My Introduction - 500 Followers in one month!

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I only know Steemit for a little more than a month! In this time I created my blog here, found what I want to write about, made some interactions, learned how to promote my posts, spoke to awesome people and made few friends!
Ohh and how could I forget, I reached 500 Followers! 🎇
I learned and achieved a lot in such little time and I must say that it feels great!
I think this is the right time to introduce my self

My name is Lion, I'm 22 and most people call me Leon but you know me as @paps. I live in Israel, a small country you usually only hear about in the news. My parents came from White Russia so I happen to know three languages: Hebrew, Russian (speak only) and English.

I'm an entrepreneur, trader, and blogger. In the last year, I managed to learn how to trade stocks, have few projects with my partner which were mainly selling things online and gain a lot of knowledge on marketing. Of course, I'm trying to gain financial freedom and make money passively but that's for a bigger goal. My main focus right now is the blog on steemit and a work with a startup company and I hope that I will come back to trading soon enough.

I have my interest in soo many things! I love psychology, philosophy, motivation, entrepreneurship, and innovation. As you can see, this is what my blog is focusing on right now. But I have more things I like that I don't write about!

I enjoy reading every day. I find it's the best way to learn new things, whether it is a story or an educational book. I remember reading in one of my books a sentence that stuck with me "your brain is like a computer, the books are like new software you install, but you still need to learn how to use them practically. Installing Photoshop is not enough to know how to design; you also need to practice it."

I also enjoy playing video games, spending time with friends, meeting new people and having great conversations. This is why I love steemit soo much! It's not enough that I write a blog and try to share my ideas and knowledge with you, I also have interesting conversations with you guys! It happened more than once that reading a post or a comment made me think about the way I perceive things!

My Goal

My vision for this blog is for it to grow rapidly and have a quality follower base. I want the blog to get attention and for people to enhance their life with the knowledge and ideas that I share.

Each of us has something that he wants or need to change in our life and I hope the information that I bring here may help us to do it.

Like I said earlier in this post, it happened more than once that reading a post or a comment made me think about the way I perceive things, and if I could do the same for you, it will make me happy.

Thank you!

I want to thank all the people who spent time reading my posts, upvote them, sharing them and following me. I want to thank the people who commented on my posts and had conversations with me.

Thanks to anyone supporting quality content on steemit, there are a lot of good posts out there not getting the attention they deserve. Sometimes few strong steemians can lift a good post to its worthy place!

Without you, my blog wouldn't grow so fast and there's a possibility I would stop making posts! I found people on steemit very nice and supporting, this attitude is what makes steemit work.

The last thanks belong to @dswigle who helped me to correct all my spelling mistakes in this post.

Lets Make Steemit A Great Place For Quality Content!

My Top Posts Of This Month

🙂Thank you for reading!🙂

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This a very significant milestone. Congratulations on your 500 followers. Do keep on producing quality content and your followers will increase dramatically.

amazing post and the main picture is attractive ☺

Haha thank you so much! ♥
That really boosts my ego :p

Nice one dear... Keep it up @paps
Welcome and ensure you follow successful people here like @kenhudoy
Work on only genuine contents and have fun...

Thank you!
I will check your blog :)

Admittedly, I read your NPL post before I met you on Discord. It was an amazing post and you really set the bar high with it. I bow down to you.

I really like the Introduce Yourself posts that Steemit promotes. You can read a person's blog for months without having a clue who they are or where they are from... or even what they are about. I am always interested in Israel, as having never visited there, and I am sure we all will learn a little bit more about it through your writing. Well, I hope.

I wish you well with your adventures in life. I feel that there will be many and I hope you will be blogging them.

I look forward to reading more from you. Hello from Washington, DC and keep on steemin'!! tip!

Thank you so much for taking time to read my post, fixing all the mistakes and commenting :D
I don't think my blog will focus on my personal life in Israel but maybe from time to time, I will post something like that. Anyway, you can ask me anything you want in discord!

Thank you @dswigle, I really appreciate!

The pleasure was mine.

I would love to hear about the country and what life is like there. Just sayin. :)

Most people are nice, smiling and positive. At least the new generations, I really like the attitude but there are few hardships. I will happily tell you anything on steemit chat or discord ^^

Thanks for Inviting me to your Intro, I enjoyed reading and I'm definitelystoping by to the NLP post, sounds interesting. If you are serious about business and if you have not already, read "Think and grow Rich" By Napoleon Hill, this is not just a book it is Living Literature, which Means that if you live by the principals that are taught in it, you are guaranteed results.

Thank you for the comment and suggestion :)
I have read this book and many others like "Rich dad poor dad" and Anthony Robbins last book Unshakable.

I love you @paps ;P

❤️ I love you friend!

paps, you're a sharp guy, I'll tell you that. it's crazy, you're 2 years older than me! I honestly thought you to be way older, the way you write and blog. I'm behind you for sure. lead the way lion.

Thank you, that's really fun to read! :)
I will tell you a secret, I haven't finished a single book until 2 years ago!
Most of the changes in my life happen only in the last year, two years seem like nothing but that's a lot of time.

Wow........ Really wonderful introduction post paps, keep it up! I think u really spoke well and i admire all wat u said,especially your goals they are great, there is nothing impossible so wit consistency, hardwork,discipline and creativity u will accomplish your goals. Kudos!

Thank you!
Don't worry I will accomplish all my goals :)

Um I found you handsome!
I knew you were awesome. Following 💜

ahhhhh thank you beautiful! ♥

Congrats Welcome I like your post, my introduce myself post is Here

Congrats Lion but @paps is more cute ... nice intro.. I hope I gain followers also.. :)

Thank you dear :D
You will gain followers! you have a great blog.

thank you so much @paps .. do you know the meaning of paps in Philippines..

No, for me it just sounds nice :P
What's the meaning?

Actually there's a lot of meaning.. depending on how you say it.. It sometimes mean abbreviation of the word "Papa" means a father or you can also use it to call a person who is older than you or a girl can used it to call her older crush.. hehehe those are just my opinions what is the meaning for me..

Ohh haha :P
I can call my father pap in Russian as well :D
Thank you for the knowledge!

I wish to have such success in steem but unfortunately can't understand how can I get votes and followers :'(
BTW Congrats

Thank you, contact me on steemit chat maybe I could help you :)

i don't know where is steem chat :) but we can connect on fb, may be ?

India and Israel are meant to be all weather friends. You are better to be called as a Lion. :)

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Congrats on 500...great work...keep it up ^_^

Thank you, Leyla!

Great presentation! Congratulations on 500!

Thank you!

Hey great achievement in such a short time. My congratulations and full upvote present! STEEM ON!

Thank you, brother!


Very good job :)

Thank you, Anaïs! :D

Heartiest congratulations!!! Awesome post!!! Keep Steeming!
Much Love!!!

Thank you brother!

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Nice to meet you, Lion!
You are doing a great job here on Steemit.
Wait to see more good stuff from you.
Best wishes!

You've been really supportive, I make sure to do the same!
Thank you so much :D

good job! congrats :)

Thank you Marty ^^

Interesting, I am new here but found it easier on Golos as I write in Russian. Will be interested to learn from you some tricks to have so many followers in 1 month

You can find me on steemit chat (PAPS), I will share with you any Information I know :)

Nice to meet you, @paps! Welcome to the Steemit Community, wish you good luck and a good start, ive send you a small tip and followed you, hope you have an amazing day! :)

thanks :)

Heyy! Hahaha, the link in your comment on my intro post led me here and it's a pleasant surprise. Welcome to Steem? :p

I'm here for a while already but... thank you :p
happy you liked it

I most definitely do!

Keep going my friend.

Hola! I saw that you have been on here for some time so thanks for the intro, it's been an intresting read. I just upvoted you for this as you deserved it and full steem ahead!
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Thank you!!!
I will check it :)

Wow, didn't realise you're only a month old on steemit! 500 followers is quite an achievement! Well done and keep up with the great posts (I loved the on NLP) !

Thank you my brother!
More posts on NLP and Psychology coming ^^

Great Presentation @paps

Thank you!

Congrats buddy. You have indeed done very well. Keep it up. All the very best. Upvoted and following u as always. Regards Nainaz

Thank you for constant support Nainaz!

Congratulations brother keep it up... Still a long journey to go @paps!!

Thank you! We are all on the steemit train together :)

This is so beautiful and nice...
@diamondvisuals wants to welcome you officially to the steemit community.
I really like your format, and you write very well


Thank you!

Awesome! Congratulations. Keep on Steeming. Great job, keep the posts coming. Really enjoyed reading this, thank you for sharing :)

Thank you!

U welocme bro) Happy to see you on steemit

Thank you ;)

Welcome to steemit paps. Best of luck to you!

Thank you :)


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Saying hello and glad to read more about you and what you do!

Thank you :)

nice introduction..

well done paps!

עקוב בחזרה אח שלי

good to have you on steemit : )

Hey mate!
Thanks for the reply on my introduce yourself

Welcome, good to see someone new outputting interesting content

My pleasure and thank you :)

Wonderful post! Followed +1:)

Thank you :D

Upvoted with pleasure! Thanks @paps Keep em coming!


That's Hilarious!!!

Haha thank you! nice gif XD

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500! That's awesome! Congrats on this major achievement!

Thank you!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading and can't wait to see more content!

Today! :D

Welcome @paps sounds like we have a lot in common!

Thats awesome!

If there is a competition for good looks, you win hands down! Good to have you on Steemit. I just followed you, do it is 500+ some. All the best.

Thank you so much Ojay!
There is no way someone will say that my looks are better than yours!

Awesome intro man! I'm into philosophy, motivation, and NLP as well (though I haven't done as much research into NLP as I should). I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts and learning about the things you're knowledgeable on. :) I just made my #introduceyourself post this morning, so I'm still new to all this but I am definitely stoked to start participating in the community!

Thank you for stopping by, I will check your introduction post!


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