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I want to tell you about my dog. His name is Bucks, the pug breed. This is such an amazing creature that touches one of its kind.

We took him and my husband after the wedding. They saw the announcement and the sale, they came and did not believe their eyes. He was sitting in a box in the street, with a dirty bowl and completely unhappy sight. We of course bought it and were more likely taken to our house to wash and feed.
After swimming, the pug was transformed, its fur became smooth and shiny. And after he ate, his happiness was boundless. The Bucks immediately realized that he had found a real family and that nobody would offend him.
He is already 3 years old. And to this day he pleases us with his presence and funny cases ... About which I will tell in the next story ..

People, take care of animals !WcjtleWF3mE.jpgOlB2aCK12qc.jpgrZ-k9BOOp_I.jpg6wFqqZW-zMo.jpg


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The Border Collie, Poodle and Golden Retriever are considered the world's smartest dog breeds.

So party and welcome to steemit family.

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