I suppose I should first explain my screw-up

Hey there!

My name is Chris, and I think I did a booboo when I created my account.

First of all, this is me. I'm embarrassed that I allowed plastic cheese in the picture... and a half eaten apple, but at least it isn't full of chemical dairy product.

Yeah, I already know how handsome I am. It's been a curse since I was about two years old. Beating them off with a stick, or whatever old people say these days.

Now let's get to where I screwed up the Steemit.

The short of it is that I don't always do research on a subject before I jump into it with both feet.

The long of it is that I was watching @projectdiaries and he was talking all about Steemit and Steem. I said to myself in a loud and obnoxious voice," Hey, looser! You could post your stooped reviews on their and make some extra dough." (If you could hear the voice, you would understand why it was spelled so poorly.)

I ran to the computer and created my username, and all that jazz, instantly. So I could put my profanity laced reviews up here. Seems simple, right?

Well it was simple. Right up until I started looking through Steemit during the five day waiting period. There is a lot more depth than expected.

Kind of like me.

Now I'm sad that I have resigned myself to the name profanereviews, mostly because I can see how much potential there is for the other facets of my mind.

I actually write a few blogs and they are all different.

Profane Reviews started, because people seemed to like my NSFW reviews on Change The Topic. That and the fact that I figured I could use it to put in Amazon Affiliate links for a little bit of revenue. (Didn't really work that well, but I do enjoy doing it.)

Granola Light is a family friendly blog I started to document our slow transition from pathological consumers to homesteaders. It's a labour of love, and we are still at it, but there are a few more years and the kids are gone. That's when we move out of town.

Change The Topic is where it all started, about seven years ago. I was irreverent, and had a lot of pent up creativity that I put into Facebook and emails to this chick I was seeing. We exchanged almost 13000 emails over the course of a few months. She suggested that I start writing a blog, but up until then I had never even read a blog, so I didn't know what she was talking about.

She showed me and help set me up. So I married her.

There I was able to really go crazy. With her by my side, we were able to wangle a bunch of really fun friends to help us with things like, but not limited to:

Trash The Dress

New Years Eve

And The Stripper

It wasn't all craziness though. It was also where I documented the rest of my life, love(she's the cop pictured above), memories, etc...

And that's what I will try to do here, but I will start a new account for that. I will keep this one for the reviews, but when/if this one makes enough money to pay for a new account, I will do exactly that.

Anyhow, thanks for checking this out, and probably anything from here on in will be NSFW.

Just letting you know. In case you didn't look up what profane meant in your dictionary.



Welcome to Steemit!

Thanks @trogdor. I really appreciate it.

Welcome to steemit :) Seems like you are a fun dude - Resteemed you so that more people get to enjoy your intro! Greets

Hey thanks a lot. I'm pretty fun most of the time. Even when I'm not.

Funny intro post! Welcome! :)

Thank you. I do appreciate it.

Hey there @profanereviews welcome to steemit, it seems that you are having fun with all the photos you posted. =)
I wish you all the best and good luck. =)

Thanks a bunch. We may not have much, but we do have lots of fun.

Welcome chris,

I quess i will have to follow you for my daily laugh.....nice blog man really made me laugh!

Have fun on steemit and please be so kind to follow me also!

Steem on!

Thanks! I'll definitely have a look. Take care.

thx chris appreciated!

you are most welcome chris

Thanks @yungbeny. I really think I'm going to like it here.

Welcome and good luck 🍀👍🏽

Thanks. I'll need it. :)

Hell yeah, hey there, Cracking Chris, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and it is cool you started websites, blogs. If anybody would get your humor and stuff, it would be a guy named after a breakfast cereal. That is me.

Right on, Oatmeal. Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Steemit! Explore + enjoy :)

Thanks so much. I'm trying, but there is just so much to see.

Haha your sense of humour cracks me up. Upvoted!

Thanks. If I ever get to Australia I'll tell you jokes while you feed me beer. ;)

That sounds strangely appealing haha :D

Welcome and good luck on your journey here! Follow me and I'll follow you back :) @phil917

Cool, thanks Phil.

Thanks! Followed :)

Haha you are welcomed Chris, wish you luck and success

Thanks, Samir. To you as well.

Hi @profanereviews ! Great post, i like it, i just upvoted it ! PS: you may like to follow me ... @legsnheels

Thank you! I will have a look right now.

Thank God. We need someone who can rebel against the deafening formality of etiquette around here. If I weren't so damn set on being artsy-fartsy I'd be at the frontlines of expanding what can be said on this platform. Good to know we've got an honorable man doing the fighting for us!

I'll be following because I think the idealism of this place is getting to me.

And I followed back, because I like what you had to say, and the photos go well with the poetry. Take good care, and Steem on.

An unnecessary courtesy, but Hell I'm not picky. Many thanks mate.

This is the best intro I have read since I joined. Nice work!

Thanks a lot. Is your dog still a puppy, or is that a small breed?

She was 8 years old in that pic, she is 14 now and looks like a puppy. We think she is mixed with Alaskan Husky which are smaller. If you have been "Boss Baby" she is like the forever puppy :)

Cool. She does look very young. Must be eating good food.

Hi Chris how are you? Really nice intro, i love it ! I’m a new steemit user as well and would like to connect with other cool steemians, artists and musicians. I’m posting music tutorials and other things related to music (and bitcoins:p). I’m the founder of the free music school communicasound. I'm really pleased to meet you. So i give you my vote, follow you and i will be happy to read your next posts in the futur. If you want, you can do the same and follow me. It’s important to have a family in Steemit :) Greetings from Paris. Peace.

Thank you. I did check out your channel and there was a funny rap video, but for the most part there wasn't much there that interests me. I wish I was any good with music, because you have some great tutorials there. Best of luck!

Thank you my friend for your support and honesty ;) But i disagree in one point : You are a musician, as every human being. You're just not practicing enough this skill you have in you ^^Anyway, i'm glad to connect and i look forward to reading your next posts. PEace and take care. Lio

Welcome to steemit Chris :) Great pics and I don't think people read too much into user names anyway so it shouldn't have any negative effects! Anyway, seems there will be fun content coming from you. Followed ;)

Thanks Michael. I am looking forward to picking through your recipes. I saw a lot of interesting combos there.

Thanks for checking out some of my pics :)

Welcome to steem! Good luck!

Thanks William.

Welcome Chris!
I'm also new to the platform, and it can seem like a lot to take in at first. I still have a lot to learn myself. The best advice I've been given so far is 'Find your niche and you'll do wonderfully.' You seem like a pretty funny dude so i'm sure you'll do great! I can't wait to see your future posts!

Thanks. I think it will take a few days to get going, but it looks pretty fun.

Welcome to steemit! :-) best of luck here!

Thanks very much.

hello, I think your post is fun

Welcome to Steem Community @profanereviews! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

In the New Steemians project, we help new members of steem by education and resteeeming their articles. Get your articles resteemed too for maximum exposure. You can learn more about it here: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@gaman/new-steemians-project-launch

Cool, thank you. I will check that out.

Welcome to steemit ..
I invite you to visit my blog

Welcome to steemit!

Just because your name is @profanereviews doesn't mean you have to be restricted to that.

But you can create another account by delegating power to it after you build up this one a bit.

Thanks @geekpowered I know I can use it, but there is a lot in a name, and I just didn't think about it enough. As usual. I like having different profiles anyhow, because we all have different profiles in our heads. Well, most of us do. I like talking to Mennonites and drug dealers the same, but I don't talk to them both the same way. Are you bagging what I'm mowing? ;)

I don't bag. I let the clipping decompose on the lawn. It's better for the lawn's health.

But if I do bag, I put it all in a compost pile, so it decomposes and I can grow lots of pretty things, and things I can eat.

That's the best answer. Our chickens look after the grass pretty well. It's pretty patchy anyhow with our projects. Our three composters and the worm bins are full right now. Just dumping in a pile until spring.

Have you looked into feeding your chickens with compost? I saw some info about it, but never had much interest in raising chickens. Maybe quale, or peacocks.

Yeah, they love picking through it for worms and bugs. It can't feed them totally, but I've seen some commercial outfits that have 100+ hens in their compost pile. In the summer, mine free range and eat all kinds of grass and critters. Last summer one stole a mouse from the cat and ate it.

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