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RE: The Dollar Vigilante Is Now On Steemit!

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Since we're all so concerned about scammers lately...


now that makes much more sense @kuriko... a BETTER EXPLANATION

Wait, Was this enough reason to have @cryptoctopus flag my comments? He is providing a video of som1 explaining why the guy is a scammer. I provide a video of som1 filming the scammer explaining himself in a direct skype, im I responsible for the video quality?. I'm I legitimately being flagged for trying to warn the community about something they don't know? flagging me for absolutely no good reason, did i scam? Did i lie? Did i have wrong intentions here? How is this flagging even legit.

What gives you the impression that the people responding on this thread don't know who the great Jeff Berwick is or what he stands for? We have been following his ups and downs, ins and outs for years.

Try on some humility for size.

Or start your own post with your supposed inside information.
You might want to include what you've done and some samples of your work. Or just add it to your post "false alert" which could use a little more content:

There is no reason to downvote his comment or flag it because you don't like what he's pointing out... I did call @kuriko out but I didn't flag his comment. Absolutely no reason to flag his comment if he's not doing something wrong. Sure it was annoying and sounded a little bitter but he's entitled to that opinion.

So basically, you agree with the method of downflagging someone only because you don't like what you see or you don't agree with it? That post you tagged, that was me trying to alert the community of a post that was barely an hour away from cashing out from content that I found on another website which was over a year old. Someone asked the main Poster to show some proof he owned the content found else where too right after the post started becoming popular and he had yet do it. Is this coming from a bad intention here? Or maybe I should have let it go and say fuck it, its just that easy to get away with over 1700 usd? Just like in this one, who are you to tell me that I cant post my own researches to let people know who they are upvoting? Acting almighty as if I have done something wrong here. When I post proof of a known scammer , I get down flagged by the very guy who got the first comment in this post. Once again, is this what flagging should be used for? Censuring people because you don't like what you see?

" Once again, is this what flagging should be used for? Censuring people because you don't like what you see?"
Is this what upvoting is for? Rewarding a guy many thousands for a post saying "Hi guys", just because you like him?
To paraphrase Jeff, quit whining because the system works this way and just do it yourself. (sarcastic way of making a point, I know, but I'm making it nonetheless - those who live by the system, die by the system - this guy trades on his popularity among die-hard fans, and in doing so, arouses the dislike of many. Hey, the flip side is a bitch. But its the same system. If popularity is the decider, then try not to be a dick. If content is the decider, then Jeff is worth next to nothing.

Ok, here how it breaks down.

  1. The video you provided was really unclear (the one above is much better)
  2. You started copy pasting your post in reply. Thats annoying behavior.
  3. When I start getting annoyed late a night, i downvote. I later took my flag out.
  4. I really enjoy anarchast content and he reaches a perfect target demographic for us. I dont care about his epic fail in shady business, anarchist likes to play in gray/black zones.

You did not take your flagging out and you have done it twice. I never copy pasted 2 exact same comment, I did t the same link in 2 totally different comment and one of them consisted in a reply. But if your telling me you took down your flagging please verify again because I still see both flags appearing in my recent posts. I am not responsible for the quality fo these videos and my only intention was to let people know about his shady business which obviously a lot for people ignore and would pretty much think about it twice if they knew he left so many people in deficit.

Yeah, maybe he can hold a fundraiser on steemit for his victims. How sweet would that be? :)

You were probably flagged for double posting

I replied to Smooth , posted a link to the youtube video to support my argument with him. And I posted a general comment with a whole different text. The link was posted twice in two different context, how is censuring them by flagging my post even a reasonable way to deal with things? Why would people think its ok to flag just because they don't like what they see?

wow this guy is SO Sketchy!!!

And don't buy any land from Jeff either!

Can I downvote the above Road's post somehow?

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