Sam Seder's The Majority Report is Now on Steemit!

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Hi, Steemians!

My name is Sam Seder, I'm an MSNBC contributor, actor on Bob's Burgers, and I'm excited to share with you my 5-time award-winning daily longform politics show The Majority Report here on Steemit.

You may have read about recent attempts to get me fired from MSNBC and have advertisers drop my show. That's one of the reasons I'm so excited about Steemit.

If anyone has learned the value and importance of community-based, audience-backed support, it's me.

Alongside my colleague, @DavidPakman, who showed me the innovative blockchain point system being utilized by Steemit, I think we can help grow and foster an accessible and engaged political conversation here.

The Majority Report is a live progressive politics show where we balance the underreported and the irreverent with daily interviews featuring the brightest political & policy experts alongside the funniest comedians.

Hearing from my audience and debating listeners from all across the political spectrum is a big part--and maybe my favorite part--of The Majority Report.

I'll be posting clips daily to our Steemit profile, which will feature headlines, news items, interviews, and the day's best callers.

The Majority Report broadcasts live @12 PM ET Monday to Friday at, YouTube, and TuneIn. I hope you like the show and hope to hear from you on the calls, until then, gotta jump.

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Good to have both you and Sam here on Steemit. Please use your powerful voices to help expose the US governments support for terrorist groups in Syria, including the White Helmets psy op that is being carried out to mislead the American people to support that immoral war based on lies. Stopping these wars for Empire is the quickest and best way to expose the corrupt two party system and help shut down the out of control military industrial complex, thus helping to put that wrongly allocated taxpayer money into crucial programs that will help regular US families attain back their wealth and well being. My research on the White Helmets terrorist ruse is extensive and includes research utilizing their own Facebook accounts. I hope you both will look into it and share it with your huge audiences so that we can help wake people up on all sides of the political aisle and move America and the world into a better place where war is a thing of the past. Working together I truly believe it is possible.

“All McCain’s Men” in the FSA Terrorist Factions in Syria – A Lesson in How Not To Conduct Covert Foreign Operations And Provide Support For Terrorists

Tapestry of Terror (Highly Graphic) - White Helmets Exposed As FSA Terrorists Linked With ISIS


Well done.Good show...expose them all


I think you are talking to the wrong person! lol

I listened to the first 2 minutes......


I understand where they are at on these issues, but still it must be pointed out time and time again so that people embrace the truth of these matters and quit deceiving themselves and others.


Freedom is the most underrated thing in our country. Embrace it while you still can!


thanks very much, I appreciate it!


david cuckman you're pathetic lol


And what have you accomplished? Purp


I'm a board certified physician, I don't have to beg for money online... if you look up to this charlatan your prospects are terrible


This is the first time I have ever even heard of the guy. My statement was not in regards to your occupation.. It was in regards to your post.


Durp, you're jealous.


Thanks @davidpakman and @samseder for joining steemit and about helping to the profile of Steemit


The Pajama Clan is going to run this shit.


@samseder and @davidpakman thank you for bringing more media platform in our community. We need more guys/gals like you in the media to bring STEEM blockchain exposure outside of steemit. We want everyone in the world to know. To let them know Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrencies out there.

STEEM is fast and no fees transaction.

Cheers for prosperity.


Welcome aboard @samseder and @davidpakman, thanks for joining us and helping to raise the profile of Steemit! I hope you find your experience, here, rewarding. Cheers, an Egyptian-American poet also fairly new to Steemit, and seeking to make a difference.


Nice work David! You should talk to Kyle Kulinski try to get him to join too :)


Yah... Kyle is cool.


Yah... Kyle is cool. And ditto for Jimmy Dore. But remember that Kyle, Jimmy , David, and Sam do not always agree with one another. Come to think of it, we should organize a debate and let them settle differences here on Steemit!


nbwa mwe mukala sente (nice video bro)


cool article more such articles


Last minutes for every one who would want to participate in what has been labelled as Bitcoin on Steroids.


And what is that labelled bitcoin on steroids


If you don't know what it is, watch the video presentation and read the White Paper HERE and decide for yourself.




Pakman to the rescue :) great invite here sir -


Thanks David. We're pretty psyched to be here-- we're still getting our feet wet!


What other good lefties are on here?

Welcome to Steem. I host a radio show that David is going to be on this Sunday. Hopefully you and I can connect and do an interview as well.


@samseder , I listened to the last panel that @aggroed prepared with several of the most influential people on the platform the other day, and it was an amazing meeting speaking about the progresses, vision, and several needs for the community. I definitely recommend you to watch this panel video initiated, held and organized by @aggroed .

Thanks @aggroed for all your time invested to make steemit a better place.

Regards, @gold84


Good news @aggroed and @davidpakman, look forward to hearing the show, should be very interesting

Welcome to steemit, found you via @davidpakmans post. Hope you will love it here :-)


Even you Paula :-/


yup, sure I have been working on a post with david....hop over to my profile and take a look, it just went up

Hi @samseder welcome to steemit!
I wasn't 100% sure who you were so I stopped by your youtube channel and ran in to a few of you're video's talking about Mike Cernovich and Alex Jones, and omg I haven't laughed that hard in so long.. I literately can't breath right now lol. You're amazing!

Great to have you here Sam!
Just like @Davidpakman , I've watched your shows every now and then for years before coming onto steemit.

I really believe and hope that STEEM can provide many unique benefits for you especially when new streaming, video sharing and community features are built on the Blockchain!

Welcome! Hope I can support you with a few extra dollars a week :)


Thanks for the warm welcome! The Majority Report team and I are excited to get to know you steemers and contribute to this burgeoning community's Blockchain.



You are very much welcome to steemit. The beauty of decentralization is that no one can sack
I'll be looking forward to your posts. Pretty sure its gonna be engaging. Cheers

I've watched some of your "debates" with libertarians. I think you use a lot of logical fallacies and your whole crew acts very disrespectfully towards guests.

I am confident I would eviscerate you if you ever wanted to discuss libertarianism.



Welcome to the wonderful world of Steemit!

Nice job guys!!!! This is going to boom!

So damn awesome to have you on the network, welcome and enjoy your stay!

Looks like you are receiving a very encouraging and loud welcome to the blockchain here! Let me throw my Welcome up there as well! It is very exciting to us who care about this Platform to see it adopted by people who have an existing audience! WE know what we have here, we're just waiting for the world to climb on board!

So glad you are here aboard this crazy train! Welcome! Glad you are with us! And please don't hesitate to ask questions. Loads of people here who will be more than happy to help you with any thoughts you might have about this crazy little corner of the itnernet we call home!

@samseder Welcome to steemit! With your career on MSNBC and your experience on mainstream media, its amazing to see you noticed that the steem blockchain is a powerful medium to reach a very smart audience growing exponentially every day, week and months.

You will learn that the vision of the platform is far far more than just rewards, or just interacting with people and sharing content, like other social media platforms. The steem blockchain has the aim from its creators @dan to give freedom to people, empower people, and return the control to the people that is were it belongs to, without having banks and governments as intermediaries.

@teamsteem has made a great effort to get the vision ideas and concepts in one super post, that I recommend you to take a look. Its his post Welcome to Steem (

You will have the chance to make a bit of more history here in the platform.

Again, a big welcome from all the Steemit Community.

Regards, @gold84

Hi Sam! Welcome to the Steem blockchain..,
Perhaps we don't totally agree on politics (I'm mainly libertarian), or maybe we do, doesn't matter, I look forward to reading your posts!


Thanks Greg. Appreciate the welcome. I enjoy debating with Libertarians and hope to have some lively exchanges here.


Looks like he cut lose from MSLSD, and hopefully he will have some well researched and documented reporting.

Welcome @samseder, very nice to have you here! We appreciate you giving Steem a try and helping to grow its user base and contribute valuable content.

I know there can be a lot to learn here for newcomers so if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out!


Yes @samseder, if you need any advice, I definitely encourage you to go with @yabapmatt . He is greatly commited to the steemit community. He is the creator of the Steemit Bot Tracker between other developments, which is a great tool to see different bids taking place for bots that upvote content. The best thought of the use of bots to get upvotes is for making real quality posts to be reached by lots of more people.

I will take this opportunity to say thanks to @yabapmatt for all his great contributions to the steem blockchain, thanks to him, the witnesses and a team of great developers, as well as the great community of smart and creative people, and the great vision of its creator @dan , is that the platform is like it is today, and the blockchain prepared to receive massive amounts of traffic and transactions.

Regards, @gold84

Welcome to steeeeeeeeemitttttttttttt

Welcome to have on board and your show.
It is a great time to join and share with steemians.
Keep on steemit.

Now that's what I'm talking about !👍🏻

Welcome Sam! You won't be having any problems with advertisers here on Steemit, hopefully you'll be able to expand your audience and gain an additional revenue stream by posting here. Good luck!


Lets hope so

Hi Sam, I have no idea who are you but I think you are an amazing person.
Welcome to steemit bro.

Don't know who he is bit it must be good for steemit, right?

Welcome to Steemit Sam, ain’t YouTube a little crazy now a day!

It' great to have you here, welcome...... Wishing you a fruitful time on here

Hi Sam, I have no idea who are you but it's good to have you here!:)

Welcome on Steem Sam! We're all pro 7 billions+ governments! :P Have fun!


@teamsteem I just saw this comment from you! I wanted to let you know I have just posted a comment to @samseder and mentioned your great post on the steem vision, so that Sam can take a look at it when he gets the chance.

Regards, @gold84

We're all pro 7 billions+ governments! :P
Underrated comment ^_^

Wow this shows that the importance of Steemit is growing and getting mainstream.

your post is very interesting, I like your post, because it can add insight to me, hopefully in the future can provide better postings, so I can know many things in my life, thank you very much. and also hopefully useful for other stemit friends.

hello samseder, welcome to steemit, and welcome to join this komonitas which memotipasi each member to improve the hobby of writing

Hello @samseder, welcome to this World in which we all have participation. I consider it important that people like you, can be within the steemit comunity, because apart from learning from you, we can see and know about all your great programs and interviews, go ahead because we need people with courage like yours. Reguards Venezuela

Welcome to Steemit! Nice intro and congratulations to join platfrom steemit! That is honestly really impressive, l've never been much of a craftsman. Look forward to some future posts and art. Feel free to follow or contact me if you need anything, great community! Welcome back and good luck @samseder

YES! Thank you @davidpakman for exposing people to Steemit and bringing in all the YouTube hotshots.Its like seeing the birth of Twitter before the cancer hit

Welcome to Steemit Land! Great to see you continuing to post more often now!
I wish you the best! Hope you gonna have fun with our community and see you soon

Congratulations on joining this platfrom steemit is my new friend, @samseder what you are looking for and want available in paltfrom steemit . to work through your intelligence in terms of writing and taking pictures that can attract crowded people

Great to have you here, can't wait to see you contributions and see you getting your report across the whole world.

Good move @davidpakman for introducing steemit to @samseder . I am a big fam of MSNBC and progressive discussions. Here no one can fire you for speaking the truth...keep steeming to more success...together, we will take over social media and rule the world!!!

Fuck the man, we are glad to have you here!
Welcome to the STEEM TRAIN CHOO CHOO full steam ahead!

actor on Bob's Burgers

Ha! Cool!


Hugo the health inspector! :D

AYE! hes finally on board! Welcome

This is some bigly stuff.

HUGE welcome to Steemit @samseder! Our little community of blockchain buddies is happy to have you.

I hope you'll find our platform up to code ;)

Hi @samseder welcome to the amazing platform.....I hope you explore a lot here.

Welcome to steemit! wow main stream media is joining steemit this is great!

Follow me @phdmoon to understand implications of consumers health data.

Sounds great. Good posts will help steemit to ruin fb and twitter "laste time for free" domination.



Wlecome @samseder , following you now.

Warmly welcoming you to the Steem system.

Lookin forward to see what you guys bring to the table, super excited! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Welcome to Steemit! I have never heard of your show, but it will sure cause some interesting debate, as a lot of people here are very libertarian-minded :)

Steem on!

Welcome to steem, where capitalism is king

I hope it's really true progressive ideas and not the marxist leaning hoax of progressive.

Welcome, great to have you on Steemit!

@samseder welcome! followed

Good to see you

Welcome @samseder!
It's people like you and @davidpakman raising steemit levels of contribution.

Am new here still let me know which ever way I can support... I write alot. Thanks

Welcome to the economic revolution Sam! Great to have you on here :)

welcome to steemit!:)

Welcome Sam, I am sure you will soon see the giant potential that this platform can offer progressive voices. I am here to help in any way I can, David knows how to reach out.

I'm very excited you took the leap.


Welcome to Steemit, Sam! I'm so glad you joined Steemit! It will be very interesting to follow you. Hope you're having a good day!


Always happy to see another face. Welcome to steem, bring more friends!

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great topic , good luck

Welcome to the platform, the block chain is the next big thing. Welcome to the early train. Will look forward to checking out your posts on here.

Amen. I am happy to see you are on man. I am a huge follower.

On a totally random but slightly related note I have been watching a lot of Dr Katz recently.

Awesome seeing you here! we thank david for bringing u and i wish you the best.

Welcome @samseder, I have followed you and I look forward to your content.

we nice to know you Sir there Hi, @ Hi, Steemians wish you the best

Welcome Sam! Look forward to engaging/debating with you! :)

I have such a deep love of Bob Burgers! Keep it up!

Welcome on board nice to have you here

I am very happy to read this information,
Congratulations to there sam.

Glad to have you around!

Glad to see another political personality joining steem :) bernie propaganda.gif

Welcome Sam!

You'll find that even those at Steemit that will disagree with some of your political views (me included), open and rational discussion rules the day here.

Maybe check out this contest, it is made to try and connect the members on steemit, make it more inclusive, get people exposure and to give people a chance to earn some SBD.

Hi there. Welcome. I do not know your show but I will definitely check it out.

Excited to see the show and how you use Steem. It's interesting to see how people find new unique ways to use the platform ( :

awesome, am looking forward to this

Hi Sam! welcome to steemit, it is good thing to have someone as you here! Let's do this!

I'm new to Steemit to. Nice to have you here.

Welcome to steemit

Welcome to the Steemit Community! This platform is great for all, and it seems you have a lot of help to succeed. Best wishes.

Welcome Sam! I've never heard about Majority Report but looking forward to see your content. It's great to see high profile folks like you moving over to a truly global audience. If there is anything, your audience here will grow with you. Steem on my friend!

Here is an old post I wrote about how to do better on steemit when you are new. It's all about engagement here and you have a leg up based on your content. Good luck :)

Make Money Blogging on Steemit Top Tips and Checklist for Better Results!!

Hello Sam! Welcome to Steemiopolis, u will have fun.

Welcome brotha glad to have you here!

Awesome to have you on steemit! Welcome!

Excelente articulo.

Welcome to Steemit and nice to have you here @samseder 🙂 We're all looking forward to your Steemit posts.

welcome sam! Enjoy the ride :-)

WELCOME!! Love your work!

Welcome to steem @samsender

Welcome to Steemit! Nice introduction and congratulations for joining steemit! That is really impressive step, l've never been much of a creative person. Look forward to some future posts and creations from you. thanks and have a great time ahead.

Hello @samseder good to have you here. I am looking forward to engage in some political discussions with you. Cheers!

It's always nice to have more aboard the steem train - i hope you enjoy the ride ;)