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RE: 🌜The First Photography Community on STEEM Blockchain.🌛

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top work @bescouted ! a great example of the chain gang... are you going to implement smart media tokens too ?


actually I've just set up a profile and it's very good ! I will write a review about it later this week and I'll put the word out on my discord street photography community FEEL FREE TO JOIN and promote bescouted !.. here's an invite

here's a snapshot of my fresh new Bescouted account !

bescouted outerground.jpg


Thanks @outerground yes we are thinking about doing SMT as the update roll out first quarter 2018. We have started some time ago, but there is still a lot of to be done. We are currently bootstrapping the project but after launching SMT, we together with the chain gang will make BeScouted the best photography community in the world that rewards authors in a fair way. Glad to see you there and i will definitely use your invitation! Feel free to spread the word it is greatly appreciated as only together we can do this.

Great work. I'm really impressed with the quality of your thinking, execution of the product and top marks for jumping right in there. I noticed that my street photography looks a bit mad in among your glamourous model shoots. I know the model and casting side is a big part of bescouted. Just let me know if you think my photos are not appropriate for the channel. I do have images of people but as you know my interests lie in street photography, nature, landscape and macro.. anything natural. If I'm bringing something a bit different and you are up for that, that's great but let me know anyway. Best of luck with it and speak soon. :)

No, not at all, all photos are welcome. It just gravitated like that due to our extensive network and castings functionality on the platform and we are mostly portrait photographers. So first traction resulted in mostly portrait and fashion photography. But lets take 500px for example, portrait and other types of photography go so well together with no problem at all. So you are more than welcome to share and build your own audience.

that's great news ! thanks @bescouted. I will add some more work and will do my best to help promote it on my small but growing photo discord channel. You have some great work on there and some very talented photographers and models. I also know a few real world photographers who I will send the link on to (fashion photographer)

That is appreciated very much mate :) We can build a tool, community can make it grow :)

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