Introducing myself here on Steemit.

Good Day! beautiful and handsome Steemians (Hooray to us!! I should be part of this bcoz I am "handsome". Pls cut me some slacks.) This is Edgar "Rj" Macachor for introduceyourself.

They say "It's better late than never" but for my case my introduction is super freaking late(my fault and I apologise for that). Yeah its been month since my very good and ever dashing 😍friend @ivanjaycuyag introduce me to steemit(pls comment here so they'll know that I am not a robot and I am real). And practically as a newbie I have been constantly dawdling here and sometimes posting my artworks without introducing myself( I apologise for that again). So now here goes nothing (pls bear with me 😧).

I am 19 years old. I am currently taking up Electronics Engineering at Cebu Technological University Main Campus and I am at my 4th year. I am from the land of pride and home to the beautiful 7107 islands the #Philippines(see How many islands in the Philippines? here just to make sure that i am not lying).


Tadaaaaaaa that's me in my "Psychopath Pose" (haha). Well to describe me the word joker must be either beside me or inside of me. Since elementary up until now I am the biggest joker in my class. I like no I love to laugh, a good boisterous laugh all the time. I love to bully my close friends not the "a-bat-shit-crazy-physical" bully just the "I-am-going-to-make-you-cry-but-I-will-apologize-later" bully. Bcoz you'll only know that were close once I bully you(sorry guys). That is how I show my love to my friends. (Keep it up good guy 👍). I am a bit introvert with other people but you'll probably love me 😍😘once you know me. I love to read books. I love to watch movies. I love to dance so much. BTW I am dance troupe member in my highschool days.


That is some of my artworks that I will probably post here on steemit. And as you can see from the above picture you will probably realize that I love to draw, doodle, sketch or whatever you call it. I just love to draw lines or shapes, may it be a repetitiion of it or etc. I love to see inks be drawn in a paper and watch it form from a single line to bloom into a numerous pattern. I love how the black and white be blended with each other, shapes be created and a masterpiece be achieved. So if their is a paper or even a scratch I will doodle it and just turn it into something beautiful. Drawing is just so very relaxing you can get lost in it. And it is a very good way to relax. I recommend it.



I am a big music lover. I have over thousands of songs. From the 80s hits to the present i have been listening to that. I listen to all genres of songs. From artist like Ed Sheeran to Post Malone to Martin Garrix to Chainsmokers to One Republic to Jack Johnson to Beegees to Carpenters to Westlife to Britney Spears to Beyonce to Filipino bands and musicians like Cueshe to Parokya ni Edgar to Sarah G. and to every other musician out there. They speak for my soul. Thank you y'all.

I know that was basically very short to describe myself but I that think was enough. So now lets talk about my goals here on steemit.


1.To overcome my shyness.
I think by posting here on steemit my self esteem will be exercise and I got to be confident about myself evenmore. (Please be good to me steemians.) And also steemit is rhyme with esteem so I know this platform will be very helpful to me.
2. For self exploration and improvement.
I want to know my skill and talents which I can offer to every other steemians in here. By posting and making post here I get to know if am very good in that particular aspect. And through reading post of other steemians I get to learn valuable informations.
3. To influence people in a good way.
I want my post to be influencing and not only influencing but to be inspiring also. I want my post that makes people read it and after that they can gain something good from it. And hopefully I can achieve this.

And I think that covers all.


So meself is ambitious. Not arrogant ambitious but just simple ambitious. Though I am simple guy but I am guy that digs through something that is beneficial to all parties concern (Wow! I talk like I am in a Agreement and Policy Section.). Meself is a good guy who wants to be happy and at peace. Meself loves to post his artwork and the steemians upvote it and comment on it (Hey! You guy! That is not how it works, your post should be upvote worthy OK!. AGREED.). And lastly meself loves to express his self and help others to express theirselves. And that is all thank you.

So if you think that I am not real or I am just a very intelligent and handsome robot you can check my accounts below.

images (1).jpggarrixrjmac


SHOUTOUT TO MY #steemitfamilyph your the best. To my awesome #steemitachievers family hi!! To my classmates, schoolmates and friends , steemon. God bless us all. More #steempower to us.

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Hello there @rjmacachor1998 welcome to steemit. I can see that you are into arts. you might want to check out steemgigs where you can offer your services as an artist. Join us on the SteemGigs steem-based website here. You know; "everyone has something to offer! Stay awesome! it is being lead by sir terry aka @surpassinggoogle

Thank you so much @ankarlie for that information. I will gladly visit that site. Hope I got be part of your team and be better as an artist. Gob bless you.

It is not my team kuya it is the team of sir surpassinggoogle who as been very helpful to the entire steemian community.

Oh I see ate. Yeah i know surpassinggoogle i heard from my friends who are here in steemit and my constant dawdling here. I hope I could engage with sir. Terry soon. Mabuhay kay @surpassinggoogle

Welcome to steemit @rjmacachor1998. For you to be noticed and earn as well, I recommend you to visit this Site @steemgigs. Just click sign up or if you have an account on Steemconnect, you can log in to @steemgigs automatically. You can offer your artworks there and for sure your talent will be noticed. 👍

But before that, be sure to support @surpassinggoogle first by voting @steemgigs at the first search box. How to vote? Just click here. Support also @teardrops where every tears has a value. 😊

Thank you amigo. I am done voting @steemgigs. This is very informative and I hope my post can be recognize someday. God bless you.

I'm glad to see you here. I will be glad to communicate with you.

Thank you beautiful @angela.lee .Its very welcoming of you. I will be happy to communicate with you too. May god bless you.

Olah @rjmacachor1998 :) It's so nice to have you here.. You are most welcome, enjoy your stay here and have a blast. :) indeed this community is the best place for everyone :) God bless and more power.. :)

Hi @geeyang15. Thank for your warm welcome. I will surely get involve in this community. Gob bless you also. More power to us. 😊😊

Welcome to steemit, looking forward to seeing you around @chessmasterhex.

Hi @lopezdacruz . I am looking forward also to communicating with you and to other steemians. Thank you. And God bless you.

Welcome to steemit, Sir keep steemin and God bless.

Welcome to steemit..the art is cool bro. Steem on!😀

Thank you so much for your appreciation. I'll be posting my artwork soon. Hope you'll get to check those out.


hi rjmacachor1998, it’s nice to see new face on steemit, hope you will spread positive vibes in steemit.and keep up the good work on steemit...;-) and be regular on steemit it will make grow you faster... ;-)

Welcome to steemit , upvoted you will regularly do on your good work , for newbie tips and basic information you can check my blog at @adityajainxds

some of the important website you need to now. (username) (username)

This one you need a must to sign up beause you will get more followers and more upvote by everyupvote and lastly the more points the more SBD. Try it and grow yourself

You Have My Back.....
Thanks @adityajainxds

Hi @adityajainxds. This is very helpful to me. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it for helping me
Thank you and god bless you. Looking forward to check those sites out.

Welcome to steemit dear, it's really great to have you here. Let's help in making this platform greater than it is now by inviting more of our friends to join us here. Please share the steemit link with all your friends, so they can join.

Hi @orevaisaiah. Yeah I've been inviting friends to join steemit. Thanks for reminding me though.

Hi @rjmacachor1998 !! Welcome to the community! Steemit has a lot of potential and so do you. Do not forget that! Steemians earn when somebody upvotes their posts or comments. While Steemit is blogging, it's all about socializing as well. You can make some friends here. Engage and try to socialize.

The best way to be rewarded is to expect nothing! Focus on your content. We call them articles and you of course as authors. If you provide good quality contents people will come to your blog and read them. Upvotes are of course the biggest bonuses..... I really liked the way you introduced yourself it was interesting description I'll surely follow you for more interesting stuffs

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Nice 😀😀