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RE: Introducing: The Church of Piglet (as if we need an introduction)

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I might as well tell everyone in the @church-of-piglet, please ignore me I buy votes for my post and others I like and I sell my votes so I can buy votes. I won't hate on you I promise, I won't even know you ignored me, it's all cool.


We applaud your candour. If you were one of our flock, you would be a sinner, and grievously hath the CoP answered your offence; as you are not, there will be no smiting with the Ivy Staff (also because we have the impression our High Priest rather fancies you).

Still , we would, of course, appreciate it if you would mend your ways.

Go forth in peace.

I walk the middle way between heaven and hell, I wish those of faith that believe in the goodness of humanity all the best. I don’t have much faith in humanity because those who walk the dark side use our faith to manipulate and profit from our ignorance and turn those who are ignorant but truly caring into tools of injustice.

The definition of abuse is to wrongly use resources. To cause harm to others, rape or molest. The bots and delegation are a reality in the mundane sense and I use them in moderation. If these services are used correctly there is no abuse of resources or rape of the rewards pool. 😇

There are some rather unpleasant side-effects caused by the delegation/bot/votebuying circus that could well be considered abuse of resources, or at least going against the grain in a detrimental way of what a DPOS based site such as this should be, but hey, we don't like to spend too much time convincing people, we prefer to tell them what to do suggest a course of action 8-P.

😂😂😂 I dunno enough about DPOS, I’ll research before I argue. I love CIRQUE DU SOLEI🤡