Self Actualization: A different type of #introduceyourself -Part I

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All of us are here on Steemit to grow, right? To grow ideas, fortunes, futures, businesses, etc. But, can we? Or just like in real life only the 5% has outstanding success?

I would like to split this #introduceyourself post in 2 parts. In this part I will tell you what I'm telling me. Because many of you are in an early stage of your involvement on Steemit, I believe my words will be helpful.

Self-actualization: A level that everyone desires to reach but cannot


Self-actualization is the top level of personal development that every person wants to reach. If we dig a little deeper we will understand that it is the level of complete satisfaction. Once you are Self-actualized you are satisfied with everything in your life.

It makes you feel complete and that you have accomplished everything. For Self-actualization, it is important that you:

Discover, Create, Enrich, Inspire


Self-actualization is not that hard to achieve but unfortunately, there are only a few people that have been able to reach that level of success. You might have been wondering why. There is only a single reason.

Humans are never satisfied, they always want more. If you want to reach Self-actualization here are some important changes you have to make in your life.

You have to be selfless to reach Self-actualization

First, it is important that you get rid of the greed. It is the habit that is making you fall back every time. Being selfless is hard to achieve but once you will reach that level you will stop collecting. You have to understand the fact that you should work hard to help others because in a way you are helping yourself.

Believe that you make a difference


Believe in yourself! Do not let other’s opinion affect your growth and mental stability. You have to show the world your uniqueness because that is what you really are. Self-actualization begins with selflessness.

There should be only positive thoughts in your mind

The human brain has been developed in such a way that we pay attention to negative and positive effects of everything in our life. When the negativity increases it shows that our growth has stopped. On the other hand, if we are thinking positive that is the only way we will grow.

When writing the story of your life do not let others hold the pen


When you are working hard to achieve something it is important that you only pay attention to the positive thoughts. The sooner you will get rid of negative thoughts the better your life will become.

If you will fill your mind with positive thoughts and plans you will not have to worry about what others think of you. That is how you will proceed towards Self-actualization.

Embrace the change and grow

When we are born we are given two choices, we can select the path of growth or the one that in which we follow others. It is your dream and only you can make them come true.

  • In the given moment we have two options:
  1. To step forward into growth
  2. To step backward into safety

Following others might seem safe but it will never allow you to make your own dreams come true. You will be living the other person’s dream and that is not how you reach Self-actualization.

It is the time that you explore new horizons and pay attention to what you can really do. Let's rock Steemit together!

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Till next time,



In real life, there will always be negative thoughts and greed. Totally getting rid of them is impossible but we can get them under control. I think a more realistic approach is to use greed to your advantage. Take risks, be bold, earn more, share what you've got. Laugh or cry whenever you have to. Be yourself and change yourself to be better, not to be like someone else. There are so many ways to put it but for me, making choices is easier knowing that in life, we have to take the good with the bad. That's how we learn. We deal with the negatives to appreciate the positive. - Just like photography. Nonetheless, it's a really bold introduction. Welcome to Steemit!

I liked a few points made in this post. In particular the part about don't let others hold the pen when writing your story. I also liked the part about being selfless, but was a little confused at the last statement in the paragraph. "You have to understand the fact that you should work hard to help others because in a way you are helping yourself." This acknowledgement of "Helping yourself" in the process of helping others no longer makes things selfless. Maybe I misunderstood, but I feel other people could also take this the wrong way?

I agree with J regarding negativity. You can't eliminate it all. Nor should you want to, or have too. it's unrealistic to go through life like that. You have to balance it in a healthy way. Using your attitude and experiences in life to turn Liabilities into assets is an amazing skill.

Negativity is all around us. For example, I don't always like outspoken people that speak up, or fight for what they believe in, but are they just negative people, or good people fighting negative influences? if we all sheltered ourselves with only the positive and avoided anything negative, our freedoms would have crumbled long ago. Often times these people are fighting negative influences in society that could affect us all, so we stand to benefit from their efforts. I can't turn a blind eye on them. We should thank them. World wars are a prime example of this on a larger scale.
Passive people only become the oppressed. I'd much rather live in dangerous freedom than peaceful slavery.

I loved this. I think your last sentence summed it up well: "I'd rather live in dangerous freedom than peaceful slavery." Anything that is going to help us grow is going to be messy, strenuous, and frustrating. Productive use of negative emotions can help us be even stronger and better grounded.

I see what the author means in terms of not allowing negativity to overwhelm you (that does not have to happen at all) but I agree that negativity is not useless unless we become addicted to it.

Thanks Jenny. I agree in the power of positive thinking. Too much negativity puts one in self destruct mode. However, we also can't live in bubbles.

Although you have quite a few valid point, I must admit I disagree in regards to not being able to get rid of negative thoughts and greed. I do believe it is surely possible for all human beings who put in a consistent effort towards it, and develop a new mindset which automatically does not allow for such thoughts. Although it will take time, it is in my opinion not only possible, but necessary to reach your full potential.

I suppose that you are speaking about your own "real life" cause reality is subjective. It is defined by our perceptions and beliefs. It is impossible to get rid of greed and negative thoughts as you believe it is. Is exactly the same like getting rid of smoking, or drinking. Yes, at first you keep them under control and after that you just get rid of them.

About the rest of what you said, I totally agree. Thank you for your intervention.

See you around.

I like the way you think! Following you!

Thanks! I followed you too.

Welcome to steemit. I hope you will enjoy here. 😍

Hi @plapuma. Thanks for that insightful post. It reminded me of a childhood idea that I have had for a long time. To be truly ourselves we have to let go and in order to let go we have to be selfless as you put in your post. This is easier said than done and all I can do is try everyday.

Anyways welcome to steemit!

Yes @idestroy, all we can do is to try. If you don't try, you have already lost.

Thanks for your intervention!

@plapuma thanks, you are right.

Thank you also for your intervention!

Good Luck

What is meant by self-actualized? Great post, but I'm not sure I understand that term. (oh and I'm satisfied... so if I am satisfied I self-actualized?).

I agree that we should try to put away negative thoughts and not be greedy...But totally getting rid of them is impossible...I think we can get them under control though...Share what you have with others your music, your crafts, your money, your food... if you are rich or even poor... and don't let people let you get you down, just be yourself and don't let others dictate your who you dream to be as you help other people become who they want to be too...aspire others to be to their full potential who they want to be... by teaching them how to give... and receive instruction in their life to be important people in this world as workers and givers of their talents to others to make this world a better place...take risk, earn more, share what you yourself and change yourself to be better, not to be like ever one else...take the good with the with the negative to appreciate the positive...just like poetry, painting, playing the guitar, crocheting, etc...we can't live in bubbles and think that every thing is hunky dory and that being possitive all the time is going to make it all fine we have to "roll with the punchs" too...(negativeness)...If we were not in a negative world we would not need to look for positiveness... If it were not for negativeness we wouldn't have to look for positiveness...true???
When Yahoshua returns to earth with Yahweh's kingdom then all negativeness will be gone and we will live in a positive "new" world... keep hope alive!!!Welcome to Steemit !!!
As a minnow, I want success here and learn the "ropes" here but no one wants to teach me I have to learn on my own I learned if I upvote and comment on others post I get STEEM and SBD and SP for upvoting and commenting on others post...again WELCOME TO STEEMIT!!!
(How can I get others here to read my post/blogs???)

Thanks for the very interesting intro.

It's interesting that self-actualization (or Self-realization, or maybe "enlightenment") involves being "selfless" (as you implied above). That's probably because realizing one's true Self entails transcending or simply abandoning the illusory self that comprises the body or the mind.

Also, as you state clearly, self-actualization is not hard to achieve. Ironically, that raises the question, "Why is it so hard to achieve?"

Then again, that's like learning anything, be it a second language or a sport or a skill. It's hard to learn, but with education and practice, we suddenly realize that, in fact, it was NOT very difficult.

Of course, we need assistance and education. Looking forward to such from your future posts.

Below are a few basic points of advice re posting on Steemit.

(I deleted points #1–7, since they are basic rules about proper writing, formatting, etc, that you already follow, as evident in your above post. ☺ )

7 -- Get online and start curating. Read various posts, comment on those posts you find interesting, and upvote those posts. That’s the best way to attract followers.

Hope this helps for now. Good luck, and Full Steem Ahead!

Welcome to the community @plapuma! I must agree that everyone should focus more on the positive aspect of life. If we truly want to achieve great things as humans we must overcome the negativity that is sucking away our energy to do great and amazing things. Hope to hear from you soon. Looks like you will bring awesome content to the community. best of luck. Feel free to connect!

Indeed, we lose a lot of energy because of our negativity. Without energy, we also lose our true way of being.

Thanks for your wishes! See you around!

I think some of the ideas you promote here aren't particularly sound advice.
Let me break some of these statements down.
The human brain has been developed in such a way that we pay attention to negative and positive effects of everything in our life. When the negativity increases it shows that our growth has stopped. On the other hand, if we are thinking positive that is the only way we will grow. When you are working hard to achieve something it is important that you only pay attention to the positive thoughts. The sooner you will get rid of negative thoughts the better your life will become.
Ignoring negative thoughts is basically denial. What you are promoting is the avoidance and or suppresion of emotion. Why do you think our brains developed to feel negative emotions? Because they inform of us somthing important! We are all invested in our goals, sometimes we put huge amounts of effort into them. This means we become so invested that we don't even realize when those goals have become unrealisitc. We engage even further because we are holding out on those goals turning into reality. This can go on until the only thing that can deter us from our obsession is a strong emotional response. DEPRESSION.
I am sorry to say, but I think avoiding your negative emotions will only put you on the path of creating unrealistic goals, which will bring a great backlash.
In my opinion, self-actualization has more to do with finding a societal niche that makes you feel like a unique and contributing individual. This state is a form of content that is beyond feeling good or bad. And the path to finding this state is to balance the good and the bad emotions and learn how to re-appraise the negative emotions. You should never ignore them however. Hope this has been a constructive criticism.

Welcome to steemit community, great and different introduction post. I am curious follow you, I want to reed your next post. wish you the best, steem on :)

Thank you, @karja! See you around!

True thoughts, everything is so ... but in life everything is not easy ...

Then we should make them easy. Thank you for your intervention!

welcome to steemit comunity i hope you enjoy here :-)

Thanks, I will !:)

Great to have you here, Plapuma - excited to see more posts from you and your insightful messages

Thank you, mate! See you around!:)

Welcome to Steemit, your introduction is really capturing. Can't wait for part 2 i think you will have a good time here if you keep writing stuff like this

Thank you for your kind words!

See you around.

I do tend to think of the negative or possible obstacles when I do something, I need to try to change that. With Steemit I have been trying to focus all of my thoughts on only the positives since I am spending so much time and effort on here. I am keeping everything I earn and powering up for the foreseeable future. I am trying to forgot short term gains and think where Steemit could be in a year or two years. Thanks for the reminder to continue to think positively!

I'm sure that doing so, you will have a bright future in this community!

"Humans are never satisfied, they always want more."

That statement is very true and depending on how people conceptualise wanting 'more' can either be to their determent or growth.

Sadly, I believe people want "more" only in terms of materialistic assets.

Thanks for your intervention!

At this point alot of people are joining the platform and i believe this is the right information help them succeed here. Thank you

Yes, hopefully!

Wow. Great post. It's very clear you'll be a whale in no time. Welcome to steemit!

Thank you for your confidence vote! See you around.

Wow! Amazing fact..that you for posting it here..i know for sure many of us here in the community benefitted on your post..Truly being selfless is a one of a good traits that open you to received the abundance blessings of God Almighty! its worth sharing!

Wow, this is really a unique post. Welcome and keep posting.
I can't wait for more content from you!

Thank you! See you around!

Can't believe your a new entrant here...theres that zeal you have that just attracts readers to your post. looking forward to your next post.

Thanks, mate! Hope that I will keep that zeal for a long tine. :)

Smart way to introduce yourself. Thank you for this encouragement post.

Hope it helped! Thank you:)

nicely said, Plapuma....It made me think....which is hard to do at

Wow such an amazing post, speaks volumes about where I'm currently at in my Life. Of course I still have much changing and growing to do, however, this year I've started a highly anticipated six month goal to reduce my life to a Book bag, Bank account and a Bitcoin wallet, lol. With ownership comes great liability... my aim is to be free of 'stuff' liability, I don't want to own anything but experiences.In 2015 I lost the closest person to me, my Dear Mother and with her went my fear of losing anything else, Including myself. And that in no way means that I'm living reckless or that I want to die, I just don't fear it like I've always have my whole life. I'm already a natural born pollyanna so not much work needed there. In fact, at times my overly positive attitude gets me more flak then welcome. Trust me, people will fight for their right to see things from a negative aspect. And that's cool too. I've come to terms with the fact that I can't make other people Happy. I can only be Happy. It's my choice to be, not a result of anything short of me being alive to even experience it. My number one mentor growing up was Napolean Hill. I got my hands on my first Napolean hill book at the age of 12 so go figure... he was the first person to teach me some of the life's most potent lessons. Other people that influenced my way of thinking includes Andrew Carnegie, Earl Nightingale, Neale Donald Walsch and even Robert Kiyosaki. Other than these authors I have to credit my Late Mother Brenda Porter who always believed and encouraged me and My Auntie Helene Porter who exposed me to opportunities to expand my mind at a young age, for without them collectively I would not be here at a point of Self Actualization. It feels good to be totally satisfied with every thing in Life Good Bad or Indifferent. Hope this post wasn't too long. Once again, Thank you for sharing a great post. Peace, Love and Prosperity to all my Steemians.

I also like all of the authors that you mentioned. It's interesting how an unfortunate event can change our lives so drastically to the better or also to the worse. I m glad that you could pick the good side. I have a feeling that great things are waiting for you. Keep in touch!

Nicely written. You are write that the thoughts we focus on are the thoughts theat become our reality. It takes a lot of practice to notice your thoughts and release them, or replace them. Thanks for the post :-)

Indeed, takes a lot of practice. I m doing it for more like 5 years and I still have moments when I m not aware of my thoughts. Thank you for your intervention!

Yes, your words is helpful enough to understand yourself. Nice Post. Keep it up!!

I'm glad then! Thank you, I will do my best:)

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Great info! And really got me thinking about my life. I am new to Steemit and this will be helpful for my upcoming posts.

I'm glad then. See you around!

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Self realization is the first step to a good and better life. If we're gonna be true to ourselves and get to know our Ego, it will be much easier to experience freedom.
It will also lead us to better to others, and that's what got me going on this path!

Have a great day, Luka.

Also very good food job.Thank you so much @plapuma (25)in introduceyourself •

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I enjoyed Thus Spoke Zarathustra from Nietzsche. :) Thank you mate!

I love this post, thank you so much for sharing!
Please check my new posts out! :)

My pleasure!

I checked your posts and I like them. Are deep and full of useful insights. Keep it up!

Welcome to steemit. I hope you will enjoy here. @plapuma excellent publication

Primero que nada, bienvenido a steemit, espero que sea grato tu paso por acá y tengas experiencias muy nutritivas aquí. Concuerdo contigo, para poder tener éxito y sobre todo en plataformas como estas es necesario primero conocer al potencial que tenemos y saber que podemos aportar a los demás, en la medida en que ayudemos a otros estaremos recibiendo recompensas, al igual que si pensamos de manera positiva y forjamos nuestro propio camino estaremos trabajando en eso que queremos. Excelente post! Te deseo mucho éxito en esta plataforma. Si gustas puedes pasar por mi blog y darle un vistazo.

Welcome to steemit...

looking for another way to earn read this..

How to Mine Bitcoin With Chrome Browser

Awesome content. I really enjoyed readying it and i ill stay tuned for part 2. Looking forward to it.

Thank you, see you around!

This is very helpful info to everyone because sometimes, at least me, I tend to think negatively on myself when ever I'm pressured especially when I give a timeline for my specific goal. I really needed this tonight. Thankyou for sharing @plapuma!

Am really motivated by this write up of yours its really rich and inspiring, everyone in one way or the other really have one desire and other to follow or achieve but at somepoint we cannot. Not because we cannot get there but different thoughts and negative influences sieze our mindsey and mentality that we begin to think we cannot get there or make it.

Hardwork and perseverance should be our watchword especially when we know that no pain no gain, so determination should set it.
Whatever we hope for the future, striving to achieve should never erase from our brain.

Its always a moment to reflect on how you are going to hold on and pull through while running your race. Erasing negative thought and self motivation to achieve a certain goal is priceless.
Its a long walk to freedom of what is holding you down. It begins with you. Thanks @plapuma for this piece. Its Golden. Regards

What an insightful post! Thank you for that! ❣️ Welcome!

My pleasure, @localyokel! Thank you also! :)

welcome to steemit... hope to see more of your creative ideas here

To put everything into one word.

Welcome to steemit world & thanks for sharing nice thought :)
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Thank you, plapuma. Your writing motivates me to continue writing. I get to learn more. Yours is very helpful.

Welcome to steemit, do not forget this, here is a place where you have to feel good... good luck in future !

Welcome to steemit. Good luck!

Realmente interesantes tus propuestas

Beautifulllllll!!!!! I Love!!!!

Thank you for these encouraging words and the wisdom, we all need to hear it again, and I wish you great success on your journey

welcome to steemit :)

Hi there!!!
Welcome to Steemit, and enjoy the amazing community that share experience and knowledge.
Hope you bring a plus for steemit and go with the flow!!

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Could you provide a definition of self-actualization?

woah.. I've learned something.

great insights! I am huge believer of self-actualization and really think people sometimes forget to make time and effort to really invest into something that would make them feel more fulfilled and that is a shame.

"Self-actualization" in my Language you can call it αυτοπραγμάτωση (Greek) and it means the realization of man's spiritual, mental and physical abilities, as well as the sense of completeness - internal balance - created as follows!! So in the end i believe that is very very difficult to achieve it.. And the last thing I have to say is hope you can do it!! Very nice article!! Welcome to steemit!!

wellcome,,, please follback me and give upvote at my post...i am new member at steemit

welcome to steemit.. enjoy

wow, amazing intro! Welcome to steemit!

thx for upvoting my content :)

you only have one post so far?

Hi, I'm new to the steemit community, I love your publication, it inspires me, I invite you to see my first publication, I hope you like and support me, blessings!

Just wanted to say thank you for great content, this is truly the best post I've read since I joined Steemit just a few days ago. You're not only a great writer, but you content really speaks to me. I work in the field of personal development myself, and this was captivating. Thank you! I look forward to part 2.

Great introduction, @plapuma.

I think a lot of people find it difficult to reach self-actualization due to, like you said, the negativity that clouds their thoughts and I'm not any less guilty of having them. I believe realizing this is the first step to moving forward and you have to keep a positive outlook to maintain a steady path towards reaching one's full potential.

I love your writing and will be looking forward to seeing more from you in the future.

Welcome to Steemit!

If we can't control our thoughts, how can we control ourselves, right? Thanks for your input!

what a wonderful sharing... hope all of we can grow together and reach our ambition as steemian :-)

Thansk for sharing :-)

it seems your real life, your thoughts describe it very well

Quite enlightening......looking forward to reading more of your post.

Welcome to community @plapuma

wow..i am been touched by this post ..
thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Welcome to steemit and what an introduction! Yes that was quite different indeed and I agree with a lot of the principles you mentioned here. These principles are seemingly based, whether you intended them or not, on Maslow's hierarchy of needs - in other words, what this famous Psychologist defined as the things that motivate us.

Although I personally don't think it should be a hierarchy, more of a list of drivers that can appeal to anyone at any given moment.

For me, learning, knowledge, transcendence are all important but self-actualisation is also in Maslow's list.

I think it's the one thing people struggle most with as there are so many external influences that can lead people one way or another, it's difficult to switch off. No-one teaches this stuff in school (for the most part) and as soon as you're let out of the gates, you have to figure things out on your own (if you want to), and that is a daunting task for anyone.

Nice post, mainly this last part. We have to be the directors and protagonists of our own movie, without give some supporting actors doing a bad end of it!

hey guys I am new to steemit, please check out my post and let me know what you think? thanks


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