Hello everyone! Should've started with the introduction first...

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Well, I've should have started with this... Hi everyone! Happy to be part of the community, this is my first experience with a blog (never had a diary in my life... I like to talk a lot :)) ) and writing down my own thoughts ... please bear with me. :)


Well... here we go! My name's Ovidiu, born and raised in Cluj-Napoca (yeah... you got it... Romania), studied my whole life music (for about... 20 years, give or take), more exactly the cello. Played in the local Opera, Philharmonic (had the change to visit , almost, all of Europe) and in all the projects that I could get my hands on :)) (oh yeah... and a music teacher). And for the, recently, 2 years I in IT (momentarily).

The things that fascinate me the most are music, science and astronomy, and I try to be up-to-date with what's going on in those fields (when I have the time... ). There to many things to be astonished/amazed in this world (and not enough time)...

I have two "inappropriate" passions... games and anime. The main reason why I got into IT was to learn to code, so I could become a (indie) game dev, but I still have a long way on this part. In my free time (and that does not include cello practicing), I'm learning pixel art drawing (I'll post some of my... "work", for suggestions on what to improve).

Glad to be here and I hope I can contribute to the community.


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Hi Ovidiu ! As a code and gaming addict I'm happy to meet a future indie game dev. I hope you'll post thigs about game developement.

Hi @doublejack! That'd my pleasure! I've "amassed" a large collection of books on Unity and GameMaker and I want them to be put to good use :D.

I've tried a few online tutorials on Unity but I don't have enough time because i've too many projects in progress. I hope you'll succed.
What programming language do you use to code on Unity ?

At the moment, JavaScript. I want to learn C# better (as I understood, from the dev's from Unity, they'll discontinue the JavaScript support in the future) as it's the main language used by Unity.

Welcome to Steemit! Best wishes on your future :) How long have you played the cello?

Thank you! Well, I started from 1st grade to (study) play the cello (in Romania we have state funded music schools)... a total of 22 years (accumulated) and as a professional cellist (when I started to collaborate, or as a substitute, with the Opera and Philharmonic from my town) from 2006.

Oh wow, that's awesome! Congratulations

Thank you!

Hello @razzek,

Welcome to stemmit! I like your #inroduceyourself post a lot. In my past I also knew a very passionate musician from romania, but our ways didn't crossed again. I wish you much success here!

Hi @lulafleur! Thank you very much! If I may ask, what instrument did he play and from which city was he/she? And If I may intrude more, what was his name? I know a lot of musicians from Romania who went to Germany.

He was born in germany because his parents went to germany in 1980. His instrument is violine. I am sorry, I don't know which city he is living know

Salut, Ovidiu! Mă bucur că găsesc utilizatori din România pe aici :)

Salut, Vlad! La fel si eu :). Sa stii ca sunt multi din Romania pe aceasta platforma :D.

Chiar, avem ceva hashtag in Steemit pentru continut in romana?

I’m very new myself ! Lovely story my friend, gaming is a second hobby for myself beyond music too. Hope your experience here is a good one. 👍

Thank you!

Hi guys. I mostly post about music, you can check my discoveries on y profile ;)

I saw that you're from France, did you ever heard about Jfx Duo? It's french band, and I know them because they've played here in Cluj.

They are good musicians and the sound is very frenchy ! ;) As I could see in one of their videos, they are more popular in Romania than in France. Did they exclusively sing in french when they were in Cluj ?

Yes, they singed only in french. They have an interesting mix sound (genre) and instruments.

I never heard about them. I'll check now ! ;)

Welcome to Steemit, Ovidiu!

Glad to be apart of the community!

Welcome! It's very nice to meet you! Your music career is impressive! I was always curious how is it to play instruments professionally. I played flute once but I was never able to compose any music or repeat a melody that I heard. So... wow! And I myself am very interested in indie game dev as well. Could you tell me a little bit more on what steps did you take to become a game developer? Anyways, I hope you will like it here :) I found Steemit very motivating. I think I should read FAQ first and look for advice of more experienced users (there are many good posts on how to thrive on Steemit etc.), I can also recommend you getting on Discord, PAL. Good luck! :) Klaudia

Hi @shinyforest! Thank you for the welcome! Well, at the beginning (when I was in high-school) I've bought two books from where I learned the basics (Pascal and C). When I was in the 1st year at the Music Academy (in my town) I've enrolled at the Economics University, because they had there a Informatics section (the reason why I did this is that I couldn't apply to a IT university because of my high-school degree...), from where I learned a bit of C# and JavaScript. Got myself from Humble bundle a Unity license, and started experimenting (in the same bundle I got Pyxel Edit that's really good for pixel art). That'd be great if you could recommend me a channel on Discord. P.S. what's PAL (maybe this sounds stupid...)?

I'm currently a SysAdmin for a outsourcing company in my town. We have a few (local and foreign) game dev companies in my town, but they require 3+ years experience :|

Here you can read a little about PAL: https://steemit.com/minnowsupportproject/@doggedfi/steemit-pal-on-discord-essential-combo-for-newbie-minnows Unfortunately I'm a beginner myself and I'm still not very well oriented in Discord chats. But PAL is the great place to start everything, I think. Thank you for sharing your experience! I'm curious, what games would you like to create? I myself am a big fan of Playdead's games and ever since I played Limbo for the first time I got very inspired. What part of game design would you like to do? I mean, a story behind it, the visuals, the workings of the game or something else? :)

P.s. Saw you're work on you're blog, it's really beautiful!

Thank you @razzek, I appreciate that! :)

welcome...I hope you share your cello music... :)

Thank you! I think that I've got a few recording with the bands that I played. I had more activity as a orchestral cellist. I had once a fleeing wish (I couldn't call it dream) to play Jazz, but... Not that good improvising :|

WHAT ever it is share it!!!! :) bless on your journey