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This is the only place I post... I stopped posting, liking, and commenting on Instagram and Facebook once saw how much information they really have on us. For the last few years my income has come entirely from making content for social "sponsored posts". It has been the gold rush for those of us who have been able to create on a shoe-string budget but it sucks seeing an ad administrator pay an algorithm more money than the people shooting their ad.

Using this pseudonym on steemit I can post whatever the fuck I'm thinking without worrying about my next job seeing what drugs I took to get my last job done. Crypto projects like STEEMIT will be resilient in the long run by cutting out the need to take ad money to pay stockholders. These accounts below inspire me to keep posting and STEEM ON!

@homosymbion - Scientist - This is the most interesting individual I've ever come across on STEEMIT. He's providing proof for things like Zero Point Energy and who's responsible for the biggest false flag attack in history.

@theprophet - STEEM Witness & 15 Year old "crypto prophet" - https://steemit.com/decent/@theprophet0/15-year-old-decent-miner-witness-proposal

@hitheryon - STEEM PARK NYC - https://steemit.com/steempark/@hitheryon/the-official-recount-of-steem-park-s-opening

@magiliw - Low Poly Blender Artist - https://steemit.com/art/@magiliw/030-blenderventures-killer-whale-finished

@bradritter - Photographer, Internet Hustler, and all around OG - https://steemit.com/nature/@bradritter/niagara-falls-state-park-sunset

@mattchutt - The Biggest, Sickest, Dopest, and Tightest Individual - https://steemit.com/travel/@mattchutt/35mm-film-shots-from-bermuda-with-the-boys-111-followers-thank-you

@rc3 - WHALE & The one that got me on steemit when it was well below a buck... THANK YOU AND GO FOLLOW HIM TO SWIM WITH A WHALE! This dude is my go to "what are you buying today?". People ask me the same thing like I'm some kind of authority on this crazy shit and I enjoy making someone else feel that way ;)

The more you learn the less you realize you know and thats whats really sick, dope, and tight about life.



PS - this will be the last one of these I post until 1000, to the moon!



hahaha dope only thing im bummed about is them putting out my boy craig :(

@rickrosenburg- Contrats Rick! I'm sure that soon there will be a 0 after 300 and that will make it 3000!


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Thank you! Appreciate that and the upvote!!

@rickrosenburg- - I just upvoted you.

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It will be fun! Steem ON!

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for achieving the milestone of over 300 Followers!
Not a lot of people can pat themselves on the shoulders,
and praise themselves for having come so far!

I agree there with you about social media platforms such as 'FaceBook' or 'Instagram'.
They are collecting way too much information about the privacy of ones user.
This is probably the reason, why I myself try to avoid these platforms as often as possible.

welcome here Rickrosenburg! Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me.


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@rl90 funny you getting a laugh and we don't get an upvote? nice wallet whale

Appreciate it thanks! Will return the follow.

congratulations on your great achievement.

Congratulations, I'm glad to be one of your first 300 awesome Followers. Whales we'll all become soon...

I love your tea cup..... Love for Bitcoin

Nicely done. I hit 100! Keep going. Let us chat here for something important https://discord.gg/W53raD

wellcome to steemit community @ rickrosenburg have a happy hourney here
i just upvoted your post and following you. you can follow
me at @zeeshankhan .i hope you will follow me back

Welcome to Steemit @rickrosenburg, I have upvoted and sent you a tip. Check my blogs if you are looking for tips on how to earn more Steem and SBD.

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Welcome to steemit hope you enjoy it here!! Followed. Follow me back 😘

well done, you got another follower now :)