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RE: 👉🏻Who you are? My first introducing post

Great intro post @paultarpan, seems you are here a while a guess you know whats expected. Awesome to see you bring so many friends onboard. If any of them want to learn a little more about steem and get some free delegation so they can do more, please do tell them to check out my profile as I have started a weekly post about free delegation and training. the next post will be out on tue and I will be opening it up to all accounts with less than 500 sp delegation and I will be changing the age limit of the account in the next post


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It's an great work. When newbes come to this site majority portion of them don't understand how to start here. Some of them got lose hope on steemit. I think your post will help them. I am going to share this post with my friends. Thanks for sharing.

awesome and well done on completing the course. Maybe your friends, @ied, @toufiqurrahman32,@mitchel55,@ @namdas, @tanzim, @schuvo, @erfan642 might also like to complete the course too. I will have a new post out tomorrow with the updated rules and I will be featuring you in it too @paultarpan

Sure I will share it with them.

I'm working with @paulag on helping newer Steem users. It looks like you are doing some good posts, but I would say you should not rely on the voting bots as much. Let real people support what you do. Over-use of the bots can be seen as abusing the system as you take rewards away from other people.

Keep Steeming.

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next time I will be aware of this. I never thought I will get as much as response.

Good to hear. It's always better to earn rewards than buy them.