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RE: Are You Ready to Bring Charity to Blockchain? Hello, This is ADRA Germany Calling! Member of a Global NGO Network

Welcome @ADRA
What you do is the best thing I support it Regardless of politics and whatever the name is ...
Hopefully what you do will be in accordance with the expectations you want and do the future ..
I @sallsteem will follow your journey ..
thank you


What an encouragement, big thank you for spreading the word!

Same same @adra
I'm from #aceh very supportive of what you do for the common good ...
Nice to meet you
Hopefully established a good communication for the next

Oh yah! Greetings to Indonesia. 2004 and after really was a tough time and we sent A LOT of support there. Yes we keep in touch. Follow the updates and please give feedback, we need feedback and criticism to develope something together that is solid and works for everyone here.

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