Let me introduce myself

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Hello Steemians,

I am Seema Abbasi from Karachi Pakistan.


I have done Masters In computer science and now working as a coordinator in a School.

As far as my hobbies are concerned, I like Movies, i love cooking, photography and most importantly shopping.

I like being social and after spending so many years on Face book and Twitter. I think Steemit seems to be gonna a great experience.

Hope you guys will help me to be the permanent part of the steemit family by following, upvoting and resteeming.

I hope it's going to be a great journey for me..


Thank You all. :)


Hey Seema, great to have you here. I find you heavenly beautiful and I pray that you stay so. Welcome to Steemit and all the very best for your future here.

Thanks for such a nice compliment..
and for the well wishes :)

Welcome to steemit. Keep steeming

thanks, yup i am gonna do that. :)

nice to see u here

Hey Seema ! Kaise Ho ? Welcome to Steemit. I am From India. Upvoted and Followed You :)

Thanks :)
i am good. :)

Welcome to steemit community, hope you can play a very good role here. Best of luck

Thanks Hafeez :)

Allah bless you. :)

Allah bless you too and May Allah success you. 😊

Dear @seemaabbasi, thanks for your beautiful post, in order to support you i showed your picture in my blog. Please feel free to check the link below and if you like my effort then kindly donot forgot to upvote and follow me too. ;). If you donot like your reference in my post then just comment under that post, i will remove it.

Thats so nice of you @sultanmr privileged. :)

Welcome to Steemit! Hope you'll have a great time here!

thanks :)
hope so.

You are lovely. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.

Thanks joey :)
you are lovely too.

@Seemaabbasi, yes, lovely, yes, how are you? And bots are flagging my comments because I might be Spam or I might be a reincarnated Disney adaptation and @AnotherHero is going after me even as we are friends and we agree in making the world a better place but he so jealous of me which means my Steemit may just blow up. But nice meeting you while I lasted. RIP Oatmeal.


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Have a nice day!

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