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Your account is fake and so is this post. Please stop using Steemit for your spam.

Google Proof here. Caution, NSFW.


Presumably you read the rest of his blog before judging it was fake? He writes satire and has been here for over a year.

Oops. Sorry.

That was not a reply to you, it was a reply to the person who declared the account a fake. You didn't say it was a fake.

Removed my downvote. No satire tag until he edited the post and no other hint of satire besides the misspelling of "Steamit". I'm still not sure how I feel about using another's photos in satire without a credit to the photo's owner.

Thanks, I still need to save money in order to go to Brazil for some breast implants

Oops. Sorry.

Oops. Sorry.

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