Hello Friends, I am sarang Khokhar. In this article I want to share with you, My experince in blogging world and How I killed my blog for steemit. As you guys already know , Lots of people are joining the crypto game daily, And Bloggers specifically are attracted towards steemit. As Bloggers already have a lot of experience in content creation, And Steemit is the best rewarding system available to them right now.

Adsense V/S Steemit

I have joined steemit nearly 2 weeks ago. My introduction post didnt got much attention But I posted a post about Google Adsense, That Went viral. It helped me a lot. Before that I was posting Nearly everyday on my personal blog, I was getting 3-400 Hits Daily , And I had monetized it with Google Ads. I posted on Many different topics daily, I wanted exposure for my posts. I didnt blogged for money. I even spent a lot of money on Facebook ads to Make my blog reach the relevant audience, Just to get my words out to the right people. The day I Boosted Link on Facebook , I got 10,000 Hits in a Single day , At that time my adsense account was just aproved, And Ads appeared the next day. My 10,000 Hits gone waste, But the traffic helped me to get aproval of the adsense account. If you want to see my blog, Follow me and click on the blog link in my steemit profile @Sarangkhokhar .My Facebook Promotions ScreenshotFrom The screenshot , You can See I have spent a lot of money. All of my savings actually, Just to get aproval to adsense account and to make a audience to begin with. I got 10,000+ Pages views after these promotions.
After These promotions, I got my adsense ads live on blog, It was on 6 may 2017, Nearly 45 days, I an getting 300 Hits daily on my Blog. Can you guess How much I earned, I am sharing my adsense screenshot.

0.96$ , Not even a single Dollar, After So much Time spent in writing articles, Sharing them on facebook pages , profiles. It feels really Bad to  see it. Adsense even doesnt pay less than 100$.At this speed , Do you think, It can hit 100$. It discouraged me from posting. But ad my passion I still kept posting on my blog. But After that one day , My Facebook friend @nirmal Introduced me to steemit, He is great do check him out. Then I registered on steemit and and started posting.My Introduction post got 10$ , I was surprised. At first i thought Steemit is a scam or ponzi scheme. But after researching a little , I understood crypto world and mining new currency. Then i realized How Adsense or other Silicon giants are underpaying not just their labour, But online content creators too.

Then I Killed my blog : I stopped posting on it !!

After i started posting on steemit, I didnt find it any good to post on my blog. I have spent a lot of money on Buying hosting and domain, But all in vain. I stopped updating my blog. Is it the right decision ? I get nothing by posting their, But steemit rewards even tiniest of content.

My Blogging life changed after steemit

But after knowing about Steemit, And Watching my post read by so many people, And 120$. I was more than happy, From then No other post has gone viral, Still most of the posts are making 2$+, Thats way better than Adsense !! Steemit is truly a revolution in Content creation. As a Stable crypto currency, Steem Dollar is killing !!I am loving the whole community, I realy want a discussion going on in comments, Feel free to share your experience, If you are still reading, You must have liked my post, So please Upvote, And to let your followers know about it Please Resteem.Thanks for reading !! <

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Welcome to steemit @sarangkhokhar! Steem on :)

Hi, and glad to see you had some success on Steemit.

I also had a blog a while ago, and even tho I posted over 150 articles or something like that, I barely had any traffic, no matter how much attention I tried to get to my blog.

I started posting on Steemit around 2 or three weeks ago, and I made over $500. Well, those money were divided into SBD and Steem Power, but it's still way more awesome than what I was making with YouTube and a personal Blog combined.

Steemit is indeed a great way to make some money out of your content and actually live a decent life blogging, at least if one is capable of creating good and high quality content.

Keep posting and interacting with the community, you will get rewarded for your work in the future. Best of luck!

Hello and good luck in this platform: share ideas and your skills in pics.; lots of work if you want to make it. Here a link to one of my posts.

Find it interesting, click on the FOLLOW and we’ll keep “talking”.