The @Sandstorm is Now on Steemit! The Introduction...

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Hey Party People!

This is the @Sandstorm and I’m strictly here for the beer, the conversations, the censorship free zone, and of course for the “social” part of the social media.
Photo Credit: @Sandstorm

How I got Here! /
I heard about this place through the Panama power couple: @hilarski and @anahilarski of fame. Their tireless promotion of the Steemit platform & Crypto Currencies on other social media venues has led me here to create an account and give this place a shot and see what it’s made of. Whatever you do, be sure to follow them, as their tips on wrangling social media alone are golden nuggets and well worth paying attention to.

Photo Credit: @hilarski

Why Steemit & Why Now?

The world as we know it is changing right before our eyes, we can all plainly see, and by browsing through some of the posts and tags here on @Steemit, I notice the positive differences as compared to places like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. The likes of which are censoring, banning, ghosting and creating a hostile environment for anyone not echoing the prescribed narrative of the moment that is being shoved down our throats by the bad guys. Photo Credit: Pixabay

The Situation

Is Steemit perfect? Not likely, but it is fresh, and it is different, that’s something I’m sure we can all agree on. How different and how good is it? That is something that only time will tell. I am willing and eager to put some rubber to the road and test drive this platform and see what she is made of.

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My Interests & Passions

The interests that capture my attention more so than others, but not in any particular order of importance are: Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Health, Fitness, Spirituality, Truth, Science, Technology, Crypto Currencies and way too many more to list.

Photo Credits: @Sandstorm

Photo Credit: Pixabay
I’m looking forward to digging into this community and mining some real treasures. Please stop by the comments below and say “Hi”, because I don’t always bite or drink beer actually, but when I do it’s usually with a smile, so stay Steemy my friends, our futures depend on it! Hope to see you all around, and thanks for checking out my introduction post! The @Sandstorm is out!

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Good to have you on board and nice introduction, @sandstorm!
I fully agree on "different and fresh" when it comes to describe steemit. I´d furthermore like to add "powerful".
Looking forward to that beer and conversations :)
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Thanks a million @surfermarly! Ah yes, 'powerful' would be a good addition. Plenty of beer and conversations coming your way whenever possible :) Thank you again for the support and for stopping by.

You are more than welcome! :)

Me too !! Beer and Bacon im in !! LETS PARTY !🍺🐖🍺👍🍻🐷

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The Sandstorm is Now on Steemit! The Introduction...
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Great intro ! I also love beer with my bacon haha ! Its usually Molsons Canadian or Budweiser !! 🍺🍻🍺

Thank you so much @karenmckersie! I'm not too fussy with the beer or the bacon, I'm happy with whatever is available and on sale, maybe you can relate ;) Cool of you to stop by, thanks for the support.

Haha most definitly !! Bush beer is cheaper to buy but still tastes great and is usually what i end up with ! 👌

It's crisp and clean, a less filling type of beer :)

Your right !! I like it !👍🍺🍻🍺

I like your style too ! Haha , glad to follow you and glad you joined steemit and followed me ! 😆😅👌👍

Hi @demotruk. Thanks for the welcome. It is very much appreciated :)

Ho welcome, "Resteemed by surfermarly" so credits go there too :)

Great intro I'm sure you will have an easy time here, you have already nailed the basics, great post, and I'm sure you can easily find topics related to your interests :)

Have fun, good luck and I'm laving you with the previous great intro post that left me stunned :) go check out the blog it's "dead" but the articles there are good

Hi @j3dy! Thanks for dropping in and welcoming me aboard the Steem train. I'm interested in so many varying things as we all are, that just focusing on one, would be too boring, so it is my endeavor to go over them all LOL. That geckos blog looks interesting indeed, too bad it seems they've moved on from Steemit already.

You will definitely have fun then, there is a lot to dig through so to speak, but you are a sandstorm :D you'll do fine, keep in mind articles were getting thousands in payouts at a past time :D so we had some real gems, on the other end there are many 0.00 payouts that were awesome reads, it's a nice place even if there are too many bots in my view(i'd like to have people manually curating it's more fun engaging people than just counting votes and clicking buttons, seems like a monkey's job :D )

Nice way to speed a new account up, so they don't get to overwhelmed by events and see steemit's beauty still!

I agree on the engagement aspect. Right off the bat, I notice it is a generally friendly atmosphere and I like that. I've spent a lot of time on youtube comments and the trolling and negativity is overwhelming at times, so it's refreshing to have an engaging user base that actually interacts in a meaningful way.

Welcome to Steemit! Feel free to tag one of your posts a day with the wantwiserupvote tag so I can see it :) Details here.

Thanks a lot @wiser. I appreciate you sharing your upvote tag initiative with me, just read your post and it sounds really interesting.

Great to have you here with us! Looks like you know what you're doing already :)

Thanks @samstonehill! It's good to be here and I'm always learning or at least trying to :). It's really nice to find this place and be welcomed by the community in such a warm way. Have yourself a great day!

Heartedly Welcome @sandstorm! Looking forward to your posts! :)

Thanks a lot @holgermarkgraf! Your kind welcome here is very much appreciated :)

Welcome to Steemit @sandstorm! Great to have you here :-)

Thanks @voronoi, It's great to be here!

Welcome @sandstorm, have a great time at the Steem platform!

Thank you very much @oaldamster. I hope to get into the groove of things here on Steemit :)

Well, I came to welcome you number 100, but we are clearly already acquainted. I look forward to reading your material in the future. :)

I appreciate that @clayboyn, and thank you for dropping in. Seeing as the number 100 has infinite potential, I think my time spent here will be highly rewarding on so many levels. Have a great weekend brother!

Hey you did a good post here! I also followed you on Twitter! Glad to see you give it a go!

Thanks a lot @old-guy-photos. I utilized the advice from your post yesterday: How to Position Photos Using Markdown. It really helped me try and figure out how to format photos with text here in Steemit.

I noticed that! Very good job!!!

Thank you sir. And this is exactly why this platform is so dang cool to me so far. Guys such as yourself helping out a new guy like me, simply for the sake of helping, thanks again for the encouragement.

Thanks @daveks. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.

Thanks for LMK this was up.

Steem On man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by Barry! Have a great weekend dude. :)

Warmly welcome to Steemit officially! Good luck and all the best to you at Steemit!

Thank you very much @tangmo! I truly appreciate your official warm welcome to the platform :)

You're very much welcome! :)

I'm a little disappointed that you failed to mention any interest in Darude haha.. just pulling yer leg. Welcome to Steemit!

Michael Jackson - Earth Song (Official Video)

wanted to joke with the hooooooooo :D ~6:10
buuut the song is too serious
and I'm too big of a fan to screw with it

Oh and fuck vevo whatever that is

Thanks @kevinwong, I appreciate that! LOL, I was wondering when/if anyone would mention Darude! When I was putting this post together I was going to throw the Sandstorm video at the very end, well... just because, but I decided against it (not too sure why, because it's a killer tune), so here it is in all it's glory:

Great intro. Welcome to steemit

Thanks for checking it out @eroche, and for the kind welcome :)

Great introduction! Thank you for joining our steemit community.
Varoom, right out the gate tires smokin'. Most enjoyable. : )
I have way too many interests and passions also and is retarding my intro.
I am inspired by yours to pop the clutch on mine.
followed and resteemed.

Thank you @bilbop, I'm humbled that I could inspire someone, even a little bit! Regarding passions: I don't want to limit myself to one interest or 2, I'm an all inclusive type of guy, so I'll cover whatever interests me at the moment. Just do yourself an intro, there is no right or wrong way, Thanks for the welcome comment :)

You are most welcome @sandstorm. I am like you many and varied interests and all inclusive. The tardiness comes from filling the fire with many many irons and they are all getting red hot, yikes! ; ) I appreciate the inspiration my friend.

Cheers @bilbop! Jump in feet first and see where you land, get up, dust off and jump back in again. It doesn't always work, but it never fails :)

Wow, more inspiring talk, much gratitude from me for your encouragement. My real, fluid voice is the electric bass guitar. The computer keyboard is a bit more of a challenge : D

Just merge the 2 in some way and you'll truly excel :)

Thank you @paradise-found! and a rowdy howdy back at ya! :)

Hi! I'm a new Steemit user, too...great to see you here. Go get 'em!

Hello and welcome to you as well @davevandewalle :)

Hello and very welcome on steemit

Hi @mammasitta! Thanks for the welcome comment, I appreciate it :)

I nearly overlooked you but just followed for more loving that omelette 💫

Haha awesome, thanks. Following you too :) Have a wonderful day!

Hi! Nice to meet you, thanks for following me, followed back, and sure to get some interesting posts from you!

Hi @schamangerbert, nice to meet you too and thanks for following, I appreciate that :) I hope to come up with something interesting to share with everyone here. Have a great day!