banks)? Hello fellow voluntaryist! It's a pleasure to meet you.

Man its really awesome to see a lot of younger people go for politics as a lot of older people dont realize things like the internet a tool used by almost every American household and now with the rising of crypto to be a huge part of our lives. I dont see half of these people like Mcain to ever discuss crypto lol. Though I am glad you have joined steemit and I will definitely be following

Thank you Jery!

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