My Introduction

 Hello Steemians!

Finally I have decided to start my Steemit journey 

I am Sadman Hossain,21 years old and currently studying[only 3 more years to go hopefully]. I am completing a business degree from EastWest University. After completing my degree I wish to pursue a career in marketing hopefully that will help me to pursue my passion of making money online that is affiliate marketing crypto trading etc I will be expanding on that later but first I think you should know something about me that I usually don't express with others on the internet.

Let me see,where to begin...
Well I am a shy extrovert and I  am interested in many different things,for example I really like combat sports and some times I like to analyze fighters and there fighting styles, I sometimes even analyze my favorite movies and series[Don't worry I will give spoiler alerts in my posts]. Occasionally I also write stories, usually they are for my collages creative drama club but now I will also be sharing them here. I also like to cook and hopefully you will like my recipes that I will be sharing here. I started cooking to control and measure my daily food intake but it really grew on me. I am also extremely fond of blogging about different foods. I like to compare there flavors, tastes, textures etc I will be sharing some of my food blogs here so that this amazing community can also enjoy the culinary delights of Bangladesh. I am also a occasional photographer and I will be sharing some of my pictures here.

For the past five years I have been  involved in the online money making industry,I got in when I was about 16. I got involved with these sites while searching Google to see how can I make some extra money to take a girl out on a date[We are still dating  and I will tell her about steem after comes back from her euro trip]. The first site that I participated in was neobux I made about $60 there completing  many mini jobs but then I lost all the money thanks to there amazing rented referrals. But watching ads in neobux helped me to find many  money making opportunities and sites while most of them we're scams I had found a gem of a site  among them that I use and make profit to this date and hopefully will so in the coming years.
I came across btc fairly early in around 2013 then but I was not interested in the technology at first but it really grew on my when I heard about it's qualities but with this attraction i was not able to buy any btc because i was very young i had no way of sending funds to my e wallets so i decided to get btc using faucet rotators. I was making 1$ clicking on faucets for 5 hours straight after some days i made around 0.006 btc.Then came the first btc crash and all my earnings were reduced drastically. I was deeply shocked,I had never witnessed anything like that before so i left btc for a long time. I think the value came 60$ from 200$.After about a year i again started cashing out my money from different sites in btc and then exchanged it to usd when i had some gain it was my first taste in trading and trading crypto is a part of my life now. Now coming back to my first btc wallet which I had 0.006 btc, I had lost the public key of the wallet and few days ago I found the public key written in a old note copy of mine [I wish I could tell my younger self not to be sad, this story had a silver lining after all]. Presently I am trading crypto[Value investing mostly] and promoting the brands I am backing when ever i get time
I came across steemit from a crypto trader I follow. I was really motivated to join after continuously reading his blog Zero to hero challenge by @brainynetwork
I will be sharing my thoughts, views  with this amazing community on a regular basis.
The things I will mostly be sharing are
1) Crypto Currency[I will be sharing my views about certain coins and ICOs]
2)Photography[I am not a professional but I will be sharing photos taken by me occasionally]
3)Food Recipes
4)Food blogs
4)Fitness and grooming[I will occasionally write about fitness and grooming]
5)Suggesting and analyzing different serials,movies and songs[As a movie freak I would be suggesting the best movies of 2017 soon]
6)As a combat sport enthusiast I will be writing about fights, fight cards, fighters, fighting styles etc.
8)I will also be sharing stories and  ask every ones opinion about it.
9)I will also be creating many thought provoking posts
I hope I can always add  something of importance to this amazing community. By writing post that is liked by the members.


welcome to Steemit community,Sadman! Good luck with all the upcoming posts! Steem on!

Thanks ! I hope I can produce quality posts

welcome to the society. the platform is very attractive and it is better than Facebook and Instagram . i glad to having you at here

Thanks,I like it better then Facebook and Instagram already

welcome to steemit man!

Thanks a lot

welcome to steemit @sadman733, best regards..
hopefully you feel at home here. 😊

I wish you good luck in Steemit, my friend. You are welcome!

Thanks friend..

another creative mind has joined
welcome to steemit!!
it's good to have you here

sit back, relax and get ready to experience a community like never before

my few welcome tips; make sure your posts are original and well constructed, comment meaningfully on people's posts to make your presence felt and foster better communication

welcome once again and compliments of the season

#Hug-challenge #Air-clinic

you can also join an amazing set of STEEMIANS in #Air-clinic on discord

Thanks Gerald for the warm welcome and the amazing tips I really appreciate it

you are very welcome

Welcome! I am a newbie too :) Glad that more and more nice people join Steemit community

Thanks! Hopefully the community will be even lager in the future

Hello and Welcome to the Steemit Platform @sadman733! If you are interested, check out the @MinnowSupport Project, it is a community where you can chat, learn, and network with other Steemit members on DISCORD CHAT. Enjoy your time here posting original content!

Thanks Ma1neevent,I really appreciate your support. I have joined the Discord Chat

Hello, please follow the rules of the group ►Resteem to steemit◄ and you will be upvoted by me and resteemed by the most active members in the group.

Do you know how to resteem ?

Ok I will see to that

Welcome to steemit.enjoy

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