At the gate of this steemit Place we incised the decree Above the Throne crowned pearly grains of pearls We reign on each feeling with a strong That is sealed by the taste

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I say greetings introduction salam greetings meetings through this piece of paper, hopefully create friendship Once or twice it occurred. The desire of the heart always and always want to uncover thoroughly, For the shackles of the heart was released in the noisy crowds of the day, with millions of voices racing to fill the increasingly heated air letting all the floating flavors unspeakable, I was stunned I was stunned! my heart is unruly, enveloping the flavor of my molten freedom, that's when I realized all the frozen space remembered you Only the prayer granules are stringing a wish, Because you make me smile, live my days.

What a drop of dew is compared to the vast ocean.


In the middle of everything that moves
no doubt the age shifted, receded
toward a point of limited pick up

Day is divided into blades
there is presented the Shari'a to the essence
which must be peeled for behavior, tirelessly

Work conquers ambition, packs anything
Sad every story can shrink and fold
the fight was lonely, reaching until it was over

Let's collect a lot of provisions, let's bertakbir
All must have been, no longer hand-held
no longer the senses of merakus, of course dhikr

On a piece of land it is still left
gardens that are waiting to be planted
certainly nothing else but lonely flowers

Under the shade of the trees
Stem sprout leaves leaves molt
something loose and floated in the memory

Dropping off may be the right time
to dance lafadz get around age
long but blessed, then counted down


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waawww very nice, I like it,,, thaks friend

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