No. 2: Blockchain and the Poet

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I am new to Steemit and I suppose that warrants an introduction. My name is Samuel Escher. I am a poet and songwriter from Edinburgh in Scotland. Very pleased to be part of this new community.

Now, with the formalities out of the way, I think I should explain where I’m coming from. I don’t want to sit here and profess to be this and that; we live in an age of transparency - so transparent I shall be.

I first noticed Steemit a few months ago when I started to dabble with cryptocurrency. First, a little Monero and Bitcoin. Then, as time went on I became more discerning and started to read more about the projects and the mechanisms behind the currencies; the blockchain. And my world changed.

I am a creative. An independent poet and songwriter. I do not have a record label backing me. I do not have a publisher or even a manager. It is simply myself, my ideas and my drive to be successful. The creativity is the easier part of my challenge, I write poetry every day without fail and I am currently finishing off my debut album with several more in reserve. For me, being creativity is natural. Learning how to build a website, publish my own music and navigate the plethora of resources available has truly been the uphill struggle. One that I have embraced because I know where I want to be, but a struggle none the less.

Without labouring a point, Steemit came onto my radar around the same time I was looking at publishing and the blockchain. How can one can truly retain ownership of an art form without compromise to some third-party shark. In doing so, I discovered the project, Tron and Steemit, not to mention a dozen others.

The fact of the matter is, the world is changing. Rapidly. I am thirty-three years old and grew up with music on cassettes, vinyl was something my parents had and a Minidisc was the brave new world. Since then, the Minidisc have been and gone, the CD has expired (although the landfills wouldn’t know that) and we are now in the age of streaming. Streaming was the historic change. The death of the music industry as we know it. And I am sure, not so far in the future, the publishing industry will follow suit.

The world of blockchain is growing and one day, I truly believe it will revolutionise how creativity functions in the world. The publishing and streaming of music will belong the artists that create it. They will create, we will consume and they can function in that capacity, without giving their rights away to whomever is willing to buy them. With the right nurturing, I think we can take it there. As a community.

That is why I have joined Streemit.

Thanks for having me.



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Thanks @reseller - much appreciated! I will have a look at what you guys do!

Hi @samuelescher

Really glad to see you join on Steemit platform with your amazing talent as a poet and song writer. Hopefully you'll enjoy on this platform and always spreading your talent to all steemian around the world.

Regards from Indonesia 😊

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Thanks!! Very excited to be here and to share my art with you! Hopefully you will enjoy it! Regards from Scotland! :)

Welcome! Very curious about what your skills will bring to the Steemit table. Cheers from the Netherlands!


Hello! I am also. Let's find out! S.

Welcome to steemit @samuelescher.

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Welcome Samuel! And all the best for your journey as a fellow steemian.

Hi Samuel, welcome to Steemit! I hope you're enjoying being here so far.

You seem to be very creative and passionate about what you do, despite the struggles you came across. I admire that.

I would also recommend you to check out @d-pend, he is very much into poetry and music, like yourself. :)

Greetings from Serbia! :D


Thankyou Nikolina - and thanks for the link!

With a smile on life.)😊 Success in creative work )

Welcome to Steem @samuelescher.

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Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchain works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!


Thanks for the information. Will do!


Welcome Samuel.
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Thankyou - I will be sure to look at it.


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Welcome to Steem, @samuelescher!

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Greetings and welcome to the Community @samuelescher!

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Yeah definitely - would appreciate that! I will have a look at the project!! Thanks for welcome!


I am also a huge believer in blockchain. Please check out my work here where I discuss blockchain projects. And please everybody interested follow me.

Welcome to Steemit. I'm seeing lots of cool creative people joining up. It has great potential as a place to earn from your work. Don't worry about the lower Steem price. It should recover as the platform grows and that will happen as we spread the word. There's an update coming this month that should make it easier to sign up. Have fun

Welcome to the community @samuelescher! Here in the platform you can do a lot of things to grow your authorship. Follow your favorite authors to help you learn new things and become a great author as well.

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Do you find it hard to keep up with the game? Try adding value to your content and let others authors see value in it too. Don't be afraid to express your thoughts and make good contents.

Everyone had their own starting point, yours is just beginning.

See you around!