The Daily OutCast - A Plankton Exposure project

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You are a Plankton. Your work is Original. It is of High Quality. And You Post consistently. But in the file and pile of posts, yours is unrecognized, and goes unrewarded.

You know your work is good, and deserves recognition, and you desperately wish some benevolent whale curator stumbles on it. But day in and day out, you post, but nothing. You are an outcast.

On the other side, you are a benevolent curator. You wish and work to see Steemit grow. You want people to not just sign up, and then drop out, but to sign up and stay, and contribute to, and be part of this growing community.

You recognize that one fundamental way to do so is to reward planktons. But of course not just any plankton, but those whose works deserve to be rewarded.

The problem is, owing to other circumstances, you can hardly afford the time and the effort it takes to comb through the pile of posts filing away by the second, so to find that quality and original content.

Such a gulf!

The good news is, @outcasts is willing and dedicating to bridge that gap. We undertake to manually scout, screen and give exposure to such content and authors. We aim to be the point zero where quality content creators meet quality content curators!

Our job is to scout, to rummage through the heaps of posts in every tag for that original quality work.

Once found, next, we review (note it is review, not resteem!) it, highlighting its main argument, its importance and then we feature it in our daily feature post - THE Daily OutCast

And kaboom! Curators can simply look up our blog, and find in the Daily OutCast, what hopefully meets their taste and qualifies for their support.

The first of daily issues of the Daily OutCast post will be on 1st/May/2018. Meanwhile,until then, we shall be reviewing and recommending FAQ’s and several posts that are useful for beginners.

Also, we will soon release our list of choice criteria so you know what it takes to quality to belong among the @outcasts

Until then, and always, we invite you all content curators and content curators to the meeting point, to the @outcast’s

Followership and Fellowship


Welcome to steemit life

Thanks. Here for us!

Its my pleasure

Welcome to Steemit @outcasts!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

You may be interested in some of the upcoming initiatives, and we will be looking for high quality curators. Keep close, and we will be talking about this in the next few weeks.

Certainly. I am only just having this as a start-up, and will very much pay keen interest in all related initiatives. Thanks

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@outcasts my question for you is why did u down vote my comment on of the post i made a comment on can i know the reason why i am a content creator i make atleast i post everyday comment on good content useful content not sure what i did to deserve ur down vote no hard feeling but just curious to know why